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Making A Difference

Helena says "Great site to help others"
Paul says "A great service and a great help to the people in times of need"
Queenie says "Because although I gave a small sum I believe some of our whanau may still be able to afford to give to our Pacifica whanau"
Judy says "It such a great way to raise funds and simple to donate"
Greg says "I feel that crowd fundraising is basically a worthy, community service these days :)"
Leanna says "Such a great idea☺☺"
Raewyn says "Because it is very easy to use and keep track of our giftings - plus it helps those who need help."
Richard says "Super service and went above and beyond."
Kathryn says "Easy to set up. Provides a NZ place to help others."
Rowena says "My granddaughter is receiving donations for access to a cure for her sickness through givealittle"
jennifer says "easy and trusted experience"
melanie says "its an amazing platform"
Morwenna says "Because I have done this for a friend with cancer & got a fantastic outcome from using this site & I recommend this to others in need of that extra help."
Lewis says "The process is great and if it works and i can achieve my goal then that is great, also Isabel's service is great"
McKay says "The Givealittle page is very fast and very easy to use, even on my mobile. Perfect"
Tracy says "It's an awesome way to reach a larger audience and give family worldwide an opportunity to support"
Jacqueline says "Customer Service 10/10"
Paula says "Because you went out of my way to help me"
Ruth says "It is very easy to use, great to see how the $$$ are growing & people can also place a message at same time. More personal than just depositing $ into a bank account!"

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