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Pristine beach in the heart of the Abel Tasman

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There is a pristine piece of beach and bush in the heart of the Abel Tasman up for private sale. Together we can buy it and gift it to NZ.

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Public Places Conservation Dream

A pristine piece of beach in Abel Tasman National Park area is up for private sale in the next 3 weeks. We believe there are lots of people out there who also want the opportunity to have that kind of place owned and shared by everyone in New Zealand.

Thanks to Givealittle and Facebook and we think it is a realistic chance to permanently take it off the elite property market for future generations of New Zealanders to enjoy. Its certainly worth a shot.

IT ALL STARTED when a couple of brothers-in-law had some lively Christmas Day banter about a bunch of things on the boil in New Zealand. You know, just the usual - rugby, cricket, the housing market, right onto politics and beyond!

In the middle of the banter was this example of a most beautiful piece of earth being sold in the heart of our beloved Abel Tasman National Park. We started to dream what if we could start a givelalittle campaign to purchase for everyone to enjoy forever.

Kinda like .... Merry Christmas New Zealand!!! :)

So after the classic "I WILL, IF YOU WILL" conversation, here we are, and here it goes! :)

Hopefully its not 'too little too late'.


For those of you who know the Abel Tasman its the absolute gem piece of Awaroa - take the time to check out the photo's eh. We thoroughly agree with the real estate pitch. This place is special - a slice of paradise.

It has RIPARIAN RIGHTS, so no queens chain, that means one day SOMEONE COULD STOP PEOPLE BEING ON THE BEACH.

They want 2 million dollars or so for it. Sounds like a lot, but it's just the of a couple of 3 bedroom homes in Auckland (people tell me :))

That's $1000 for 2000 people, or $400 for 5000 people and so on. Doable we reckon. We'd personally be up for a $1000 each.

The newspaper said there was buyers interested including INTERNATIONAL INTEREST

We rang DOC and they said they had been interested in it, but market price was out of their ballpark. We will gift it to DOC, or a suitable trust. The bottom line for this project is that this beautiful piece of NZ is off the market permanently for all to enjoy.

Not really the time for political aspects of this or relying on 'the government'. Even our NGO's can't mobilise in this timeframe. It might simply be vote with your feet before the opportunity passes.


As pledges and attention for this picks up, larger public entities will more than likely be keen to talk about ways to get behind it. That would be very cool, but it starts with everyday person :)

We are glad to offer you this opportunity to tangibly express your some of your vision for New Zealand, and live out values many hold and want to pass on, please support it with pledges and sharing the dream.

Ha! ... Like we've all heard recently, 'LETS DREAM BIG NEW ZEALAND!' :)

We can do this.

Just a few notes:

A Givealittle Project page will only pay the funds if we reach the target of $2 Million. If we do not reach the target the page will not charge your credit card.

The team at Givealittle have agreed that they will ensure that the money will not be paid out until we have won the Tender.

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After a Christmas Day conversation discussing things 'New Zealand', we decided to give everyday people the chance to try keep this beautiful and picturesque piece of NZ permanently off the property market and in the hands of all future generations of NZ'ers and visitors.

Hence we set up this 'givealittle' project.

We hope that this an opportunity for people to express their vision for NZ and the values about the way we want to live. We hope it inspires and empowers other people just like it has us.

The processes will remain transparent and public. All money pledged will only be drawn down when the paperwork has demonstrates the purchasing and gifting of this precious parcel of land is safe.

We believe this is possible, we hope you do too.

All funds raised benefit:

Generations of NZ'ers who will get to enjoy one of the most beautiful spots in NZ

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Communitas on behalf of Generations of NZ'ers who will get to enjoy one of the most beautiful spots in NZ.
“Great idea. Dream part of the world. Let's nail the last bit!!”
“Thanks for providing me the opportunity to donate!”
“This extremely beautiful part of New Zealand should be kept available for all current and future generations to enjoy.”
“Great to see the momentum growing to keep this slice of paradise open for all. Great campaign guys!! good luck!!”
“I hope we are successful! A wonderful campaign.”
“Let's keep it for us all!”
“It's great to be involved with this amazing campaign. We're proud to be Kiwis.”
“For the next generation”
“Hope this keeps it out of the hands of developers”
“What an amazing effort and legacy for New Zealand.”
  • $2,276,183.09 pledged
  • $2,000,000.00 target
  • 39,239 generous backers

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