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Rescue A Child Challenge 2016

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It's estimated every 17 seconds a child is sold or forced into the sex trade. Join the challenge and rescue a child from sexual slavery.


It’s estimated, every 17 seconds, one child is sold or forced into the sex trade.

YOU can help rescue a child from sexual slavery.

30th July is UN World Day Against Trafficking so take up the challenge to make a change!

3 simple steps

1) Choose a challenge

2) Raise sponsorship

3) Fund the rescue or future for a child


Hamilton 11 or 12 June 16

Auckland 2 or 3 July 16

Wellington 6 August 15

Secondary School Auckland 30 June 16

Go hard or go home… show how tough you are by competing in the Tough Guy and Gal mud run and obstacle 6km or 12km course. $70 pp registration, ($45-$60pp for Secondary School event)


Auckland 3 July 16 - Western Springs

Auckland 24 July 16 - Orewa

Wellington 20 August - Butterfly Creek Night time run

Wellington 28 August - Five Bridges

Pound the pavement or stride it out. Set yourself a time challenge to beat, and free a child from slavery at the same time.

FREEFALL 30 July 16 (Auckland only)

Terrified of heights, or always wanted to jump out of a plane? Raise $1500 to free a child from sexual slavery and we will pay for you to jump.


Choose to give up something you love for the whole month of July or August – coffee, booze, sugar, social media, driving… lunch?


Dare to do something crazy every day for a month? – go barefoot, wear a mankini, shout your boss lunch, shave off your eyebrows - sky’s the limit!


Participate as a team or as an individual

1) Register online to receive your sponsorship pack –

2) Set up your Givealittle fundraising page and promote like crazy

3) Encourage your employer to match every dollar you raise

4) Go hard at your challenge

5) Sleep well knowing you are the reason a child gets to dream again!

Raise $200 and receive a free Destiny Rescue t-shirt to wear during your challenge.

Raise $1500, the cost to rescue a child and receive a keychain with the engraved face of a child you help to rescue.



Cat Levine 027 449 9035 |


Jerram Watts 021 624 555|

Child Rescue's involvement (page creator)

Just because we live in the comfort and safety of NZ, doesn't mean we can turn a blind eye to what is happening overseas, children being sold or tricked into working in brothels.

Destiny Rescue Team NZ (Lisa, Cat, Calla and Jerram) are passionate about raising awareness and support so that more children can be rescued and restored.

Since 2011 we have rescued 1,500 children and are aiming to rescue 100,000 by 2020.

Join us by taking the challenge, and make a change.

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