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Sober October (hosted by Life Matters Suicide Prevention Trust)

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Starts: 1 Oct 2020
Ends: 31 Oct 2020
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Your chance to challenge yourself to a month without alcohol, while also raising money for suicide prevention!

Why Sober October?

Alcohol can make mental health conditions worse especially if its your main coping strategy. Alcohol can contribute to developing a mental health condition as it disrupts the balance of chemicals in the brain. For example serotonin which helps regulate mood. Alcohol can be used to relax but is also addictive and can lead to dependency. Alcohol creates stress rather than reducing it. Heavy drinking is associated with impulsivity and aggression which are strongly implicated in suicidal behaviour. Through Sober October, you have an opportunity to encourage safer drinking habits.

What Sober October is?

A chance for you to break the norms & challenge yourself to have a fun month without alcohol.

How to raise Money:

Post your Give-A-Little page to Facebook and get your friends & whanau to support you by donating & sharing your page.

Where does the money go?

All money raised goes towards suicide prevention initiatives for the community and support for those affected by suicide. The also money helps with Hope Centre and subsidising counselling appointments.


- There are other things that are happening if you want to be involved have a look at our Facebook

- If a month is a little much for you there are options of 14 and 21 Days

- University Students we know it is exam season! Perfect reason to go sober and not only improve grades but make money for a great cause.

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