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Making A Difference

Viviane says "Because everything is clear and I received a very quick email with receipt information."
John says "It is SUCH a great thing. It is easy to give, and there is no pressure about how much. We can do something nice, and appreciated, it can be quite personal, and it just feels good!"
Hayley says "Fantastic platform and easy no fuss to use - great community service"
juliet says "Easy, trusted and great service to provide"
Rowena says "Instructions easy to follow, great causes, brilliant job helping people!!"
Jeremy says "Prompt and helpful response."
Marie says "Because you provide a service that can help so many kiwis 💜"
Sean says "Great easy service"
Aaron says "Because as a service it does a really good job of helping people in need with little to no hassle."
Kayla says "Good service and very thorough with the questions"
Denice says "Safe & secure site."
Leanne says "The website is easy to use and the support is wonderful, not to mention Givealittle is such a great initiative!"
Jacqui says "Because it provides an awesome platform for people to fund raise. It's easy to use and it's reliable."
Fimy says "It's amazing and user friendly. Very easy"
Andie says "A fantastic organisation that makes the ability to help others so easy! And people can donate as little or as much as they like anonymously."
Sue says "It’s a great way to show support to someone who’s need is greater than mine"
Leone says "I love the concept of group funding and give a little is reputable & been around for a while :)"
Desiree says "Quick, easy and user-friendly."
Hayley says "Great & prompt communication, thank you"
Lynley says "Fantastic opportunity to show compassion for people in times of need. Thanks"

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