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Melissa says "Fast efficient service 😄"
Kate says "Cos I love Givealittle!! A little goes a long way and little can be HUGE!"
Andie says "It seems like a lovely way to be able to contribute a small donation to someone who is in need without having to make a commitment or pay a large amount."
Charlotte says "Great website"
Rosemary says "Because you get to help someone out even though you can only make a small contribution."
Anita says "Easy to do"
Deidre says "I think it's an amazing site, who wouldn't want to help people in need of a little extra."
Anna says "Its easy to use. Allows people to give to others"
Wendy says "because i think its very well organised and a great way to give money to a needy cause"
Denise says "Such a fantastic forum & the ease in which you can donate to your chosen special charity."
Nicola says "Easy to use. And well trusted"
Barbara says "Awesome to see a way for people to raise money. Very easy to donate and nicely set up. First time I had been on the site but now I may look in future. Well done."
Sue says "Its a great service!"
Kate says "It's a great way to help others and remain anonymous"
Kerrin says "Friendly and always willing to answer any questions."
Christopher says "It's based in Aotearoa and Kiwi focused!!"
Linzee says "It's a great way of helping people in need,only takes a few clicks and it's done"
raymond says "Great make a difference to people's lives"
Jim says "While I found the process a bit difficult, the help I received was just great and enabled me to complete setting up the page I wanted, well done to the help team!"
Cherry says "It's the best way to raise funds online that's safe for donors and the fundraiser"

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