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Making A Difference

Susan says "It was nice to be able to pay by internet banking with a straight through link from the donation page."
Margaret says "First time i have done it and it was sooo easy."
Raewyn says "they are very good to deal with and always kept in contact via e mail, I would recommend them to anyone who needed money for an urgent problem, thank you guys, it was very much appreciated"
Anne says "Technically, the whole thing was incredibly easy to do, with a receipt reaching me very quickly after making my donation."
Andrea says "The website is very easy to use, and my receipt arrived promptly. What more could I ask for!"
CHRISTINE says "For a person like me who is technically challenged it was a real pleasure to find the page so easy to navigate and use."
Jac says "It’s a very easy interface to negotiate and is not pushy or confronting but is genuine in its assistance for those requiring financial support. Its about as personal as an online platform can get."
Neill says "It’s an awesome site that does so much good in the community"
Julie says "I had lots of questions, I got lots of answers!"
Brian says "I've never done this before so was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to do. always wanted to help others but never knew how."
Melissa says "Simple and easy to follow, such a great way to fundraise."
Jenni says "Easy peazeee"
Vivian says "No problems, from message to transfer in a few minutes, trusted platform 😊"
Zainab says "You are very much wonderful people and help everyone"
Jennie says "I have used this site a few times over the years. I trust it."
Jo says "So much easier to set up than I thought it would be, very clear step by step instructions VERY quick email responses to each stage. THANK YOU, you ROCK,"
Chris says "It was easy to set up and was in use quickly"
Becky says "It's been a very easy and clear process to set up the page and then a very quick moderation process too. Love it!"
Brendan says "Ease of use and it is a service with a proven history."
Chase says "Ur kool"

Real Time Donations

Guest Donor
Guest Donor    Kia Kaha Teresa!
From one of your unknown brothers in the ambulance service, Kia Kaha ♥️
2 mins ago
Kim    Kia Kaha Teresa!
3 mins ago
Susan    Kia Kaha Teresa!
3 mins ago
Guest Donor
Guest Donor    Kia Kaha Teresa!
Stay strong. I will pray for family
6 mins ago
Amanda    Kia Kaha Teresa!
9 mins ago
Violinh    LIFE 2.0
13 mins ago
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