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Making A Difference

Kathie says "Simple to use. A beautiful tool."
Sarah says "Great way to help others in need"
laurence says "its a way you can help others when your distance makes it so easy to not get involved and this is one way of just giving a little to a great cause."
Andy says "An easy way to give a donation, simples!!"
Lenore says "It's a great way to support a kaupapa without being pressured to do so!"
Barry says "Love you guys! You've created a platform where people can reach out to others and make their dreams come true!"
Deanne says "Great idea and easy to use"
Steven says "easy to use and provided good information about the recipient so I know it is legitimate"
Paige says "So easy to quick and easy to donate. Super awesome"
Emma says "It allows you to contribute quickly to a good cause"
Maree says "Give a little helped my family when my wee grandson Leo was born prematurely and very sick, it is lovely to gift back to those who are in need to help them at difficult times."
Prudence says "Because this service is a excellent way to help others even if it is only with a little money or a lot."
Rachel says "Quick and easy way to raise money for people in need."
Tim says "Quick and easy"
Emma says "I've had good experiences both as an organiser and a donater"
Teresa says "Givealittle allows people to give what they can. Every little bit counts, and every little bit adds up. This Givealittle philosophy offers people help and support they likely wouldn't receive otherwise."
Emily says "Because it is a great way for friends and family of yours to help you out on a small scale project, rather than having to sell them fundraisers"
Sonali says "It was very good crowdfunding website and I would recommend that others donate to their chosen cause on that website"
Christine says "Trustworthy site"
Mereta says "Great secure way to donate to someone that needs it"

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