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Dig Deep for TSCNZ

$1,155 raised
11 May 2019
2 fundraisers participating

Support the NZ Tuberous Sclerosis Complex community by digging deep for TSC at The Nugget Multisport Festival Waihi, 11 May 2019

Support Tuberous Sclerosis Complex NZ in their work to inform, connect and support the NZ TSC community. TSC is a complex, life-long condition which affects many organs and can cause seizures, developmental delay, kidney disease and autism. Living with TSC takes grit, resilience, team work and a sense of humour. This year we are celebrating TSC Global Awareness Day by taking part in an event which also requires these qualities. Choose your challenge from the Full Nugget multisport event to the 6km walk and raise funds for TSCNZ or support someone else who is and make a donation. Every little bit helps!

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