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Natalie says "User friendly, great prompts and tips for writing blurbs and quick to set up.."
Corinne says "A great way to help others and an easy procedure to follow"
Taan says "It works.."
murray says "You guys do a great job"
Lisa says "Poetry in motion"
Mike says "Great service and follow up"
Kathy says "It’s a great way to share a little kindness to those in need."
Kelly says "Easy to use and a lovely site"
Tarsh says "Because you do an amazing service"
Andrew says "You guys are awesome, and do a wonderful job. Thanks so much for all that you do for our community :) Merry Christmas!"
Vanessa says "Great service and so easy to help people"
Noeline says "Was impressed with efficiency of the process. Was very easy to understand and I'm 75."
Rajinder says "It is a good and fast way of raising funds."
Heike says "The entire process was simple and transparent. Thank you :)"
Kate says "Effortless. Effective. Positive."
Tianna says "Easy to donate, a good service for good things"
Rajnesh says "Setting up the profile was user friendly and this foundation is our only source of hope. God bless!!!"
Debs says "Never donated to this before but was surprised how easy it was"
Tessa says "So easy! Walk in the park 😀"
Jilyut says "Givealiitle is such a great platform for setting up charitable donations."

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