A Helping Hand to Charities During the Covid 19 Pandemic

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Julie says "I had lots of questions, I got lots of answers!"
Brian says "I've never done this before so was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to do. always wanted to help others but never knew how."
Melissa says "Simple and easy to follow, such a great way to fundraise."
Jenni says "Easy peazeee"
Vivian says "No problems, from message to transfer in a few minutes, trusted platform 😊"
Zainab says "You are very much wonderful people and help everyone"
Jennie says "I have used this site a few times over the years. I trust it."
Jo says "So much easier to set up than I thought it would be, very clear step by step instructions VERY quick email responses to each stage. THANK YOU, you ROCK,"
Chris says "It was easy to set up and was in use quickly"
Becky says "It's been a very easy and clear process to set up the page and then a very quick moderation process too. Love it!"
Brendan says "Ease of use and it is a service with a proven history."
Chase says "Ur kool"
Carolyn says "In the past i did one for a friend whos house burnt down an the money helped her alot"
Rosi says "Very easy and I could do it on my phone."
Virginia says "Feels good to help someone in need and it was a very easy and quick way to do it :)"
Annie says "It’s such a great way to get a cause out there! Givealittle raises awareness of the many varied needs out there"
Bettina says "The donation was quickly made - I'm from Europe and we are not used to crowd funding like you Kiwis - such a wonderful idea!"
Rebecca says "Words cannot explain how helpful this has been for my Mum and it’s been so user friendly. Thank you all so so much xx"
Amy says "The team was really supportive and replied quickly"
Carole says "I have never used this before, and was surprised at how efficient and professional the process was, right down to the quick receipt."

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