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Barbara says "Awesome to see a way for people to raise money. Very easy to donate and nicely set up. First time I had been on the site but now I may look in future. Well done."
Sue says "Its a great service!"
Kate says "It's a great way to help others and remain anonymous"
Kerrin says "Friendly and always willing to answer any questions."
Christopher says "It's based in Aotearoa and Kiwi focused!!"
Linzee says "It's a great way of helping people in need,only takes a few clicks and it's done"
raymond says "Great make a difference to people's lives"
Jim says "While I found the process a bit difficult, the help I received was just great and enabled me to complete setting up the page I wanted, well done to the help team!"
Cherry says "It's the best way to raise funds online that's safe for donors and the fundraiser"
Adam says "Because having a place where people can support a good cause is crucial in our world."
Corina says "its such a great service for people to donate to people who do amazing things or are amazing people"
Teisha says "Quick and easy to use when donating. Great help desk team when trying to arrange payment. Very clear and user friendly. Awesome team to deal with."
Laureen says "I have recently been a recipient from a give a little page and value the kindness of others. It is a great platform and well presented."
Kiri says "Easy to use and great way to raise money for good causes"
Megan says "It was easy to use and I feel like I am helping someone directly"
Danusia says "I love being able to quickly donate to a charity or a cause I really care about."
Alanna says "It is just an amazing site to help people in need!"
Moana says "Very easy and user friendly. Awesome service and wonderful way to support people in need"
sarah says "Simply outstanding service !!"
Norah says "Because this is a way to help those who need help and can't find it. Awesome job"

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