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Kim says "I think it is marvelous that you are able to help those of us in need."
Paige says "Love this site! Helping people in their time of need!"
Margie says "Quick and easy!"
Diane says "An easy way to help others and their causes"
Joanne says "It was super easy to make a donation to a worthy cause."
Amy says "The cause was clear. I know exactly what my donation is paying for. The transaction was secure and straightforward."
Akash says "It helps you in dire situations"
Tania says "You provide a potentially life saving service. Thank you."
Angela says "Easy and straight forward..."
Andrea says "Very easy to sort out my donation to a worthwhile cause"
Paul says "This is an easy to use crowd funding site for kids that can't afford to pay for sports. Thanks!"
Dale says "It was presented well had the relevant information and was a cause I can relate too. I also felt no pressure to make a donation. Thanks"
Gemma says "Such a wonderful system. The staff followed up respectfully and in a personalized manner to help get the page ready."
Graeme says "Was simple and fast"
Maureen says "A great cause & it's so straight forward to do."
Wayne says "Because its nice to be able to help my friends who need financial support through this page. Keep it up."
Jenny says "I have donated through givealittle for my daughter and I think its lovely the way it works. Well done givealittle."
SHERYL says "Have never done give a little, always thought it would be a bit of a drama to do it. It was so easy, thanks."
Bridgette says "It’s a blessing to help people in need"
Vanessa says "Very helpful and smooth. Highly professional"

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