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Making A Difference

Thomas says "Best organisation around. Keep up the good work"
Anita says "Because it is an amazing site which allows people to ask for help and develop a little faith there are wonderful people out in the world who want to help. Your site enables people to reach out"
Tina says "Because no one gets by in life without a little help, this site is testament that giving a little makes a huge difference"
Rod says "It's great for people to help others that need help. It's easy to use and to donate."
Jakob says "Because it helps people with projects and to follow dreams"
Pat says "Because its a great way of showing people that you care about them."
Mandy says "It is a service that supports ordinary and extraordinary New Zealanders to follow their dreams"
Helen says "I feel confident this is a safe site and it makes it so easy to help out someone who really deserves it."
Narelle says "I have always found the Givealittle site to be professional and trustworthy. I would definitely recommend it to others."
Annie says "Because it deals with causes pertaining to New Zealand and New Zealanders. It gives individual people and issues a chance to be helped/heard."
Kirsty says "It's an amazing service and was super user friendly to use."
Liss says "Easy online way to give a donation no matter how big or small And having the option of debiting direct from bank acct is brill"
Andora says "It is an awesome idea and a great way to get people involved"
Rubashini says "It provides a platform for us to reach out to people who needs it in the time of despair - the ones that you don't know personally but their stories touch our hearts. So thank you for giving us the opportunity."
Joan says "Safe and easy way to make small or large donations to deserving causes."
Sheree says "Site is really easy to use."
Nancy says "Because I think it is a wonderful way in which to help those in need and to show you care"
Sharon says "Because it's the easiest and most effective way to donate money to those in need. Just wish I had more to give."
Daryl says "Because it's simple to use and you guys do an amazing job! Keep up the good work!"
Anna says "Easy to donate and gives me a great feeling being able to help"

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