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Making A Difference

Sam says "Because you help people achieve great things and support those in need like me and other less fortunate than me. Thank you for your great work"
Christine says "Very professionally done and easy to follow."
Elizabeth says "Just a great idea and helps me feel connected to my favourite charities."
Evan says "I think the concept is just such a great idea. The fact that you don't have to give much but when it's all put together it really can make a difference to the people involved"
Toni says "You guys do great work and make it easy for people like me to help others - thank you!"
William says "Seems a great way to donate either anonymous or otherwise, to a worthy cause."
Heather says "Because many people including myself are not able to afford a substantial donation but givealittle shows everyone that even the smallest of donations can go along way. I'm glad I had the opportunity to help this lovely family, thank you"
Kelly says "Perfect and easy way to help others and spread kindness"
Yvonne says "because it gives an opportunities to dream again"
Rosemary says "A professionally run site which allows help to be given where needed/good causes to be supported."
Lorraine says "It's important to give to those who have less, or find themselves in dire straits..."
Aaron says "Very easy process and a great way to link with potential donors."
Tim says "simple and felt secure. Plus it's a great direct way to support peeps that need help."
Michelle says "very simple system and it's awesome - thanks so much for the opportunity to give so easily xx"
Mark says "It was a great way to,show support to people in a time of need, especially the messages. The messages also supported those who read them who may also be grieving, and connected old mates from the past, who saw the names. Thank you"
Blair says "I believe this is a good way to help fundraise and you can do it in secret or let them know who you are plus it can help alot of deserving families and individuals"
Sandra says "Its great to be able to simply support great causes in a practical way...."
Elizabeth says "Very simple process on the internet. I wish all websites were this straight forward"
Jayden says "Because you are a charitable organisation that is working hard to help people that can't always help themselves"
Mark says "Great causes and very easy to donate"

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