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Pat says "Excellent service"
Heidi says "Easy to use and the funds go directly to the right place. I also love the ease of being able to share the information."
Tracey says "It was easy as to donate 👍"
Ann says "you were easy to use when I was feeling so sick! Many thanks"
Aroha says "I loved scrolling through seeing all the love spread from around the world for a good cause ."
Lisa says "Easy to use. Such a great idea."
Courtney says "Easy to set up, easy to understand information, easy to donate"
Chris says "Seamless platform experience making the donation experience simple and quick and enjoyable. Well done"
John says "Fast efficient and transparent"
Joanne says "no hassles with page, nice to be part of a good cause"
Michael says "Easy to deal with, made things better in so many ways"
Andrew says "Great website, easy to use and a wonderful idea to help people out in time of need"
Catherine says "Because it's such an easy format to use. Very fast."
Shannen says "Amazing to deal with step by step"
William says "I gave to my grandson"
Colleen says "great to be able to help someone in need in such a simple way. Thanks"
Sally says "Because it was so straight forward 🌷"
Moira says "It was clearly explained and easy to follow, even for a technophobe like me!"
Peter says "Easy pee zee"
Lisa says "What a brilliant idea for those of us who want to help but are not sure how"

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