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Making A Difference

Susie says "Absolutely appreciate the support from the staff when I had questions. Great follow up and making things work for us."
Timothy says "you do a awesome job"
Stef says "I’m helping an old friend who has it tougher than me. O"
Elizabeth says "Quick safe n simple process to support a kind and loving gesture."
Paul says "Simple way to make a contribution. Grateful for it."
caroline says "Very straight forward and quick to use"
Delanie says "So easy to use - no mucking around"
Gemma says "Wonderful idea for a nation to help a little"
Faenza says "I think it is awesome what this initiative has done and can do for those people and families in need"
Stacey says "Fantastic people I have dealt with .. helped me out in a tough spot."
Sam says "You guys are doing an amazing job! Thanks!"
Tingwei says "I appreciate the service you could offer. There are many people needing help."
Nicole says "Great and quick responses with very efficient help!!!"
Samantha says "Kind and passionate customer service and an amazing platform that has touched our lives and helped us at a very difficult time"
Rebecca says "Just amazing"
Dorothy says "The concept is amazing, what a fantastic way to “Pay It Forward “."
Charlotte says "simple way to make a difference!"
Ursula says "The process of making the givealittle page was very easy to do and the whole experience was efficient"
Kyle says "Because I love how anyone can ask for help"
Megan says "Very user friendly and easy to set up. Saved me a lot of stress !"

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