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Making A Difference

Carey says "Because you're helping me to help my Dad and he's the world to me"
Rachael says "Top marks for an excellent site. We have successfully used Givealittle cause page in 2016 for our children and it was awesome."
Heidi says "You seem efficient, quick good checks to make sure the charity/cause is real"
Diane says "I think it's a great forum with financial security assurance to be able to help anyone in need. No matter how large or small the gift is. Will continue to use 😊"
Georgia says "Good for business donations. Easy to use. Good for the person who needs some support."
Angela says "Easy payment options reputable trusty site. Money will get to source"
Mark says "It's a very effective way to fund raise for specific worthy causes in times of need. :-)"
Heather says "Security of the programme, communication and quick responses with help desk, processing of payout. Wonderful people."
Louis says "We are in desperate need of help. Give a Little gave us hope that we can overcome this situation."
Warner says "Because you have been great as a medium to raise funds for our little girl."
Yvonne says "Your site is very clear and easy to use"
Renay says "The response we have had is over whelming. Peoples generosity is outstanding. A very safe site and easy to use."
Sharyn says "I love using givealittle because it is a trustworthy quick easy and safe money to donate"
Tony says "It's a kiwi thing"
Charlotte says "Because you are very helpful with questions and problems and your service changes peoples lives!!"
Kathryn says "We have seen what other people have achieved with your wonderful help and we will be recommend this for anyone with children with be dreams"
Sarah says "It was so easy and painless to use - the link to my bank was seamless. You guys make it all so easy."
Kim says "I think it's a great way of raising funds for legitimate concerns, whereby people in need can ask for help in a controlled and professional manner."
Vanessa says "I think it's an awesome way to help people less fortunate or in great need of help. It's genius. People don't like to ask for help or money, this makes it easier for both parties."
Carolyn says "Great service"

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