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Paddle For Hope @ City Surf

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Paddle For Hope @ City Surf is a weekly Team SUP Relay and Fundraising Challenge being held at Okahu and Mission Bay this summer.

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Paddle For Hope is an established annual community fundraising and paddleboarding challenge, attracting over 400 participants in Auckland in 2014 and again in 2016.

Initiated in Auckland in 2011 by two-times cancer survivor Karin Horen with Victoria Stuart and an awesome team of volunteers, the event has raised more than $350K for charity and literally turned the sea pink with a huge festival of fun on and off the water.

In 2016-17 we are teaming up with NZ's biggest weekly SUP event, City Surf, to bring you TEN chances to paddle with your friends at Okahu Bay and Mission Bay over the summer, plus free training days.

Ideal for newbies, friends sharing a board, families, school teams or work teams, the Paddle For Hope @ City Surf Team SUP Relay is a social paddling event, designed for participants who are completely new to SUP and want to have a go in a fun, social, team environment.

Your team can raise money via our Give-a-Little page for your choice of causes: PaddleOn by The Pinc and Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Trust, SeaCleaners (one piece a day), or The WELLer Network (breast cancer prevention education).

How far do you paddle?

The teams relay event will be a short course, very close to the beach, totalling 4 short laps of approx 700m per lap (3km total). Each team member completes one lap.

How many in a team?

There must be four people in a team, with at least one female per team.

Don't have paddleboards?

Don't worry - you only need one board and paddle per team, and boards can be provided for teams who don't have their own.

To register and start fundraising go to

Doing good does you good.

So do good for yourself and your favourite cause in the all new Paddle For Hope @ City Surf!

1 in 2 NZ women and 1 in 3 NZ men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. That’s around 20,000 people every year being diagnosed with cancer in NZ.

Stand up paddling is an excellent form of exercise, it ticks all the boxes for improving core and postural strength, balance and functional and cardiovascular fitness, with the added bonus of getting outside on the water.

Plus, it’s proven that giving back is beneficial for both the cause you are supporting and your own sense of wellbeing and achievement (and we have some great incentive prizes for fundraisers).

This year Paddle For Hope has teamed up with three worthy causes for you to choose from:

• PaddleOn SUP Cancer Rehabilitation Program by PINC & STEEL

• SeaCleaners – think “one piece a day” and

• The WELLer Network – breast cancer prevention education.

The events are held on a Thursday evening from 6.15pm.

Event Dates:

Thurs 29 Sept - Launch Party

Sat 29 Oct - Okahu Bay Training

Sat 6 Nov - Okahu Bay Training

Thurs 10 Nov - Okahu Bay

Thurs 17 Nov - Mission Bay

Thurs 24 Nov - Okahu Bay

Thurs 01 Dec - Mission Bay

Thurs 26 Jan - Okahu Bay

Thurs 02 Feb - TBA

Thurs 09 Feb - Mission Bay

Thurs 23 Feb - Mission Bay

Thurs 09 Mar - Mission Bay

Sat/Sun 18/19 Mar - TBA

Early April 2017 - Grand Prizegiving

Event Briefing: 615pm

Team Check in: 625pm

Event Start Time: 632pm

Laps: 1 lap for each team member

Distance: Up to 3km (total)

Board: Any SUP type up to 12'6 in length

Division: Mixed Team, must have at least 1x female per team.

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Paddle For Hope


Paddle For Hope have teamed up with City Surf to share the awesome health and wellness benefits of stand up paddling with you, our community, and to give back with feel-good fundraising.

All funds raised go to:

  • The WELLer Network

    The WELLer Network is an organisation dedicated to educating young New Zealanders about the prevention and awareness of cancer

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$1,455 raised
3 fundraisers participating

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