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Making A Difference

Hannah says "Givealittle is simple to use, and a receipt is emailed to you immediately"
Janine says "I have donated through this site previously, I like that it is moderated and approved .. makes it safe and transparent"
Sharlene says "It is such an awesome vehicle to help people and so easy to understand and use."
Cathryn says "What a lovely way to share"
Sebastian says "Amazing opportunity for those in need. What a great and humane idea to set up a website like this. 👍"
Zelia says "It’s set out really well and easy to use. We had great success with ours when we were struggling with three cancer kids"
Anne says "This is a good safe place to show compassion to others and cotribute to their needs in an anonymous fashion."
Lizzie says "Great service for people in need"
Simon says "Because it’s a great service and you do good for people. Good work"
Andrea says "Because I like the fact that you can donate without the whole world knowing who you are and you can pick and choose who you support with out nagging phone calls from charities dictating how much money they think you should donate"
Lisa says "Great website and a fantastic way to be able to help. Recommended by a Friend as I was looking for a Christmas tree. Will definitely visit again and recommend."
Lynda says "It's a great way to help out people in need."
Anne says "Great causes and for our own people of NZ."
Ella says "Excellent, trustworthy platform with real results for people etc in need"
Glenys says "Because friends suggested the family do this page and send the link onto them. We have loyal beautiful friends."
Shanina says "Because helping is awesome !"
Julie says "Easy to use, and easily recognisable by all kiwis!"
Danielle says "The service is very user friendly and such an awesome way to help someone you care about. I can't see any reason to give less than 10/10"
De says "It is a great service that assists people in need. It takes away financial stress when dealing with very stressful life situations especially when they are facing huge health issues."
Samantha says "Because most people on givealittle are usually in serious need, this page provides an opportunity for people to ask for help. People otherwise wouldn't know this without givealittle."

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