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Making A Difference

Jay says "This website is set up to help people isn't it? I love helping people. Even if I don't know them. Helping people is what makes this world go round :)"
Madison says "Love how givealittle connects individuals in need with other individuals who can help. It makes it personal and you feel like you can have a direct impact on someone's situation. Very easy to donate too"
Courtney says "Cause it's a amazing idea to help those in need"
Vicky says "Easy to set up and immediately able to assist people."
Paul says "Easy process and has a great reputation."
Janelle says "It helps aloy of people in times of need and with the power of social media it raises alot of awareness"
Priscilla says "Fast and the opportunity to help my Dad is priceless"
Antony says "I guess no matter what the end result is its worth a try. Nothing to lose and possibly plenty to gain. Thanks"
Blase says "Easy to setup and get going, excellent email support!!"
Dario says "they reply immediately and knows how we feel being needy."
Paul says "I think it is a great site to help those who need it most"
Lyn says "I think it is a worthy cause usually and a way for some people to show their appreciation of the help given them."
Barrie says "What a convenient way to start up a charity donation!"
Christine says "Because its a great platform for people in need"
Jade-Ceres says "I love that the process of getting a project or a cause up is super easy."
Kayla says "Give little is easy to use and effective"
Danette says "Easy to set up. Super helpful and speedy support."
Anna says "I think it's a great way for small groups or needy families to raise money quickly."
Tania says "A fantastic organisation helping Kiwis with so many different needs 😊😊"
Caro says "Its one of the safest approved verified ways to donate"

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