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Making A Difference

Joanne says "great service, that helps kiwis give other kiwis a helping hand - no matter what the media would have us think, I think we're a good bunch, and I'm pretty sure most of us want to help others out who through no fault or determination of their own have ended up in a unthinkable situation."
Kathy says "Because it allows you to help others without pressure and is easy to use."
Veronica says "I think it's a great idea to help people in need. Never know when you might need help yourself. Every little bit helps"
Natasha says "Give a little is brilliant x"
Gareth says "Because this is a great way for people who can't be there in person to support and for those who would prefer to remain anyonomous"
paula says "A wonderful process that is user friendly and monitored correctly."
Antonia says "We wanted to reach a wider audience and were recomended"
Melissa says "Easy way to donate money and get a receipt"
Caroline says "Easy quick and you can donate whatever amount you would like to. Also you can keep it private if that's what you would like"
Justine says "When my son was injured there was a givealittle page set up for him. It helped him a lot."
Paul says "Best way to give to charities. Thanks for making it so easy!"
Kath says "Because some people just need to reach out and ask for help. Give a little does that."
Natalie says "givealittle made the process very easy for our family at such a hard time. Cheri was very helpful."
Rosalind says "Your staff are lovely and very supportive and such a great way to spread happiness in the world."
jaime says "I can't believe how many people are willing to help out a friend or even a stranger on give a little. I have had a very heartwarming experience"
Helen says "Like what you do. Simple to set up and simple to donate"
Debra says "The process is pretty easy, the support was superb. Thank you"
Dana says "Fantastic service offered"
Euan says "To start with I wasn't too confident however by following your clear instructions I was able to see it through. Thanks."
Adam says "It was helpful way to allow relatives who are overseas to contribute"

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