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Making A Difference

Jackie says "Because it's a great way to help people in need"
JOY says "Givealittle gives people the opportunity to help worthwhile projects and people in times of crisis removing/reducing financial pressures when they have enough to deal with. Givealittle checks for scams so we can be sure our donations are really going where we think they are - for the intended purpose."
Hayden says "Because you provide an amazing service for those who desperately need it. That is an incredible thing and I believe your organisation provides the avenue for help that so many people need in today's world."
Miriam says "It's a great wee service, I've used it before myself, it's easy to use, and share to get support in difficult situations."
Maree says "It was so super easy to use and linked to credit cards/bank accounts so easily. The whole process was a breeze and extremely easy to follow."
Naomi says "It's a very well know site that people can trust & making a secure payment online."
Lin says "because it enables people to achieve their goals and I can choose what is ethical and aligned with my values and ignore what is not"
Felicity says "So easy to set up a fundraising page, and I like the moderation process."
Angeline says "you guys do great things."
Kim says "Excellent and safe way to donate money to a worthy cause or to help a person/animal in need"
Heather says "I think it's a great idea for those that are struggling or need something and it's great to see something like this set up and can trust that the money is going where it's saying it's going"
Murray says "It's great what you are doing"
Torika says "It was our only hope we could get after all WINZ had to offer with their limits and it was pretty hard juggling things around whether bills were more important or buying nappies and formular milk."
James says "givealittle has helped me to create a page that has edged me closer to my dream."
Stacey says "The people who do the behind the scenes are very helpful and this provided a change in Mums life like nothing else ❤️"
Liam says "It's a brilliant site that helps Kiwis of all ages raise resources to achieve their dreams. The site is easy to use and suits practically anyone; while being easy to fundraise, it's also easy to give."
alison says "It amazing way to give to those who need help when dealing with there medical condition"
Robyn says "It was easy to set up and I received a response to my query very quickly."
Mary says "So easy to donate for a good cause right when the idea hits."
shayne says "they are part of our community supporting one another together"

Real Time Donations

  • Merediths family    The Next Step Towards A Longer Life

    We are thinking of you!


    3 mins ago

  • Haedz!    Cut My Hair

    Hoping to make your Mother happy!!!


    6 mins ago

  • Magical Chica    Tourette's Association of New Zealand

    Robyn you do an amazing job in supporting families living with tourettes, you are an inspiration and saint to many x much love x


    12 mins ago

  • Matt    Feed the Need


    15 mins ago

  • Kerryn    Jonny Selig - Blue Dragon Charity Boxing

    Good luck! I hope your dad picks a good boxing name for you! I missed the timeframe ;(


    20 mins ago

  • Marty    We're With You, Kooge!

    Stay strong Koogio! You got this!


    20 mins ago

  • Guest Donor    Davis Family


    23 mins ago

  • Hera    Taking Youth Lead Kapahaka to Europe

    Ahakoa he iti!! Nōu te ao e kō, rere atu rere mai kia tika, rawekehia, akohia, ū hoki ki tāu e wawatahia ai!! Ngāti Whātua doitz!!


    24 mins ago

  • David & Lois Tolley    Sarah's new bike & gear


    26 mins ago

  • Casey    Camp Twitch 2017

    Warmed my heart watching the documentary. Was left in tears and inspired by the amazing work of Robyn and the incredible attitudes of all the gorgeous people with tourettes. I hope you all have the best camp this year!


    27 mins ago

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