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  • Update on Multiplatform Release     26 November 2014

    I wanted to update you all on what we have managed to achieve with our Multiplatform Release this far.

    We now have a trailer thanks to The Trace House – www.vimeo.com/ondemand/sundaythefilm

    For the release on the 7th of December we have secured 21 screens across NZ, two airlines (Jetstar and Air NZ), Rialto Channel are our TV partner, and the head of Apple Australisia recently contacted us excited about our release strategy, wanting to help us with marketing and selling the film on iTunes in Aus and NZ...and potentially beyond. For Apple to contact us is quite exciting, and a good sign we think. We are also in discussion with retailers for our DVD who are interested in our plan, but until that point the DVD can be purchased on our website.

    We believe there is a real business model behind this type of release for indie filmmakers, and we will be sure to share our learnings.

    Flicks did a great piece on the film and the release today – http://www.flicks.co.nz/blog/amazing-interviews/romance-christchurch-piracy-and-a-movie-called-sunday/

    And we have a few exciting interviews lined up in the coming weeks before our release on the 7th, along with some other exciting partner announcements.

    Tickets for our premiere in Auckland, along with preview screenings in Wellington and Christchurch are now available from our website – www.sundaythefilm.com

    As part of our commitment to helping the city of Christchurch recover, $1 from every ticket sold at the Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch Premiere Events will go to the Christchurch branch of the White Ribbon Trust. On that note, check out our photos on social media today supporting White Ribbon Day - https://www.facebook.com/sundayafilm and https://twitter.com/SundayFilmNZ

    Also we have decided to donate 10% of the film’s overall profit to Gap Filler as a way of showing our ongoing support.

    You should have received an email detailing your reward, if you have any questions you can contact us anytime through the website www.sundaythefilm.com

    Finally please do not forget – you helped make all this happen

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  • Crowdfunding campaign now closed     20 October 2014
    Main image

    Thank-you to you all for helping us reach our target. We didn't quite make our stretch goal, but we got so close.

    We are working hard on the release, and we are looking forward to sharing the details of the release as we have them, so stay tuned.

    We will be in touch closer to the release with details of your rewards, but in the meantime you can follow our progress on Facebook or Twitter.



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  • Stretch goal update     13 October 2014

    Thank-you to all the generous people who helped us reach our target of $25,000. We have decided to set a stretch goal of $28,000. If we meet this goal, we have some exciting surprises for you.

    Those who DONATE $25 OR MORE will receive your original reward (see below) PLUS you will also be invited to an EXCLUSIVE supporter-only online Q&A with the filmmakers - Michelle, Dustin, Camille and Ryan, where you can ask your questions about the film.

    This bonus reward is open to anyone who has pledged $25 ore more, but we must reach the new target of $28,000 to release this additional


    The additional funds will allow us to hire an online marketing specialist to help us to spread the word about SUNDAY to people all around the world, letting them know how they can watch SUNDAY.


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  • Where it all began     02 October 2014

    The Multiplatform Release was a concept myself and Dustin Clare came up with in February this year, after a 2 day workshop in Melbourne.

    This release strategy came out of a long period of research and many hours of consultation and observation of the film industry. All the research we had done led us to believe that there was a serious inability for people to be able to view a film on the day they wanted, on whatever platform they wanted - even though audiences were screaming loud and clear that's what they wanted. So why was no one listening?

    We wanted to challenge the restrictions and lockouts, the traditional windows, and give the power back to the audience to be able to view a product how they choose, legally.

    We have had some exciting platform confirmations this week that we look forward to officially sharing with you in the coming weeks. But in short, It is exciting to see this ambitious concept turn into a reality.

    Dustin and I will be distributing the film under the new company we have set up called "Fighting Noise"...and fighting the noise is exactly what we intend to do.

    I want to make mention that our workshop in Melbourne was held at Chantilly Studio Inc, a fantastic space for creatives in the heart of Melbourne CBD. They continue to be a huge supporter and believer in the film, and provide creatives in Melbourne with affordable spaces to work on their projects. More on them here - www.facebook.com/ChantillyStudioInc

    In finishing I have to add that we are just blown away by the generous donations that have come in over the last 2 weeks. We appreciate each and every one of them, and most of all the support and belief in what we are trying to do.

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  • An eventful week     29 September 2014
    Main image

    It’s been an eventful week with press, with the highlight being an interview on TV3 in New Zealand. If you missed it on TV you can watch it here - http://www.3news.co.nz/entertainment/kiwi-film-world-first-release-2014092610

    We are also excited to partner with Rialto Channel in NZ, who will play the film on TV on the same day it’s released in cinema’s, airlines, DVD and online.

    We are working hard towards our release on the 7th of December, and we can’t wait to share the film with you. Attached is a new still from the film we released today.

    We are now at 65% of our target, with 5 days left of Spark My Potential matching our funding. Thanks for your support so far.

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  • Firstline TV interview     25 September 2014

    Michelle will be talking about SUNDAY on Firstline tomorrow morning on TV3 in New Zealand. It will be on between 6-8am, but for those that like to sleep in or are outside of NZ, we will post a link on our Facebook page once it's online.

    We also got a great write up from tech magazine NetGuide yesterday, who really get what we are trying to do http://techday.com/netguide/news/tackling-piracy-head-on-nz-feature-film-responds-with-multiplatform-release/192653/

    Please also feel free to follow our updates on Facebook and Twitter.




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  • Official Release Date Announced     23 September 2014

    Dustin Clare officially announced the release date as 7th of December at People Convention in Paris over the weekend?.

    As of today, and for the next 11 days Spark NZ are MATCHING our funding, so every $1 donated is worth $2. Please help us spread the word about SUNDAY by sharing this with your networks. We would really appreciated it.

    The media are starting to take a real interest in what we are doing, and we will be announcing some coverage in the coming weeks. Thanks again for being an early believer :)

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  • Thank-you for being the first     18 September 2014
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    It's been a hectic first few days, with some extremely generous donations for which we are truly grateful. Thank-you for being the first to support the Mulitplatform Release of SUNDAY.

    The campaign is starting to attract the attention of the media, and Director/Producer Michelle Joy Lloyd was interviewed by a NZ news channel this morning, more information to come soon.

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