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Challenge me to a dare for one day in August to fundraise for Destiny Rescue and help save a child from sexual slavery.


I'm looking for 31 challenges to do in August. This is your opportunity to dare me! This is the catch: if I accept your dare you must make a contribution to the Destiny Rescue organisation, who work to save children from sexual exploitation and slavery around the world.

My goal is to raise at least $1500NZD, which is the cost to rescue one child. I am asking for $50 for each successful dare. Donate by yourself, or with a group of friends!

Step by step:

1. Register your official dare by private message on the Dare for Destiny Facebook page.

2. If I accept your challenge, I will also nominate one particular day in August you will see me complete the task on YouTube.

3. To lock in your date and confirm the challenge, go to the Give a Little page and deposit half of your donation, with the full amount to be paid upon completion.

Dare for Destiny Facebook page:


YouTube page:


Find out more about Destiny Rescue:



If you just want to support the cause, all donations are welcome and go directly to this worthy charity.

Damon Maclachlan's involvement (page creator)

I went to a Destiny Rescue event at my flatmate's church and was touched by the stories of heartbreak and restoration shared that evening. I was challenged to help out in some way and this is my response.

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Rescue A Child Challenge 2016

It's estimated every 17 seconds a child is sold or forced into the sex trade. Join the challenge and rescue a child from sexual slavery.

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You're a legend mate. Thanks for putting your self on the line for the sake of the kids. World needs more people like you.
Quyen on 05 Aug 2016
I dare you to sing for the whole day for 1 day in August. Every time you say something, you have to sing it instead of saying it. Go Damon!

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