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Making A Difference

Julz says "It was extremely easy to set up my page."
Philippa says "the site is informative, easy to use and has a great reputation."
Lois says "It was really easy to follow. Prompts were clear. It makes giving a delight and can be done on the spur of the moment."
Wendy says "I think give a little is a great way for people out of town to donate money to a great cause"
Frances says "Great way to help those in need and even if you can’t afford much, every little bit helps."
Kahurangi says "Such an easy and prompt way of donating. Great way to connect with our whanau, hapu, Iwi!"
Gail says "They are good at helping people raise money for all sorts of things."
Dennis says "because it helps a lot of people that otherwise would miss out"
Lisa says "It's just a wonderful service. Thank you all for providing it. ;)"
Rebecca says "Grass roots giving for really deserving individuals. You know exactly where the money is going, and you know they really need it."
Steve says "We love give a little as it's a great way to support others financially"
Lyn says "Much better and easier than door knockers in our cashless society! Thanks"
Celine says "I got through to your website straight away. Each step to donate was clear and successful. And the email with the receipt for the donation arrived immediately."
Jeanette says "Easy to use. Has a kind gentle feel about it."
Ngarita says "Easy to use and easy to find the charity you want to donate to."
Stuart says "Simple clear and transparent site for giving."
Georgia says "Awesome site to help those in need"
Martine says "Love it!! 😍"
Joanne says "Because of the amazing donations made to myself and my family when I became sick with cancer. It really helped and is a great platform for people to help each other."
Audrey says "Great website"

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