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Making A Difference

Graeme says "It's a good way to help various causes."
Elaine says "it's so easy to make a payment to a worthy cause, to be able to help friends when they need it most!"
Jo says "I have had a friend who needed help in 2014 with cancer treatment and the give a little really made a difference to her quality of life."
Martin says "Very easy to use. Thanks!"
Karen says "I have used givealittle to both gather donations and to donate to causes. It's an easy way to get your message out and ask for help, and also couldn't be simpler to donate in a matter of moments."
Jane says "it is easy to use, and seems to be a means for supporting smaller causes who appeal to locals or smaller donations."
Mandy says "Making it easy to help those that need it"
Val says "This is an excellent way to donate and the website is very user friendly. Thank you."
Lisa says "This is such a great way to be able to help those in need and struggling to get by."
Chantha says "easy and simple to use. makes me feel good giving a little to people so deserving."
Anna says "Easy peasy to use."
Sue says "I have heard of give a little helping so many worthy causes and know that it has been a good way ofcontacting a wider reach of people esp through Facebook/social media to gain the best results for those who need it desperately."
Luke says "easy and friendly."
Aly says "A fantastic website helping so many wonderful causes."
susan says "because i think it is a wonderful way to help people out"
James says "givealittle has helped my cousin through cancer and a family friends baby with medical expenses"
Wayne says "A great way to raise funds for the school trip. Easy to use and at the same time make people aware of what is happening and the progress. Awesome!!!"
Angus says "It is a great page with little to no barriers to raise money, great job guys!"
Ngarima says "10 outta 10"
April says "It helps with raising money for really good causes, and is able to be used right across the country"

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