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Wayne says "A great way to raise funds for the school trip. Easy to use and at the same time make people aware of what is happening and the progress. Awesome!!!"
Angus says "It is a great page with little to no barriers to raise money, great job guys!"
April says "It helps with raising money for really good causes, and is able to be used right across the country"
Kimberleigh says "Givealittle is a great way to help those in need! It shows the generosity of people worldwide and blesses many!"
Brodie says "Good concept. Easy to use"
Sharon says "Quick and easy"
Betty says "It's such a good idea to help other people"
Mike says "great service and a awesome way to support others"
Sapphire says "The give a little help team are very helpful and friendly."
Hadyn says "So easy to use and can do what suits you as a donor e.g be kept private etc"
Vicki says "It is a trusted site and easy to use."
Anita says "You have given us a way for people to help out, even when not local"
Shirley says "Its a simple idea that works"
Holly says "Very lovely staff and great web page"
Antoinette says "It was quick and easy and I helped saved the life of a beautiful cow"
Tom says "The process was easy, clear and user friendly."
Barbara says "first time I've used Givealittle. IT was easy to use - a great way to donate."
Tim says "Easy to use. And a receipt is issued immediately."
Denise says "Give a little helped my friend battling cancer even though she passed away it gave her options"
Pam says "The site is very easy to use and it offers a great service to people in need for whatever reason"

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