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Rachael says "Very user friendly :)"
Christine says "First time I have used it and was able to succeed!!"
Alison says "The page was easy to set up and very clear."
Ashleigh says "Great concept. Great service. It has helped us out so much. Thank you."
Brent says "Clear instructions and easy to understand."
Ellie says "It was super easy to use and I could do what I came to do"
lynda says "easy to use, quick to get a receipt"
Chelsea says ":)"
Anna says "So easy to use and donate to a good cause"
Debbie says "Easy to use"
Su says "Quick, easy, hassle-free and effective process. Job done!"
Dee says "Super easy to use, very clear instructions and simple to follow process."
Rangi says "We've had nothing but success with the previous campaign we ran. Thank you so much for being available to groups such as ours. We will continue to use this service in the future."
Dawn says "Its such an easy way to help others."
Nicola says "You’ve allowed us to fundraise in a easy respectable way when we’ve needed community help."
Robin says "Its just so easy to donate"
CAROL says "Give a little helps people who support other people that need financial help in time of need <3 Thank You"
Deborah says "Quick and easy to use"
Rebecca says "The online service was easy to navigate via my laptop. It was quick to make my donation and I was charged correctly."
Letitia says "User friendly set up and same day moderation"

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