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Making A Difference

Sharon says "Because it’s an amazing way to help families in tough times"
Peter says "It’s the perfect, no hassle way of helping."
Natasha says "Great way for people to give to great causes"
Donna says "It’s a way to reach out for help when families are in need and require assistance and others can donate a little to help."
Susan says "Good causes and a very trustworthy service."
Liesel says "very easy to use,share on social media, convenient and you get your donation receipt!"
Johana says "It's the best service, with prompt staff."
Hilary says "if there's a genuine reason for asking for funding, people will be happy to help out, and givealittle seems a good way to do it. Also gives you the opportunity to remain anonymous."
Andrea says "Easy and simple to donate to"
Kayla says "Really easy to use, the page layouts are clear and simple. Just a wonderful website to use, especially since it's all for a good cause!"
Rhonda says "Its a great way to support a good cause. Many small donates add up ! The website is very easy to use."
Jarrod says "Such an awesome platform to help people who are in genuine need ❤️"
Gerard says "Brilliant service"
Amy says "A wonderful service that's so easy to use"
Barbara says "I set up a page for a friend some time ago when she was diagnosed with cancer. It was incredibly helpful to her in terms of taking time off work and helping pay for expensive treatments."
freda says "cause yous help so many people"
dave says "Because without this page I have no idea how I can reach people to help me help others in need"
Wayne says "It's an opportunity for not just friends and family members that can help but also people who care for others without judgment and the ability to help."
Brenda says "I think it is such I awesome way of helping people"
Margarita says "The service is so quick and easy, thank u for that"

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