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Pristine beach in the heart of the Abel Tasman

  • Last week for Wekaweka Valley campaign

      10 May 2017
    Main image

    Hi Everyone,

    Just a quick wee reminder about the Native Forest Restoration Trust (NFRT) campaign to buy 112 hectares of native forest.

    There is less than a week to go :)

    They are committed to making this happen and have a few things underway to achieve the $185k price. Givealittle is one of them, and it has raised over $20k already.

    The more we give here the more NFRT can do, and Givealittle allows us to enjoy being a part of pulling it off.

    So if you are keen to join in, then by all means read on below. And of course, totally no worries if not.

    We hope this finds you well.

    Cheers and Nga Mihi,

    Adam and Duane.

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  • We are back!

      5 April 2017

    Hi everyone,

    Adam and Duane here. We hope this finds you well and that you have had a great summer. Christmas Day was a particularly cool moment for us to reflect on where last summer’s campaign was sparked and then sit back and go ‘wow!’. Merry Christmas NZ!

    The “Gift Abel Tasman Beach” campaign has meant a number of people have contacted us about their various initiatives or ideas to protect land and/or nature for future generations. It’s very cool and we have enjoyed exchanging experiences and insights. One of these groups is the Native Forest Restoration Trust (NFRT). They do lots of this kind of thing (as you can tell by their name!), and they have a number of projects on the boil. Here’s one we think people might like the opportunity to help make happen.

    NFRT is arranging to buy, for $185K, a 112 hectare block of regenerating forest. It’s in the Wekaweka Valley which joins up with the Waipoua Forest in Northland. We haven’t been there yet, but it sounds great! So we’re keen to donate to the cause ourselves and point others to NFRT in case they might also appreciate the opportunity to get in behind this.

    Fnid out more about this great cause here:

    If that sounds a bit like you, you might want to read on (and no worries if not!).

    NFRT has told us that the forest is the last of its kind in the area and features native trees and wildlife, including a wide range of birdlife, and that some of the plants and animals are threatened. Parts of the area were selectively logged and farmed in the past, but it has been regenerating for the last few years and is a work in progress. When they’ve bought it, NFRT will make it a reserve and ensure this good work keeps going and it’s looked after forever. As you would expect, NFRT liaise with Te Roroa Iwi, DOC, the QE2 Trust and the like.

    NRFT already have 7,000 hectares of reserves around the country, and have a lot of volunteer, financial and moral support. They have been doing this for ages (37 years) and want to continue to do more. So, the more help they get from us on this one, the more they can continue to buy up significant bits of land, and look after it.

    You can join us in supporting this great cause here:

    $185K for 112 hectares seems like a pretty good price - that’s thanks to the sympathetic owners. NFRT are committed to making this project (and others) happen and have already raised over half the funds required. It’d be very cool if we could get the balance for them now and help get this purchase over the line, eh? This can be another opportunity to empower ourselves to do real stuff we care about; one where everyday people can pitch in and knock it out of the park (or into the park!).

    If this rings bells for you, feel free to click away!!

    To make your donation, visit the NFRT Wekaweka Valley appeal page on the Givealittle website ( You can donate securely online by credit card there, and the NFRT website has plenty more information about them and what they do for you to peruse.

    From us personally, thanks for taking the time to read this - we hope you enjoyed hearing about this, just as we did. We are always happy to hear from you and stay in touch. The best way to communicate is probably the good ol’ Facebook page ‘Gift Abel Tasman Beach’ and go from there.

    Cheers and Nga Mihi,

    Duane Major and Adam Gard’ner

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  • Update #39: You are all invited!!

      16 June 2016
    Main image

    Hi there everyone!

    We are delighted to invite you to the Awaroa Beach Gifting Ceremony & Celebration.

    You have been a very real part of this big gift - this beautiful little slice of Aotearoa NZ to be permanently enjoyed by everyone forever.

    We reckon something special has happened, yet it can still be hard to put words to it. But in different ways, we think it says a lot about how we want to look after the land we share, and the values and experiences we want to pass on to our future generations. Certainly something to be proud of and something to mark with a special occasion. We did it!!! (Still hard to believe sometimes). And we're all invited to "our beach" to enjoy it and this rather unique celebration.

    The gifting ceremony is in the middle of winter, in 3 weeks, and you have to walk or boat to get there, so we understand if you can't make it! But if you're keen for an adventure finishing off this campaign, we would be very honoured have you there.

    Its at Awaroa. People will boat in, walk in, sail in and kayak in :) It will be hosted by iwi. The formalities will begin at 12 and people are encouraged to hang around and enjoy a picnic at our beach for the afternoon. And yes we have a wet weather plan, but we'll praying for an appropriately sunny day! :)

    The finer details and information are on the Facebook page 'gift abel tasman beach', and hopefully will be emailed to you shortly.

    For us personally, it's a pretty significant thing to draw this all to a close and say 'thanks, mission complete, and "Merry Christmas NZ!"'

    Whether we see you on the 10th July or not, we're sure you will be with us in spirit and we will remember and honour the part you played.

    Thanks again for the trust you have given, Nga Mihi

    Adam, Duane and the team."

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  • Update 38: We have a date

      20 May 2016

    Hi everyone,

    Well we have more news that we'd like to let you all know about. Its great news we think... :)

    A notice has been published in the New Zealand Gazette (photo) declaring that 'our beach' at Awaroa will become part of Abel Tasman National Park on July 10.

    The NZ gazette acts like a bit of a government notice board and creates a notice period which at the end of that time the beach we have bought permanently becomes part of our national park system FOREVER (and EVER!)

    We are planning the celebration ceremony event on Sunday July 10th at Awaroa. It's the first Sunday of the school holidays so we hope you might even make it to Awaroa to celebrate the gifting of the property and becoming part of the national park. We are working closely with Iwi and DOC planning the arrangements and its all at an early stage, but details will be out soon hopefully. We are told the weather can be quite settled about that time of year and really hope we get a sunny day.

    The other part of the equation is the future of the beach, and how our new addition to the National Park fits into the current management plan. There are conversations that have begun and looks like they will continue for quite a wee while. DOC is hosting those convo's of which we are a part of along with Iwi and the Nelson Malborough Conservation board initially and then on to the wider stakeholders.

    We are approaching this significant last step July 10th and really looking forward to it.

    Once again, thanks again for being part of the positive people power behind this gift of precious land to future generations of NZ'ers.

    Hope you enjoy the weekend.

    Ad and Duane

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  • Update #37: Some Activity

      12 May 2016
    Main image

    Hi everyone, there has been a bit of activity :)

    The Awaroa Beach title has now been transferred to the Crown. This means that the process of the beach going into the Abel Tasman National Park has commenced. Yippee.

    DoC at the same time are working with all the various parties in the area to firstly keep them updated on the process, and then to try and figure out exactly how the beach will fit into the National Park management plan in a way all the various parties are comfortable with and fits with the overall vibe. Eg Iwi, district council, neighbours, commercial interests, conservation groups etc etc.

    We are also currently discussing a date for the gifting ceremony, but it's a bit hard to tell when just yet. There are numerous groups to talk to, and as you can imagine, there are a lot of considerations to make with the planning of the ceremony too, especially when you want to invite everyone!! :)

    We'll keep you updated on details as they are confirmed. Really looking forward to that.

    Thank you for your patience as we move through this next chapter in the gifting of the beach. Do it once and do it well eh.

    The photo is of Adam signing with the help of Ken Lord, (Ken is a partner at Parry Field Lawyers and 'Notary Public' here in ChCh). Sorry if it's upside down!

    Nga Mihi :)

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  • Update #36: 100% attitude

      5 March 2016
    Main image

    A few wee updates on another beautiful Saturday.

    1. This photo is a glimpse of all the paperwork our amazing pro-bono (for free) lawyers have been working on. Thanks Geoffrey Harley our Barrister Lawyer from Wellington, and Andrew Peterson and the team at Bell Gully. Not every day you get to agree to gift something to the Queen! Wonder if she reads it? :)

    2. Also a wee note from Givealittle who gave us the final final figures -

    "The latest numbers, from our last and final pledge conversion run:

    $2,259,923.21 cleared

    343 pledges that could not be converted, totalling 13.5K

    So at this end point 99.15% conversion / 0.85% default

    We're still getting people asking how to donate!!!"

    We'd say that's a pretty awesome % in anyone's books (including retailers?? IRD??). The very first tender we put into the process took 10% off to account for the default rate. In the end we backed ourselves and NZ to do it and WE DID.

    3. To the hundreds of you who have let us know you are still keen to pledge or you know your credit card would bounce. We have a lawyers account number you can bank transfer into. They'd rather we didn't post it, so if you message the Facebook page "Gift Abel Tasman Beach" we can message you a photo of the bank deposit slip.

    The real percentage must be pretty much 100% - ha! Maybe more! That's an attitude that reflects well on NZ eh :)

    Awesome. Hope you have a great rest of the weekend. d & a

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    • 06/03/2016 by Anthony

      Hello Duane and Adam

      Many thanks for keeping us all regularly updated on what's going on although I'm a little confused now on the ownership Her Majesty the Queen now owns this beach and not us? Is there any chance of the Royalty selling this piece of land in hard times and we all know that there have been quite a few hard times in the past! There have been stories of many gifts from all parts of the world being sold off for various reasons.

      Seriously though (or not) is there any thought of some recognition being made such as a Certificate of Title of which we could have a copy of signifying that we are actually the owners. It doesn't have to be anything flash maybe something like those certificates that are made when you supposedly purchase a piece of the moon or even that which is similar to the Certificate of Title that is made available when a house is purchased.

      Just a thought and thanks again for all the work you and the team have done on this.


  • Update #35 financial success

      3 March 2016

    The pledges have come in high and we have crossed the line in real terms - money in the bank styles. Whoop whoop! Well done Team NZ. Financial stuff DONE, legal stuff next, then hand over the money to purchase it outright, then gift it from our interim trust to DOC once the process for including it into the National Park is complete. Stay tuned.

    Here are a few stories with a wobbly camera ;)

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  • Update #34: Some Stats

      1 March 2016
    Main image

    Hi everyone,

    We thought you might appreciate some of these stats below and the graphs we will put in the gallery (thanks to Ian - cheers Ian).

    This all helps tell the story especially for those of you who like the numbers. Although one number we will never know is how many people the 40000 pledges represent - couples, families, workplaces, classes and schools are all included.

    We should have news real soon re final steps for the actual purchase - pledges are in the final stages of collection which has been a huge task for the team at givealittle. We have ten working days to arrange the finance so we are half way and looking very good.

    We will post some more of 'Our News' in the coming days and we will also provide some more information on the process from here with the gifting of the beach into the Abel Tasman National Park. We understand it to be a formal process set by legislation that involves a bunch of consultation and various requirements. Good stuff to set it up for the future.

    There is still plenty happening for the legal and finance team and we are grateful to so many of you for sharing in this incredible journey and providing so much support.

    Stay tuned,

    D, Ad and the team

    Givealittle stats

    As at Time 15 Feb 14:59

    Target $2,000,000

    Total pledged $2,278,016

    Proportion of target 113.9%

    Donors 40,328 (this figure is more because people pledged more than once)

    Average donation $56.49

    Median donation $20.00

    Comments made 10951

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  • Update #33 48 hours later

      26 February 2016

    Hey Well Done Team NZ!

    Still sinking in isn't it :)

    We thought we'd keep up 'Our News' right through.

    Thanks for getting your bank accounts ready for givealittle - it's going well - three quarters there.

    Big thanks to those who are worried about theirs bouncing and are getting in touch with the Givealitle crew.

    More Info and stuff on our Facebook page "Gift Abel Tasman Beach"

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  • Update #32 Celebrate our beach at the beach!

      24 February 2016
    Main image

    Hey guys, to celebrate winning the tender us here in Christchurch are all going to Sumner Beach and everyone's invited!

    If you're not in Christchurch that's all good, head along to your local beach and celebrate.

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  • Update 31! Good news people

      24 February 2016

    We are pleased to announce that at 10:57pm last night a pristine piece of beach and bush was delivered into the hands of everyone to enjoy forever. Congratulations everyone! We did it!!

    Details coming soon! Givealittle will be in touch, lets all get our bank accounts ready! :)

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    • 24/02/2016 by Lucia

      WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the most amazing piece of news we could hope and wish for! Thank you so much Adam and Duane, and everyone (all the tens of thousands!) who helped achieve the impossible. I will have my smile plastered to my face for weeks ^_^

    • 24/02/2016 by Greg

      Hello you amazing Kiwis, this morning is the first time I've seen anything about this effort. A most AMAZING and WORTHY effort. From an immigrant NZ citizen, one who deeply loves nature, God's creation: thank you so much!! You have brought forth some tears of joy this morning!! Can't wait to visit the beautiful piece of Paradise!!

  • Update 30: Stay Tuned

      23 February 2016
    Main image

    Well this day takes the cake!

    Got to be one of the craziest days of our lives (again).

    It culminated in an "on again, off again" 7pm TV announcement. Was so funny - 15 minutes from show time I literally had to jump on my bike to work and scan the next signed revision of what our "tender team" had come up with!

    There was more than a few perplexed faces!

    Made it back with 7mins to spare and hoped to have something concrete to say, but alas, we still not had not jumped the hurdles. And there we were once more in front of the camera's saying that we are still waiting :(

    A friend who took the chance to come round home for the announcement summed it up well in a text tonight.

    "Was so hilarious. Still laughing about the party we had for the announcement about there being no announcement!"

    Its true, it was so funny. And bizarre!

    But what can you do!

    Seriously we all need to appreciate our journalistic fraternity for the patience, skill and coordination they have shown in keeping up with this journey and everyone up to speed. Thank you so much 7Sharp and TV3Story. Legends. Surely we have some news tomorrow - stay tuned.

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  • Update 29: We're still in the race!

      22 February 2016

    Well the anticipation continues to grow!!

    As we wait, we can’t help starting to picture the ceremony on the beach when we gift it, imagine people walking, boating, kayaking, sailing in to be there! (and yes you can fly :) We can’t help thinking how much of a significant time that would be. This generation of NZ’ers gifting this wee slice of Aotearoa for all future generations to treasure and enjoy. Especially with this impromptu story behind it that’s still unfolding as we speak! It will certainly be a story to tell and will be important to signify on that day. Thanks for all being part of this story, giving it your both attention, your support and now your patience!

    The good news is that after 3 days of negotiations we are still in the race. Thanks to all those who gave so generously, a bunch of us have cobbled together a credible bid in the property market!

    There are emails and phone calls flying as the negotiation phase continues. We want reiterate our gratitude to what we call “The Tender Team”, we are so glad they are on the job.

    We are doing our best to keep everyone up with the play whilst dealing with the commercial sensitivity.

    The sense of anticipation is immense, which signifies the level of ownership people have placed on ‘our beach’. Yesterday at a wedding, a guest who is a teacher from Dunedin had a message to give from one of her 8 year olds – ‘make sure there are rubbish bins on the beach so we keep it tidy!’. Looks like we may have a budding young conservationist! Fantastic. She went on to describe how the class was sad when they found other people might get it :) Adam and I especially appreciate it when we include our younger ones in this story, allowing them to own it too! Good on you teachers for introducing some great ‘social studies’! (if that’s what you still call it!) This whole thing is a learning exercise for us all.

    So we can can confirm that we have been told that we are not alone in the tendering negotiations. Not what we hoped for, but probably what many expected, as it is after all a real estate sale. This obviously means the strength of our bid is paramount. There is still a small amount of time now for any individuals or groups who wish to make significant ‘no strings contribution’ to our people’s pledges in these last few precarious moments. This kind of thing could really make quite a difference as this crazy story goes down to the wire and into the details! :) But yeah now is the time. We can liaise with Bell Gully to make that process a secure one.

    In terms of when the announcement will be, with every hour that passes it is less likely to be today, but you never know.

    Plans are still all go to invite everyone who’s keen to our place to share the good or the bad news, then stay on for a BBQ and celebration/commemoration (and a good ‘ol debrief! :)). Details for this will be shared probably about 4 hours or so before the time of announcement. Should be tonight or tomorrow night, unless something else crops up.

    Once again, thanks for the interest that you have vested in this attempt to scale the property market and put this treasure in safe keeping.

    Its certainly been a lot of fun, a lot to discuss and a great sense of connection. This is truly rewarding, but let us not forget it has been the positive action on the part of (more than likely) hundreds of thousands of NZ’ers that has made this all possible. THANKS FOR THE RIDE EVERYONE, ITS NOT OVER YET :)

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  • Update #28: Welcome Distraction

      20 February 2016

    Our daily update.

    Early night planned. Not much action on the campaign front. The main thing is we are still in the running, thanks to everyone helped give us a serious bid that may hopefully win out.

    For those who follow the blackcaps, I'm sure today was a welcome distraction. It was a real treat listening live on the radio to Brendon McCullum's world record innings this afternoon with the kids.

    Talk about exciting, there was a lot of relief when he was caught and it turned out to be a no-ball! And goose bumps when he kept dispatching the Australian strike bowlers right up to, over and past his century.

    Inspirational. Highlight of the day and welcome distraction while we await the result of negotiations :)

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  • Update #27: Still waiting ... and thinking :)

      19 February 2016

    Hi everyone, as promised here is another status update.

    Thanks for your patience and continued interest!

    So many analogies spring to mind right now, but we'll spare you them! (one of them was like giving birth and Ruth my wife there was no way that should be used! so I won't! ;))


    The news is we have no BIG news to report, besides lots of emails, lawyers, phone calls, great people and commitment to the cause.

    In the midst of this kind of thing, we are continually focussing back to the simplicity of our attempt - a pristine piece of beach and bush in the heart of the Abel Tasman National Park - taking off the property market and gifting it to the future of NZ for all to enjoy.

    Ha! sounded so simple at first, and still is I suppose. We encourage ourselves by looking at the images and imagining the kind of care this beautiful piece of NZ could receive.

    The community spirit of NZ was demonstrated to me yesterday when I went for a (bit of a) jog around our school field across the road. I saw the veggies in fine form that the kids, parents and teachers have been working with for literally months. They have been growing veggies for our big hangi next week that will feed several hundred of us.

    It inspired me as to why you'd think a whole country could pull off an audacious task such as this one in front of us. When everyday people pull together, we can do some seriously cool stuff; feel connected to each other and something bigger than ourselves.


    This campaign on a national scale actually happens all the time on a smaller scale when all kinds of communities rally toward something they share.

    Someone who pledged said to me this morn, "you guys aren't the buyers of this beach, you are just the facilitators of our dream". Bang on I reckon.

    Today (with some help!) I am trying to get printed the full list of pledges and comments into a book. As i have said all along this has been a huge encouragement and prime driver for this dream. I wonder how thick it will be.

    We have also been thinking about how we share the news - good or bad, successful tender or not. We want to try make it so everyone will hear at the same time, AND be around people to celebrate (and maybe a little 'commemorate') win or lose. So thinking of inviting people round to our garage HQ / house and telling everyone the news at the same time and having a bit of BBQ hangout afterwards. Thats the best idea at the moment anyway. Will keep you posted.

    It's a 5 working day process so the announcement won't be over the weekend. But maybe Monday or Tuesday night. Ha! - maybe tonight, but so hard to say or predict. And besides all that we simply cannot say anything at all about the tender process till afterwards.

    Monday is 5 years since the big quakes too. We are very aware of that, gosh thats been a journey and a half for so many hasn't it. Far out.

    Righto, hope that gives an insight to whats on our minds today.

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  • Update #26

      18 February 2016

    Just replying to one of our questions and we thought we would post it as an update...

    This is surely an unprecedented and highly unusual scenario and we need to stay tough through it! :)

    We mentioned a bit of a status update in 'our news' last night. The negotiation stuff is underway and phone calls and emails are happening. Tendering is certainly a precarious process, that’s even before you have a public campaign enter it with a media entourage.

    Its really tricky to know how much to share, because potential tender competitors are listening in. Maybe its a bit like trusting Team NZ that they have a great keel without seeing it! :)

    The 'tender team' is an incredible team which we will continue to trust...Chris Kennedy - CEO Harcourts, Geoffrey Harley - Wellington-based Barrister, Andrew Petersen and Chris Gordon from Bell Gully acting as solicitors. (We'd hate to think how many hours and $ they have already spent pro-bono on this.) We are in capable hands.

    Phrases like 'We cannot bid what we have not got', 'we are dealing with public money' and 'integrity is paramount' continue to be used as they run through the many changing scenarios.

    Obviously one scenario ahead is that we simply may not have enough money :(

    We have become hugely vested in this, like many of you all. We would be gutted to miss out, but we would like to think we could grieve well, learn, celebrate and become better for it.

    But rest assured with the cool heads and skill sets of the ‘tender team’, with the vision, values and drive of us all behind them, our best possible foot forward will be made.

    Will keep everyone posted daily. Look out for 'Our News' here and on our Facebook page.

    Many thanks,

    Duane, Adam and the team.

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  • 'Our News' 17th Feb

      18 February 2016
    Main image

    'Thank You Edition' :)

    Still waiting .....

    A great time to say thank you to heaps of people behind the scenes :)

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  • Update #24: The tender is in!

      16 February 2016
    Main image

    Well we always said its like "merry christmas NZ" and now, boom! its like we are waiting for christmas! :)

    Such a waiting game eh, but we all have given it 100% and thats simply all we can do.

    Speaking of Christmas, its been a silent night - no phone calls! :) this could all take up to 5 days! So will not be able to comment while its all commercially sensitive and the story will be told next week.

    So glad to be surrounded by smart people with cool heads. Geoffrey Harley, a Barrister (legal) Chris Kennedy from CEO Harcourts, Andrew Peterson and Chris Gordon From Bell Gully (solicitors). They will help us land the plane.

    Its pretty exciting and surely unheard of for a country with its media entourage to be held in suspense waiting for the result of a commercial tender process to buy its own beach.

    Crazy eh :) Well, we have come a long way and here we are now, and here we go again! :)

    Early night tonight - so no 'Our News' again :(

    hope you all get a good nights sleep. :)

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    • 17/02/2016 by Karen

      I notice that my donation has been processed. .. I'm guessing that means it's good news?!

  • Update #23: The pledging is over, thank you so much!

      16 February 2016
    Main image

    Hi everyone,

    Here's a wee clip Ad and I did just after 3pm yesterday.

    We were gonna do the full 'our news', but thought it wise to get some shut eye before today.

    Today is going to be full of paper work. I am unable to say till later WHAT we are doing, but I can tell you WHO is doing is involved.

    Geoff Harley Pro Bono Lawyer

    Chris Kennedy CEO Harcourts

    Bell Gully Solicitors

    boom! what a team.

    Together we all have valued this pristine piece of beach and bush in the heart of the abel tasman. We have certainly put our best foot forward and lets hope its enough. Win or lose its been a pleasure people. But yeah lets hope we win! more adventures ahead, stay tuned. :)

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    • 16/02/2016 by Celeste Jones

      I still want to Donate but can not see where to do that?

  • Update 22.

      15 February 2016

    15 hours to go team! Let's go out in style......

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    • 15/02/2016 by Irene

      can I still donate and how I can't find my way in to do it

    • 15/02/2016 by Irene

      can I still donate and how I can't find my way in to do it

  • Update 21: We're in the Market

      13 February 2016

    We did it! Thank you so much :)

    It's amazing.

    We are now in the market.

    In this last 50 or so hours we can now top-up our tender bid.

    Let's now see what we can do.

    see update 19 for details.

    Here's 'Our News' from yesterday.

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    • 14/02/2016 by Christine

      Hope you guys in Chch weren't too shaken up today.

    • 15/02/2016 by Robyn

      Came in late on this but would like to add a pledge but unable to be able to get through. I thought Tuesday the 16th was the closing date.

  • Update#20: $2million dollar milestone

      12 February 2016

    So close to achieving our target.


    Thanks for being the amongst those who are making this dream almost a reality.

    Here's 'Our News' from yesterday. (Sorry for the late post)

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    • 12/02/2016 by Sue

      Very exciting news. I have been watching the pledges go up and up every day. Now we hold with baited breath for the tender process. Good on you guys and well done.

    • 12/02/2016 by Christine

      Woohoo!!! Brilliant result! Well done you Guys and everyone who shared the vision by donating!!!! Now we can only hope that 34 thousand people plus in or connected to NZ will be successful with this tender process.

    • 12/02/2016 by Christine

      BTW can't wait for your next "Hitting the Target" broadcast, but please get your camera guy to use a tripod or stool etc, it was a bit like being on an ocean liner watching this tonight :)

    • 13/02/2016 by Glenda

      Thanks so much for the opportunity to contribute. If only we would all 'just do it' as you guys have done the world would be a better place .??

    • 14/02/2016 by Max

      You guys are really awesome. It is amazing to think we have arrived at this place where we are at the last hurdle. So many people saying we couldn't do. You are truly courageous for having the insight to do this.

  • Update #19: What's Next

      11 February 2016
    Main image

    Isn’t this is incredible – we’re so close to hitting the $2 million target, and may reach that as early as tomorrow! Over 30,000 pledges have been made to the campaign and given that some of those pledges represent large groups of people we think the support from New Zealand has been amazing. Thanks so much for your massive support, not just with your money but also with your trust.

    As we’ve said on our facebook page and in the news, $2 million is the target, but what the property is actually going to sell for is unknown. We are now entering the precarious commercial tender process we talked about. So what next? We want to make our tender as strong as possible by continuing to receive pledges after we hit our target. We know there is still plenty of goodwill and community spirit in NZ yet to be realised in our pledge total. Maybe you can think of fun ways of encouraging others to get involved; let’s get a strong bid together and make our last weekend huge!!!

    The Givealittle page will close at 3pm on Monday 15 Feb. We probably won’t know the result of the tender until around 48 hours after that, and then – if successful in tendering for the property – we would start processing people’s pledges.

    We are now working with specialists to put together our tender.

    There will be additional costs involved in the sale process, which we will need to cover. As always we will be completely transparent. We’ll keep all those who have pledged – and the New Zealand public – fully updated on this.

    Remember that everyone who pledges and has given us their email will receive a set of 5 beautiful high res images once the campaign is over - win or lose.

    This has been an inspiring time for us all, and it’s something we can all be proud of, now let’s go out and try to win this.

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    • 12/02/2016 by Christine

      So pleased that people power has pulled together to get this campaign in with a fighting chance, no matter that an odd millionaire wanted to sully the landscape with a self absorbed offer, which it seems has worked to rally the donors to donate. Well done NZ!

  • Update #18: Lets Do This!

      11 February 2016

    A huge day yesterday NZ, thank you so much!

    Lets do this! Please keep encouraging each other to pledge. The stronger and sooner we pledge, the better we can engage the tender process and continues to keep sending a message about how we love every little piece of NZ.

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  • Update #17 24 hours

      10 February 2016

    If we can complete the total sooner, it makes a huge difference in many ways, one of which is dealing with the tender process in the strongest possible way.

    Can we do this in 24 hours?

    Thanks for sticking with this and continuing to promote with others. And thanks to those who have now pledged twice, that's really encouraging.

    Here's our news for tonight.

    Go NZ, take this unique opportunity

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    • 10/02/2016 by bryan

      can you explain to me how this is going to work when others are also going to be tendering? As Gareth Morgan said, the likely price is going to be far above $2m

    • 11/02/2016 by Max

      Keep up the good work. I thoroughly support the decision about pledges and the reasons why. I am standing with you. I believe we can do it.


  • Update #16 A beach for everyone

      9 February 2016
    Main image

    In response to Gareth Morgan's offer to make a substantial contribution towards the Gift Abel Tasman Beach campaign:

    Our Gift Abel Tasman Beach campaign has received so much support from everyday people so far. Whether people have given small or large amounts, we've been overwhelmed with their generosity. Those who have already pledged to the campaign have done so without imposing conditions. Whilst Gareth Morgan's offer may have the best of intentions, his desire to have exclusive access to part of the property contradicts the foundation of this campaign. We believe that this beach should be everyone's to enjoy, forever.

    We would welcome Gareth's support of the campaign but only in the same way that over 22,000 people have done so already. People who share our dream need to pledge their support now via the GiveaLittle page to send a strong message about what is important to New Zealanders.

    We can do this New Zealand!

    Adam Gard'ner and Duane Major.

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  • Update 15: Great Weekend

      8 February 2016

    Our news is simple this evening, just hanging with the whanau and hoping the blackcaps win! And hoping for a movement of people giving a little toward securing a pristine part of NZ for generations. Still can imagine doing that today.

    In this news we discuss relying on the govt or not.

    Thanks for alll your continued support as we cross the line and win the tender.

    Hope you have enjoyed the weekend, isn't it great being long all the time now.

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  • Update #14: Todays the Day People

      8 February 2016
    Main image

    What a way to celebrate our new Monday'ised Waitangi Weekend. We'll be getting together as families for tea and watching our clip on TV3 Story then settling in with the cricket and let the kids get online and follow our run chase on givealittle and the action on our Facebook page. We are so excited about the idea of seeing everyday NZ'ers doing this together, especially with the kids watching on.

    Please SHARE, EMAIL, TEXT and TALK it up today.

    'Our News' took ages last night, Friday was one take! We fumbled our words and got the giggles.

    Hope it helps get the spirit of things across :)

    Happy Waitangi Weekend

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      7 February 2016

    So happy to have hit the million dollar mark, keen to see people power take us home by the end of Waitangi Weekend. IT IS POSSIBLE. TRULY.


    Had a superb day on the road and even made it to AWAROA. Enjoyed hanging with everyday (extra)ordinary people.

    Pretty special being on the beach.

    Check out our video montage from the adventure today....

    Hope you all had a great Waitangi Day.

    Ad and Duane

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  • Update #12 Lets get our mojo back NZ

      6 February 2016
    Main image

    Had some fun.

    9 Days to go.

    Lets hit a million tomorrow!

    Share this.

    Email the Givealittle link to your contacts.

    Like the Facebook page.

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  • Update #11 Half Way and Almost Half Way

      5 February 2016

    And here's Our News today - just one take!

    We love the pledge message at the end - highlight of the day :)

    The more attention we get the more the total goes up :)

    So lets find ways to share this dream

    - cut and paste the givealittle link to your mailing list

    - 'like' our Facebook page "gift abel tasman beach'

    - share this little video :)

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  • Update #10 Video Update for a change

      4 February 2016
    Main image

    Hi All,

    Long day, but a good day. Really encouraged.

    Keep inspiring each other.

    We can do this!

    We tried a video update this time, its quicker than writing those big updates, and a bit more fun for us. We thought we might do one per day till we get there.

    We'll see. Adam and Duane

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  • Update #9 Shall we go for the SIX?

      1 February 2016
    Main image

    Hi everyone,

    Well with one week down we have experienced an incredible collective response.  Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, it especially means a lot when you feel OUT ON A LIMB.

    Our hope this coming week is that people take the chance to ACT on something positive and generous, and to also EXPRESS something of their sentiment and inspire others to do the same.  One photo, triggered our well meaning thoughts and opinions into action. Can we SPARK in each other action, by expressing ourselves proudly?  We would like to invite you to pledge non-anonymously in any way shape or form and leave a note for everyone.

    We would love to hear more of those 80's TELETHON STYLE stories of people doing fun and generous things in order to get things across the line.  Especially keen to help the young contribute and maybe those who aren’t so internet savvy.  We have linked some postcards and posters that you can print off to help in initiative’s you might want to try.



    There are schools contemplating COIN TRAILS and mufti days, and cafés might use their TIP JARS to collect for those with cash.  Very cool.  We believe if we act in any way, have some fun and express ourselves to one another, we can't go wrong, that we can we can go for the SIX.  Here is an idea, what if we were to finish off the total by the end of our first New Long Waitangi Weekend??

    Besides being much less nailbiting going down to the last over.  It would be a real STATEMENT to ourselves and a real expression of the average person who feels this kind gift to the future is worth it.  Would you like to give that a shot?

    If 10000 pledgers help spark two others to do the same we may well come pretty close.

    We believe we can do this.  Wouldn’t it be great to pull off this seemingly impossible dream. HERE WE GO :)

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  • Update #8 Slice of Heaven

      31 January 2016
    Main image

    Well getting back on-line today, its so encouraging to see that we are ONE THIRD THERE! 33% even! :) And clocked over 10000 people. Boom :)

    Really looking forward to the week ahead and hope to have fun together along the way. There's a feeling we can knock this out of the park with a week to spare. Ha! :) Thats what we hope anyway, rather than come down to the last over.

    And speaking of that, Go The Black Caps this arvo - hope your big run chase goes well. Love your attitude - win or lose. Express yourselves. Will be watching it while doing this and i'm sure I will be reminded to dream big:)

    Right now, it's good to come back to those pictures - it reminds us of a very simple thing - this piece of beauty this little slice of heaven, being protected and enjoyed by everyone forever.

    Its cool to hear others express themselves, it is inspiring to hear your sentiments & stories and see your pictures. This photo was sent through today.


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  • Update #7 lets see what we can do

      30 January 2016

    Hi there team NZ,

    Having the day offline tomorrow to spend with the whanau and have a wee rest.

    Look forward to seeing the total on Sunday!

    As always, it's in your in your capable hands.

    Remind freinds, initiate an idea, yaddi-yadda...:)

    Let's knock it out of the park and send a statement.

    Have a great weekend! :)

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  • Update #6 Thank you very much for your kind donation!

      28 January 2016
    Main image

    Hi everyone,

    We have broken through $500000! I had just been talking to RADIO HAURAKI listeners about helping break through the half million milestone and they may have just gone and done that! If so, well done team Hauraki!

    Another highlight was hearing some banter on the radio and it seems the HIGHLANDERS are getting into the swing of things too.

    Another highlight today was sitting down with QE2 TRUST, they have formally offered to assist as required. They have vast experience, work with everyone and have a strong set of values they stick to.

    It is so cool that this campaign is empowering everyday New Zealanders to express the values we share. You guys are the best advertisements for others to get on board to reach our goal.

    You might be in touch with groups who might want to sponsor. Like KATHMANDU did today - boom! Thanks guys!

    Why not go see if the ones you are in touch with are keen. Cant hurt asking :) You can point them to Facebook, givealittle, or they can email us at

    Dream Big NZ

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  • Update #5 ANOTHER GREAT DAY!

      28 January 2016
    Main image

    Another great day, but yeah, time for bed!

    Thanks everyone for giving this your attention. I've struggled to close the laptop as i keep loading another set of pledges and comments to view. They are inspirational and encouraging. I'd love to see the next generations read them one day too. I still barely got through a thousand or so! Thanks to you all.

    The day started with a radio interview from Melbourne and a chat with QE2 Trust people, then I got to work and heard the word Spark had pledged $20k - brilliant. Way to lead Spark! I really hope that catalyses another whole level of support. Thanks to all the media who are following this through demonstrating that they get the spirit of what this is about.

    This is do'able.

    'night everyone :)

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  • Update #4 It's snowballing

      27 January 2016
    Main image

    Hi Everyone,

    Things are continuing to roll and grow. Phone calls, posts, emails with offers, suggestions, conversation and pledges. For example I have been on radio in Melbourne this morning.

    I am continuing to follow through on where the ownership of the land will sit and the process around that.

    Will keep updates coming! :)

    Be sure to like our facebook page

    In the meantime you can check out some of the coverage we've had already had.

    3 News

    1 News


    Then we were on the radio a bunch



    3. (At 7:40)

    Thanks for all your support!

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    • 27/01/2016 by Kylie

      I may have missed it somewhere in the blurb ....but was wondering what would happen after NZ bought some NZ?? If we say, "here you go, New Zealand, Merry Christmas!"

      Who does it go to? Doc's? If so, what stops them selling it? Is there a way NZ can keep it forever ever? Is this going to be the biggest board ever, who has the only job of agreeing never to sell it? :-)

      Such a cool idea .... I love the idea of mobilising NZ for this. It's just the kinda thing we'd do!

  • We're too big!

      26 January 2016

    Hey guys, it's been brought to our attention that some people are getting an error "OH DEAR, THERE SEEMS TO BE A PROBLEM. Your pledge has not been processed."

    This is because we're TOO popular!

    Givealittle have contacted us and said they are working on fixing the issue but for now if you wait and refresh the page it will show whether the pledge has been successful.

    But rest assured! you pledges ARE coming though!

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  • Lets keep going!

      26 January 2016
    Main image

    Wow since last night when I went to bed the pledges have more than doubled! And I went to bed late!

    This was the photo my Facebook friend took on or near the beach a couple of weeks or so ago. When she posted it, seeing it was the last straw. We had to give this a go.

    Although we're got a lot of energy now we're still only 3% on the way to our goal. We need your help to spread the word to your friends, family and business.

    All we need is

    2000 people to give $1000 or

    5000 people to give $400 or

    20000 people to gave $100 each we'd make it!

    Dream Big New Zealand!

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  • A great start

      25 January 2016
    Main image

    Well its been a big day!

    We seem to have attracted a lot of interest already as the media seem think this is a cool story - obviously I couldn't agree more!

    So I have had journalists getting hold of us today and its been really encouraging.

    We have set up a Facebook page ( which a great way to help get others on board; we have had $18000 come in; the project has been on National Radio and now TVNZ Breakfast Show is also keen to do an interview tomorrow morning about it. Keep an eye out 8.55am.

    Check out the link for todays interview with John Campbell

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    • 25/01/2016 by bhntvyet