Tips for Success

Once you've set up your Givealittle page, the next step is to get out there and spread the word about what you're doing. Don't be shy. You're doing a good thing here and you've got to be proactive about letting people know about it.

We've got a few helpful ideas to make the most of Givealittle and give you the best possible chance of reaching your goal.

Share, share, share

Letting as people know what you're doing makes all the difference - and reaching out to as many people possible. One of the main ways to do this is with social media, but don't forget the value of the personal touch. This is no time to be shy. Check out our advice for getting the word out.

Share your online page in-person

Use our QR Code functionality to download a QR Code for your page, and paste at your in-person event, workplace, maildrop, ANYWHERE! We reccommend getting creative, and designing a poster with the Code to attract attention to it. How to get your page's QR code.

Bring your story to life with video

A great image on your page is powerful, but a video is even better for letting people see the real you and connect with your story. You can add a video to your main Givealittle page and include Video in your Page Updates. Find out how to put video to good use.

Make the most of social media

There are over 3 million Facebook users in New Zealand, so it can't be overlooked as a great place to get your message out.

On your Givealittle page you can create a link to Facebook, X (Twitter), Youtube or any other website. And you can post a link from your Givealittle page to your social media account, where you might want to share more information about your Givealittle fundraising. e.g. Create a special Facebook page so interested people can follow your progress and results.

If you don't already have a Facebook page, check out thses tips for setting one up.

Boost your page with frequent social media posts - include a link to your page whenever possible and check your sharing settings so that it gets seen by as many people as possible.

Every time you post about your page there's a chance someone new will see it and pass it on. Try to find something to say each week to keep momentum going and make the most of social media.

Build a connection with your donors

Creating a connection between you and your donors is really important, but don’t reach out only once! It’s when you make an effort to keep in touch that a real sense of community is created. Let your supporters know that you care, and watch their support come in waves.

First up, a little thanks goes a long way - you can respond to donations with a personal message on your page.

Later, you can post Updates on your Givealittle page that get emailed to donors who have subscribed and you can post updates on other social media to let people know how it’s going. There are more ideas here for how to create a community around your page.

Take it out into the world

You're not limited to just sharing online. Here are a few ideas for events and activities to promote your page