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Paul says "I think it is a great site to help those who need it most"
Lyn says "I think it is a worthy cause usually and a way for some people to show their appreciation of the help given them."
Barrie says "What a convenient way to start up a charity donation!"
Christine says "Because its a great platform for people in need"
Jade-Ceres says "I love that the process of getting a project or a cause up is super easy."
Kayla says "Give little is easy to use and effective"
Danette says "Easy to set up. Super helpful and speedy support."
Anna says "I think it's a great way for small groups or needy families to raise money quickly."
Tania says "A fantastic organisation helping Kiwis with so many different needs 😊😊"
Caro says "Its one of the safest approved verified ways to donate"
Melanie says "If it's a good cause it's a Brilliant way to help people"
Stephanie says "Because you can trust give a little"
Vivienne says "so easy & quick"
Alan says "Great service; no huge costs in fund raising - most goes to the people in need; simple process with no subtle standover guilt tactics."
Hilary says "I had been looking for a way to donate to the earthquake relief, specifically the Takahanga marae. Also the givealittle webpage set up gives me assurance my donation will end up where I want it to. thanks."
Narelle says "Its a wonderful way of helping thous that are in need"
Anna says "Great way to fundraise at grass roots level. Easy payment process and easy to share on social media"

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