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Making A Difference

Liz says "It give people opportunities to raise funds for sometimes lifesaving surgery or medication thats not covered by our health system.... fantastic whoever set this up....💖💕"
Malcolm says "Easy to use. And quick to get it going"
Lyn says "Give a little is helping those in need ( a fantastic cause). We should all be mindful of those less fortunate or those in need. We all need a little extra help sometimes. Keep up the good work :-)"
Vladimir says "It gives everyone a chance to help people who need it."
Maia says "Very helpful staff"
Karen says "It makes it so easy with payment options, you can be discreet with your donation amount ...highly professional for so many causes. thank you"
Norma says "Because I know your organization is responsible and help people raised money for important issues."
Nigel says "Easy to navigate and when I can see the direct recipient of my donation dollar I'm or comfortable that it's money well spent."
Suzie says "The best way of getting all information out to other people to help them understand and are able to help however they can"
Carol says "It's just so easy to donate. It's such an easy process. It couldn't be easier to help those that need it."
Sally says "It is very simple to use and donate"
Janice says "It is an awesome way to be able to support causes that are in desperate need of some monetary help."
Katie says "I think it's an amazing site that allows people to give personally and confidently to a cause they are able to. I have made many donations via give a little and it's so easy. Well done 👍"
Roger says "No matter how much people donate, it's all adds up especially when one needs it desperate help. Thanks for creating this website."
PHILIP says "I like what you do.. It was all very easy to do..."
Julie says "It is quick and easy to send support to somebody - large or small amounts."
Zebunisso says "Great page to raise awareness and help families in need"
Frances says "First time I have used it and it was very easy."
Reema says "Excellent service, easy to set up a page and if i needed help with anything then someone from the helpdesk would help me out straight away and sort out things that needed to be sorted out immediately"
Prue says "Great trustworthy way to help charities and people in need!"

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