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Tour of NZ 2021 - Support Team Unicorn!

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Starts: 10 Apr 2021
Ends: 17 Apr 2021

Team Unicorn are riding over 500kms across the South Island in support of kiwis who are affected by neuroendocrine (NET) cancer.


This April, a dedicated team of cyclists will embark on the ride of a lifetime, all in support of kiwis in New Zealand affected by Neuroendocrine (NET) cancer.

The Tour of New Zealand will see the riders cycle over 500 kilometres across some of New Zealand's most stunning, but challenging terrain over 8 days. From Glenorchy to Wellington, our team will experience an adventure of a lifetime and will need your support along the way!

The first time Unicorn Foundation NZ entered the TONZ in 2011, the team helped to raise enough money to establish a specialised PET-CT Scanner for the first time in New Zealand, which also assists Prostate cancer patients. This equipment for many kiwis was life-changing and life-saving.

Funds raised will contribute towards supporting clinical research, lobbying for funding and further treatment options to become available to NZ neuroendocrine patients, NET nurse services and building and supporting the NET cancer community.

If you wish to read more about Unicorn Foundation NZ or what neuroendocrine cancer is, please visit the website;

Follow the team's TONZ journey:

For more information on the Tour of NZ, visit the official website:

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Denys takes first place!   19 April 2021

We weren't the biggest team on the Tour of NZ, but definitely a strong and dedicated team!

Congratulations Denys on the first place position! You were a well deserving category winner (as were all the category winners!) Also congrats to Kieran for his 4th place in individual men!

We hope our Unicorn Team have all had a well deserved rest over the weekend and enjoyed reflecting on the epic challenge you've just conquered!

Many thanks for the donations that are continuing to come in.

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Helen on 16 May 2021    Support Paul’s TONZ Ride for NET Cancer
Chris on 11 May 2021    Denys and Craig's TONZ Ride for NET Cancer
Awesome Job!!!
Russell Wagstaff
Russell Wagstaff on 03 May 2021    Support Kieran’s TONZ Ride for NET Cancer
Nice job Kieran. I still have fond memories of our 1990 trek from Dunedin to Auckland. Also sorry to hear about your Dad. He was a great guy.
Ronnie Barnes
Ronnie Barnes on 23 Apr 2021    Support Ryan's TONZ Ride for NET Cancer
Go Ryan !
Incontinentia Buttocks
Incontinentia Buttocks on 21 Apr 2021    Support Team Unicorn on the TONZ!

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