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Making A Difference

Sandra says "It is a good platform with the safety of knowing that there are checks to ensure the money benefits the cause."
Joanne says "Great way to get the word out that someone is in need"
Irene says "Quick and easy to deal wiith. Great service for our people in need"
Carey says "I have found there are causes I would like to donate to that would never hear about otherwise"
Paul says "It's easy to donate, often for people who have fallen on hard times and it's important to care and support others in need."
Robert says "Its a neutral & easily accessible forum. Very good support & service from the help desk team."
Peter says "it is just cool."
Karen says "Because it is a very easy way to help those in their time of need."
Ashley says "Great concept"
Jenny says "I think it's a wonderfully accessible way to give easily to any cause that inspires or affects you. Makes Giving really easy!!"
Maria says "So easy and a great way to get people to help fundraise!"
Nicola says "Because it makes it simple and quick to make my annual donations to charitable organisations. You only collect the minimum information necessary to create the receipt."
Chris says "It is a great safe way to donate to people in need."
Sonya says "I think it a wonderful way of helping others less fortunate in our community/country, we all need to be a little kinder"
Lorraine says "So many desperate and deserving people are helped immensely by your service. It also gives the public to help wonderful people."
John says "Easy to use, excellent service from the helpdesk, great to see these days"
Nikki says "At Christmas my husband and I give to givealittle instead of Christmas gifts. A good cause for people really in need"
Sally says "Such a great way to give at least something, even if you can't afford a massive amount, and SO easy via internet banking! Thank you."
Asta says "easy to use, trustworthy"
Rachel says "It's a great idea. And self driven so you can do it without a person on the phone railroading you."

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