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Making A Difference

Joanna says "It is easy to use and I trust it!"
Jessica says "Very easy to navigate and donate to the fund I wanted"
Celia says "I think it's a fantastic and easy to use way to raise funds for great causes!!"
Peta says "I have experienced the benefits first hand"
Sue says "You can remain anonymous. It's easy and you can donate even if it's in the middle of the night!"
Marg says "It is simple and easy. Also a donation of only $1 quickly adds up if a lot of people do it. I really like being able to instantly donate where a situation I have read about is compelling."
Sandra says "I think this platform is an amazing way for people to benefit in hard times and it unites people but also allows options for people to care for one another I also like the safety provided in the moderation process. I like transparency"
Heidi says "Because it helps and reaches out to the general public for those in need 😊"
Vicki says "because give a little is one of the only websites that actually help people, they helped my son who had Cancer, and for that I'm really grateful. I'm only sorry that I haven't been able to keep up on my sons webpage, you both deserve it"
Suhani says "It's safe, very user friendly and the trust behind Give a little makes people feel confident to donate."
Tania says "Givealittle gave donors an opportunity not only to give a little, which meant a lot to myself and family in our time of need, but also a platform to express their feelings at a difficult time. I think this service is great for those in need and a great way to fundraise. We were grateful for this service. A huge thank you to all donors and Givealittle."
Marcus says "Amazing super dopper idea supporting my wife and family through hard times, easy to communicate with.."
Casey says "It was easy for my friend to set up for me and the funds were deposited in my account as stated by the give a little emails I frequently receive."
Carin says "I am grateful for Givealittle to be the pathway for fundraising for my medical expenses. The money was paid into my account in time as per contract. Thank you so much!"
Brenda says "The people who i had dealing with at a very hard time were absolutely brilliant and a great help"
Leanne says "Feel sure that the money is going to go to the intended recipient. I was able to leave a message and keep some details confidential."
Renee says "It's a great community initiative that enables people to come together and help others in need no matter what the circumstance. Keep up the great work!! :)"
Claire says "Easy to follow Good conformation Felt safe using it"
Heather says "Easy to use website, good instructions and nice to be able to fundraise so easily when something terrible happens"
Ray says "So easy to contribute to worthy causes and your administration is excellent"

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