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Making A Difference

Robyn says "It brings joy to the soul to help another's journey through life. Thank you so much to the designers of this pay it forward gift."
Jamie says "Fantastic Platform to fundraise and is very easy to use"
Bradley says "What a fantastic service for people such as myself who find themselves in difficult situations."
Tina says "Quick process of donating. Great site with life changing intention!"
Aaron says "You give people hope to achieve what they need to do"
Reanne says "So easy to set up and share. And so helpful for people to be able to help us out"
Shinaya says "I just think this is such a good way to raise attention and awareness on serious issues and struggles that people are facing x"
Ofa says "You guys are awesome, thank you for enabling us to help our loved ones in time of need."
Kieran says "Great initiative, helped my mothers story get out and ultimately help her getting the help she needs"
Michael says "Friendly helpful team that make it simple and straightforward to resolve queries."
Kim says "Your website is lovely and easy to navigate when setting the page up"
Candace says "Because it felt like warm fuzzies at every stage and the banking bit was easy as!"
Mel says "The help we recieved is unbelievable at a very difficult time for my family"
Jessica says "Amazing! Great supportive service: thank you"
Pip says "Just the most amazing website and service."
Jane says "i saw the page...i knew the lady..and i could donate"
Kathy says "Very easy to use and what an amazing way to help when you feel so helpless"
Caroline says "You’re amazing! Provide hope and support to so many people in need."
Jenny says "It was very easy to give a little"
Di says "This is such a simple way to help support my friend in need. I’m overseas so have limited options on helping out physically. A lovely , easy to use site. Thanks givealittle x"

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