Date of Last Revision: 7 September 2020


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Content Management

Code of Conduct


Terms of Service

Givealittle is an online fundraising service that is owned and operated by Perpetual Guardian Givealittle Trust, the sole trustee of which is Perpetual Guardian (Givealittle) Holdings Limited, trading as Givealittle (Givealittle, We, Us or Our). Our service allows Users to set up a Givealittle web page (Givealittle Page) for the purposes of seeking and receiving online donations for Kiwi causes from members of the public.

These terms of service (Terms) describe the services that We provide for you (User, You or Your) and what we require of You in return.

From time to time We will make changes to Our Terms by posting the changes on the Givealittle website and indicating the date these terms were last revised. If the changes to Our Terms are material and will significantly impact the way that You use Givealittle, We will notify You of the changes by reasonable means which may include emailing You in addition to posting the changes on the Givealittle website. If You have any queries or concerns in relation to Our Terms, please contact Us at helpdesk@givealittle.co.nz.


By using Our services, You accept these Terms.

If You have set up a Givealittle Page (Page Owner), You authorise Us to collect donations from persons who choose to make a donation (Donors).

If You are a Donor, You authorise Us to pass on the donation to the recipient of the funds (Payee) who may be the beneficiary named on the Givealittle Page (Beneficiary) or a recipient who receives the donation on behalf of the Beneficiary.


By using Our services, You agree:

  1. to comply with Our Code of Conduct;
  2. to our Content Management Policy and Privacy Policy;
  3. to provide Us with true and accurate information as reasonably requested by Us to conduct Our services, including as part of the registration process for establishing a Givealittle account maintained by Us to record any amounts donated (Givealittle Account), when creating a Givealittle Page and when providing information to Us for verification purposes;
  4. not to upload any content (including text, pictures, graphics, audio, video, images or other data) (Content) which breaches the intellectual property rights of any third person or entity;
  5. not to engage in any conduct in relation to the services that violates laws (including privacy laws), rules, regulations or these Terms; and
  6. not to use Our intellectual property (e.g. trade marks and/or copyright) or assert any rights in any of Our intellectual property without Our prior consent. Enquiries and permission requests may be sent to helpdesk@givealittle.co.nz.


We deduct a service fee of 5% (inclusive of GST) on all donations (except for Top-Up Donations or Donations via TaxGift, described below) (Service Fee).

We also retain any interest earned on monies held for You or Beneficiaries (see section 8 below), which We use to maintain Our services.

Donations that are processed via TaxGift incur a service fee of 14.2% (inclusive of GST).


We rely on the good faith of all Users of Our services to meet any stated objectives advertised on any Givealittle Page. We are not responsible for ensuring that Beneficiaries use donations in any particular way and We cannot guarantee that donations will be applied for a particular purpose.

If You are a Donor and You are dissatisfied with the application of any donation made through a Givealittle Page, You should raise this directly with the Page Owner or make use of any forums on Givealittle such as the Q&A feature or “Report This Page” form, and/or contact Givealittle directly via the Helpdesk.


You can make a donation by any of the means set out below.

Direct Donations

You can make an immediate donation using a credit or debit card (Card), internet banking, a Givealittle Voucher (Voucher) or by transferring funds from Your Givealittle Account. The minimum donation amount is $1.

Conditional Pledges

You can pledge a donation by Card in relation to a Givealittle Page which has a minimum donation target. The minimum pledge amount is $1.

If the minimum donation target is not achieved before the close date, Your Card will not be charged.

If the minimum donation target is achieved, and You have not revoked Your pledge before that time, Your Card will be charged at the pledge amount. If a charge for a pledge is unsuccessful, We may attempt to charge the Card for a further 7 days.

Planned Donations

If You have a Givealittle Account, You can create a regular donation plan, via your bank account, recurring Card payments or payroll giving (Plan). Any donation made via a Plan must be a minimum value of $1.

  1. Recurring Card Plan

Donations made via Cards are processed on the date and at the frequency selected by You at the time of creating the Plan. Your Card may be subject to an ongoing $1 "authorisation hold" from Your Card provider in order to complete the donation.

It is possible for You to hold multiple recurring Card payment Plans and assign different Cards to each Plan.

  1. Payroll Giving Plan

Payroll giving Plans are donations made directly by Your employer via electronic bank transfer into Your Givealittle Account. Only Beneficiaries with tax donee status can benefit from payroll giving Plans. Please contact Us if You require further information on this. If You have any payroll giving funds accumulated in your Givealittle Account, these funds must be used within 12 months of the date of receipt of the funds from Your employer, otherwise the funds are surrendered to Givealittle. We reserve the right to distribute these funds to such charitable causes as We see fit.

You may only hold one payroll giving Plan at any time.

Employer Matching

Some employers offer an employer scheme providing their employees with some form of employee donation matching (Employer Scheme). If Your employer has an Employer Scheme and You are participating in it, We may share Your details (including donation details) with Your employer, as required to administer the Employer Scheme (although We will, where possible, attempt to anonymise or provide summary data only).

Givealittle Vouchers

Vouchers can be used to make a donation or to top up Your Givealittle Account. Each Voucher has an expiry date displayed on it. If a Voucher has not been used to make a donation or to top up Your Givealittle Account on or before its expiry date, We may apply the value of the Voucher to such charitable causes as We see fit.

Any tax credits from using a Voucher to make a donation will accrue to the benefit of the person using the Voucher to make that donation, rather than the original purchaser of the Voucher.

Top-up Donations

On making a donation or a pledge, You are able to make a discretionary top-up donation of up to ten (10) percent of the amount of the main donation (Top-Up Donation). This is used to offset the Service Fee.


All donations to a Givealittle Page and all funds in a Givealittle Account are non-refundable and non-transferable, unless We direct otherwise (which We will only do in exceptional circumstances).

If any refund that We attempt to process is unsuccessful, the donation is surrendered to Givealittle and We reserve the right to distribute these funds to such charitable causes as We see fit.


Card based transactions and internet banking transactions are processed through a third party payment processor and are subject to the terms and conditions of the third party payment processor (found here). The privacy policy of the third party payment processor applies to any such transactions (found here).

We assume no responsibility to You for such transactions, except where We cannot limit or exclude Our responsibility under law.

If You have proved to Our reasonable satisfaction that there has been an unauthorised use of Your Card to make a donation, We will, if the donation has not yet been paid to the Beneficiary, refund the transaction to Your card. Otherwise any refunds will be at Our discretion having regard to the circumstances.

As part of Our monitoring process and to comply with Our reporting obligations under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 (AMLCFT Act), We may contact You regarding Your donation if We consider it necessary.


If You have a Givealittle Account, We hold any funds within the account for You.

You can credit Your Givealittle Account via payroll donations, internet banking, Card payments, or from Vouchers.

If You would like to close Your Givealittle Account, please contact Us at helpdesk@givealittle.co.nz.


In order to maintain compliance with laws and to ensure that We maintain a high standard of trust and confidence in Our services, We may require that a verification process takes place to verify Your identity. The verification process may include requiring You to provide Us with certain personal information. Re-verification may be required in the event that You amend or update Your details or as part of the requirements for ongoing relationships.

If You are a Payee, this process is mandatory, but We may also verify any other Users including Beneficiaries and Donors. For details on the type of information We may require from You for verification purposes please see Our Privacy Policy.

The information that We obtain as part of this process will be used for the purpose of verifying the identity of the intended Payee and/or other User (including by checking that information against third party databases or other sources) and complying with Our obligations as a reporting entity under the AMLCFT Act. The verification process includes checks to identify Users who are politically exposed persons or close associates of such persons. If You are providing this information on behalf of the intended Payee, please ensure that You have the consent of the intended Payee to do so for these purposes.

If We cannot verify You or We identify an issue as a result of that verification process, We may not be able to register You with Givealittle or pay You any funds.


Donations will only be paid out to verified Payees. Donations and top ups made each month are batched and paid out (less the Service Fee) to the relevant verified Payee between the 20th and 25th day of the month following receipt of the donation by Givealittle.

Pledges that are converted into unconditional donations will be paid out in the monthly payment cycle immediately following the month in which the minimum donation target is achieved along with any funds donated in that month after the minimum donation target has been reached.

One-off payments can be facilitated in special circumstances at Our discretion in the event of an emergency, special need or projects or events that fall ahead of the next scheduled monthly batch payment. To request a one-off payment please email helpdesk@givealittle.co.nz and provide details of Your special circumstances. We reserve the right to request additional information or supporting documentation at any stage in considering Your request.

We reserve the right to require an independent trustee or a change in the Verified Payee as a condition for payment. We may also require that any funds are paid to direct creditors of the Beneficiary.

In the event Givealittle makes an overpayment to a Payee, the overpaid funds must be returned to Givealittle within 3 days of that Payee being contacted by Givealittle or as otherwise agreed with Us.


Donors are automatically emailed a receipt (or notice of successful payment) for every donation on Givealittle.

The type of receipt or notice that will be issued will depend on the amount and type of the donation and the tax treatment of that donation. For further information please contact Us at helpdesk@givealittle.co.nz.


To register with Givealittle, You must be at least 18 years old. You confirm that all of the information You provide to Us as part of the registration process is true and accurate. It is Your responsibility to update Your details as they change from time to time.


All registered Users may create a Givealittle Page for any charitable or funding purpose which We approve. You agree to comply with Our Content Management Policy.

When setting up a Givealittle Page, You must make it clear what the raised funds will be used for. This purpose will be displayed on the Givealittle Page.

You may only create a Givealittle Page on behalf of an organisation if You are an authorised representative of that organisation. If We receive advice contrary to the above then We will remove the page.

Where a Givealittle Page is a project page with a minimum donor target, donations will be conditional on reaching that minimum donor target by a specified date. The minimum donor target and the closing date for that Givealittle Page cannot be changed after the Givealittle Page is active. We cannot guarantee that all donations pledged will convert to unconditional donations and We are not liable to Users in the event that donations pledged and/or funds raised are lower than the minimum donor target.

We reserve the right to cancel a Givealittle Page without notice at the request of the Beneficiary or otherwise for breach of the Terms or the Code of Conduct.

We may immediately remove Content from a Givealittle Page if any intellectual property rights are contested by a third party or if We become aware that You are not properly authorised to use any Content. If You suspect a breach of any intellectual property right on the Givealittle website, please email Us at helpdesk@givealittle.co.nz. We may also immediately remove content if it breaches Our Code of Conduct, or We reasonably consider the content to be offensive.

Where You are a Page Owner, but not the Beneficiary of that Givealittle Page, You agree to obtain the consent of the Beneficiary prior to uploading any Content to the Givealittle Page that may contain the Beneficiary's personal information. We reserve the right to remove any Content from any Givealittle Page, at Our sole discretion and without notice, if requested by the Beneficiary.

In the event that the Givealittle holds funds raised for a Givealittle Page for longer than 3 months and:

  1. no Payee has been verified; or
  2. the page is unable to be moderated in accordance with our Content Management Policy,

We will use reasonable endeavours to refund the funds but reserve the right to distribute the funds to such charitable causes as We see fit. No refunds will be made in the event that a Givealittle Page raises less than $100 nor for individual donations that are less than $20.


You are responsible for keeping personal login information safe, private and secure at all times. We may take such security measures as We deem fit, including suspending or locking Your Givealittle Account or Givealittle Page if We suspect any malicious activity or unauthorised access.


We may reject Your registration, Givealittle Page creation, use of or access to Our services at Our discretion.

We may suspend or terminate Your Givealittle Page and/or use of Our services without incurring any liability to You if:

  1. a serious complaint is received or a number of complaints (amounting to what We determine as a serious complaint) are received about You in relation to Your use of Our services;
  2. You breach these Terms, Our Content Management Policy or Our Code of Conduct;
  3. We consider Your behaviour to be unacceptable;
  4. We consider Your activity is detrimental to, or may cause distress or harm to, any person;
  5. in relation to suspension only, such suspension is necessary for any system maintenance (after giving You as much advance notice as is reasonably practical in the circumstances) or without notice to address security concerns in relation to Our systems;
  6. termination or suspension is required by any law or direction from any government, law enforcement or other authority; or
  7. We are unable to complete our verification processes as set out in section 9 of these Terms (including any required re-verification).


We take privacy seriously when We collect personal information from You.

When You register, You agree to Our Privacy Policy and to Us occasionally making contact via email for matters that We deem important to Your membership, in accordance with Our Privacy Policy. You can find Our Privacy Policy here.


We will use reasonable efforts to maintain the Givealittle service, however, We do not guarantee continuous operation of the Givealittle website or Our services.

We do not provide any further warranties in relation to Our services, and exclude any additional warranties to the extent allowed by law.


You have statutory rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. Nothing in these Terms will limit Your rights under that Act, unless We are legally entitled to do so. If You use Our services for business purposes, the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 does not apply.

All other types of liability (including loss of profits or business) are excluded to the extent permitted under New Zealand law. In particular, We are not responsible for any information given by Us or contained on Our website in relation to the accounting, tax or financial consequences of making a donation or using Givealittle to fundraise.

In the event We are liable to You, Our maximum liability to You under these terms, however caused, is limited to the funds donated by You or received by You as a Beneficiary (as applicable).


You are liable to Us for any losses We suffer and costs We incur (including the cost of a solicitor) as a result of:

Content uploaded by You;

Your breach of these Terms or Our Code of Conduct; or

third party claims arising as a result of Your use of Your Givealittle Account.


If You have a dispute with Us or a complaint about Our Services, We would like the opportunity to resolve this with You amicably. Please contact Us at helpdesk@givealittle.co.nz.
Givealittle always seeks to provide You with the highest level of service. If for any reason we do not meet your expectations, please contact us. We aim to resolve all disputes as soon as they are brought to our attention, as quickly and fairly as possible. If we are unable to do so, we will set out for you the steps we will take to find a solution and the timeframe in which you can expect the matter to be resolved. You may contact us to make a complaint by email via helpdesk@givealittle.co.nz or post Perpetual Guardian (Givealittle) Holdings Limited, Complaints Co-ordinator, PO Box 1934, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140

We are also a member of an external, independent dispute resolution scheme operated by Financial Services Complaints Limited (FSCL) and approved by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

If we cannot agree on how to resolve your issue, you can refer the matter to FSCL by emailing info@fscl.org.nz, calling FSCL on 0800 34 72 57, by contacting the Complaint Investigation Officer, Financial Services Complaints Limited, Level 4, 101 Lambton Quay, Wellington 6145 or by post at PO Box 5967, Wellington 6145. Full details of how to access the FSCL scheme can be obtained on their website www.fscl.org.nz. There is no cost to you to use the services of FSCL.


If any provision in these Terms is held invalid, then such provision (to the extent it is invalid) is deemed severed from these Terms, and the remainder shall not be affected.

New Zealand law applies to these Terms and You agree that the New Zealand courts will hear any claim brought under these Terms.

Content Management Policy

Givealittle is an online fundraising platform that allows Users to set up a Givealittle Page for the purposes of seeking and receiving donations for Kiwi causes from members of the public.

In Our opinion, censoring Givealittle Pages on a values basis may negatively impact the diverse ways in which Kiwis choose to express generosity. In order to minimise this risk, We actively monitor and manage abuses that compromise Our ability to provide the service and preserve the freedom of giving and receiving that it encourages.


The integrity of the Givealittle service depends on all Users using the Givealittle service in a responsible and legal manner, with courtesy and consideration.

You agree that You will not upload any Content onto a Givealittle Page that We reasonably believe:

  1. infringes any intellectual property rights of any third party;
  2. detrimentally affects the brand or reputation of Givealittle, Perpetual Guardian, any other User or any affiliates or partners of Perpetual Guardian (Givealittle) Holdings;
  3. misleads as to the nature, type, service, intentions or benefits of donating to the Givealittle Page;
  4. contains inaccurate, ambiguous, exaggerated, defamatory, untrue or out-of-date information;
  5. encourages, counsels, incites or suggests any criminal or unlawful acts;
  6. preys on individual groups by virtue of their circumstances;
  7. contains vulgar and/or suggestive language or images or innuendo or slang of a sexual, immoral, racial or violent nature;
  8. promotes or provides inflammatory or demeaning opinions of an individual or group;
  9. uses images or information of a named or identifiable third party without their consent (parental/guardian consent is required if the third party is under 18 years);
  10. misrepresents Your identity or affiliation with any other person or organisation;
  11. uses Givealittle to send junk mail or “spam” in breach of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007;
  12. conducts, displays or forwards surveys, raffles, lotteries, contests, pyramid schemes, chain letters or the like;
  13. uses the Givealittle service to facilitate product or event ticket sales;
  14. uses the Givealittle service in a way that will result in the Donor receiving a material benefit in respect of Givealittle Pages that are eligible for a tax credit;
  15. uses the Givealittle service to facilitate any form of equity crowd funding or investment where Donors may expect a return on that investment;
  16. interferes with or disrupts the Givealittle service or services or networks connected with Givealittle, or introduces any computer virus which may be harmful to Our system; or
  17. is harmful and/or offensive.


All Givealittle Pages are reviewed and approved by a Givealittle moderator prior to the Givealittle Page becoming publicly searchable. The moderation process may include checks on:

  1. The identities of the Page Owner, Payees and Beneficiary;
  2. Verifiable data, i.e. Donee tax status, Charities Register, Ministry of Education database;
  3. Good taste, decency and acceptable Content;
  4. Clearly stated and legal intentions for funds raised;
  5. Any graphic content or profanity;
  6. Respect for third party rights and privacy;
  7. Compliance with the Terms, Content Management Policy and Code of Conduct; and
  8. Beneficiary Consent.

We try to complete the moderation process within three business days of the creation of the Givealittle Page, however, this is dependent on the nature of the Content and ease of communication with the Page Owner.

A 'lightbox' notice is displayed on a Givealittle Page until the page has been moderated by Us. A Givealittle Page may still receive donations where it is awaiting moderation. A Givealittle Page will not be publicly searchable until it has been successfully moderated by Us, and 'donor validation' has been achieved.


A 'lightbox' notice is displayed on a Givealittle Page until it has achieved 'donor validation', meaning it has received three donations from three independent parties. A Givealittle Page will not be publicly searchable until donor validation has been achieved.


Certain data and information provided by Users of Givealittle is locked after it is inputted. This is to prevent unauthorised changes and to protect the integrity of the fundraising process for all Donors.


We do not endorse any Content displayed on a Givealittle Page.


Donors may donate to Givealittle Pages as they see fit and Donors are solely responsible for their decisions to make a donation.


If You encounter a Givealittle Page that You believe violates Our Terms, Content Management Policy or Our Code of Conduct, please report it to Us using the Report This Page link displayed on the Page. We carry out reviews and investigations of Givealittle Pages that are reported by the public and may remove or edit, at Our discretion and without notice, any Content posted on a Givealittle Page if We consider that any violation has occurred.

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to all Users, including browsing visitors, and sets out Our expectations in relation to use of the Givealittle service.

When You use Givealittle for any purpose You agree to:

  1. abide by the Terms, Content Management Policy and this Code of Conduct;
  2. Our right to actively monitor and engage with Users as described in the Terms;
  3. act honestly and truthfully in all representations and information You make publicly available on Givealittle;
  4. cooperate in all interactions with other Users, Our service team and other representatives;
  5. respect the role of Givealittle as the enabler of Givealittle as a public service, not a regulator of charitable purpose in New Zealand;
  6. respect the freedom of all Givealittle Users to donate online;
  7. respect the freedom of all Givealittle Users to fundraise responsibly; and
  8. immediately contact helpdesk@givealittle.co.nz if the legitimacy of an organisation, cause or individual providing information on Givealittle is in doubt.

When using Givealittle to fundraise You agree to:

  1. only upload Content that does not violate the Terms, Content Management Policy or this Code of Conduct;
  2. Our right to moderate Your Content and verify the data and information You provide;
  3. honestly and truthfully represent Your fundraising purpose and intentions on Your Givealittle Page;
  4. use all funds You raise on Givealittle for the purpose You advertise on Your Givealittle Page;
  5. provide regular updates to Donors using the tools provided;
  6. promptly respond to all questions and requests for information from Users, Our service team and other representatives;
  7. immediately update Your Givealittle Page if Your fundraising purpose or intentions for use of donations changes;
  8. co-operate with Our service team in the event that Your fundraising purpose is interrupted, discontinued or unable to proceed for any reason;
  9. comply with all New Zealand law relevant to your fundraising activities and use of funds raised on Givealittle; and
  10. take full responsibility for fulfilling Your personal obligations, including any legislative, reporting or compliance requirements arising from receiving funds raised or donations made using Givealittle.

For further information about this Code of Conduct, or to report a breach please contact Us or email helpdesk@givealittle.co.nz.

Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015

The Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015 (HDCA) sets out to deter, prevent and mitigate harm caused to individuals by harmful digital communications.

The HDCA is made up of a list of communications principles, all of which apply to digital communications (which means any form of electronic communication). All Users are expected to abide by these principles.

Users must respect others and conduct themselves honestly and in good faith at all times. If a User breaches these principles or their Content is deemed harmful and/or offensive, Givealittle may take action by removing that Content.

For further information about the HDCA, please email us at helpdesk@givealittle.co.nz.

Privacy Policy

Givealittle is sensitive to the private nature of the personal information You provide to Us and takes every precaution with the way We record and use Your personal information. This Privacy Policy sets out Our privacy practices applying to personal information generated through Your use of the Givealittle service, the Givealittle website and Givealittle Pages and Our interactions with You. By visiting Givealittle or using Our services, You authorise Us to collect, retain and use Your personal information according to this Privacy Policy and Our Terms of Service.


When You visit or use Givealittle, We may collect and store certain information from or about You, including information that can be used to uniquely contact, identify or locate You (Personal Information).

Set out below is a summary of the types of information, including Personal Information that may be collected from You depending on Your interaction with Givealittle:

  1. Registration of Givealittle Page: When You register a Givealittle Page We collect Your name, email and IP address(es), contact number, and location information in respect of Your Page;

  2. Verification of Payee/User: In order to become a verified Payee and/or other User, We require the following further information, to verify Your identity and comply with Our obligations as a reporting entity under the AMLCFT Act:

    1. for Individuals: electronic verification via Cloudcheck powered by Verifi (a third party provider of electronic identity verification services) OR a certified PDF scan of a driver’s license, passport or other national identification document that matches the identity of the intended Payee and/ or other User; AND a certified PDF scan of a bank or government issued document addressed to the intended Payee and/or other User. In either case, a PDF scan or photo of a bank statement or other evidence satisfactory to Us showing bank account details that match the name of the intended Payee and/or other User will also be required;
    2. for Non-Profit Organisations and other Groups/Companies: Your name and registered number, Your donee tax status (if applicable), trust deed (if applicable) and a copy of a bank statement (or other evidence satisfactory to Us) showing bank account details that match the name of Your non-profit organisation or group/company. Your representative, trustees or other persons considered to be beneficial owners must also present the information required for an individual;
  3. Beneficiaries: When You are named as the Beneficiary of a Givealittle Page We collect Your name and email address and in certain circumstances the verification information set out at clause 1(b) above;

  4. Donors: When You make a donation We collect Your name, email and IP address(es), location and the details of Your donation including donation method; and

  5. Donors who opt-in to TaxGift: Should You opt-in to becoming a TaxGift member, as well as clause 1.4 above, We also request Your IRD number and digital signature giving authorisation to appoint TaxGift as a Tax Agent for You. This is solely for the purpose of claiming your tax credit from IRD. Givealittle does not store your IRD number or digital signature.

  6. Communications: If You contact Us, such as via letter or email, We may keep a copy of that correspondence. We may also collect messages and feedback You leave for other Users and correspondence from other Users or third parties that relates to Your activities on Givealittle.


We may use the Personal Information that You provide to Us for the following purposes:

  1. to provide the Givealittle service;
  2. to contact You about Your activity on Givealittle or Your Givealittle Account;
  3. to provide You with information about Givealittle;
  4. to enforce or apply Our Terms;
  5. to verify Your identity and comply with Our obligations as a reporting entity under the AMLCFT Act (including taking reasonable steps to determine whether You are a politically exposed person or a close associate of a politically exposed person); and
  6. to protect the property, rights, or safety of Users or others.


Your Personal Information may be disclosed to third parties in the following circumstances:

  1. Electronic Verification: If You choose to be verified by electronic verification, We will share Your Personal Information with Cloudcheck powered by Verifi, a provider of electronic identity verification services. (For further information on the verification process see section 9 of Our Terms);
  2. Independent Auditors/Public Authorities: From time to time in order for Us to comply with Our charitable reporting obligations We may need to disclose Your Personal Information to independent auditors. Your Personal Information will only be disclosed to public authorities (including government agencies with statutory law enforcement responsibilities) in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020 or as otherwise required by law.
  3. Promotion and Public Reporting: We may use fundraising data from the Givealittle service for the purposes of promotion and public reporting of Givealittle activity but will always aggregate, anonymise and de-personalise that data which means that individuals cannot be identified from it;
  4. Employer Matching: If You participate in an Employer Scheme We may share Your details with Your employer as required to administer that Employer Scheme (although We will, where possible, attempt to anonymise or provide summary data only);
  5. Third Party Websites and Media: If You opt-in: (i) a link to your Page may be included on other internet sites, such as media sites; (ii) We may share Your Page on social media and with Our partners; and (iii) We may share Your email address with certain media organisations, all for the purpose of promoting your Givealittle cause. Except where expressly stated, Givealittle does not control the site content or privacy policies of, or endorse, such third party organisations. We are not liable for any links to third party websites on Givealittle.
  6. Sale or transfer of Givealittle or Our services: If We need to sell, transfer or assign part of Givealittle or any Givealittle services, we may give Your Personal Information to the purchaser or recipient of Givealittle or any Givealittle services in order for the services to continue to be provided to You.
  7. Page Owner and Payee: If You opt-in to share your name and email address when donating, we will share this and your donation details with the Page Owner and Payee. Should You not opt-in to share your name and email address, only Your donation details (amount and method) will be shared.
  8. TaxGift: if you opt-in to become a TaxGift member, We will provide TaxGift with Your name, email address, IRD number, digital signature and required Donation information. TaxGift's Privacy Policy can be found here.


We make use of third party web analytics services (such as Google Analytics) to assist Us in understanding User behaviour and, ultimately, improve the Givealittle website and Our services. These service providers use Cookies and other electronic technologies to help Us (i) analyze how You use Givealittle’s services, including by noting the third-party website from which You arrive, and (ii) provide certain features to You. The information (including your IP address(es), Your browser and the site You have just visited) collected by the technology will be disclosed to or collected directly by these service providers, who use the information to evaluate Your use of Givealittle services for the purpose of assisting Us to improve our product and services and evaluate and improve user experience. We also use the services of other data analytics providers such as:

  1. Mail Gun and MailChimp to whom we disclose Your email address to be used to help us provide the Givealittle service;
  2. LogRocket to help us provide the Givealittle service and assistance to any Users who may be having technical issues; and
  3. AskNicely to whom we disclose Your email address to be used to obtain Your User feedback on the Givealittle service.


You can access, change, update or correct Your Personal Information that is stored on the Givealittle service or held by Us at any time.

  • You can access, change, update or correct Your Personal Information, including Your password, and/or profile information (excluding Your profile name), by logging on to Your “My Givealittle” page.
  • To update any Personal Information or Your profile name on a Givealittle Page, please contact Us at helpdesk@givealittle.co.nz.

If You need help accessing Your Personal Information, please contact Us at helpdesk@givealittle.co.nz.

We will retain a record of any prior email addresses registered against Your profile in order to uphold compliance with Our Terms.


We endeavour to store Personal Information on secure servers and take steps to maintain the security of Your Personal Information. However, there are risks that are inherent in storing and transmitting data online. You are responsible for ensuring the security of Your:

  1. user name;
  2. email address;
  3. password;
  4. profile information; and
  5. donation details,

We recommend You do not disclose Your User registration details to anyone. We cannot guarantee that all of Your Personal Information provided to Us will remain secure if You choose to share Your Personal Information, including registration details. You will be responsible for any actions taken with that information.

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