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Making A Difference

Sadie says "I like the fact the money goes straight to family , awesome set up 👍"
Abigail says "Very easy and fast process to set up a page."
Carlene says "Givealittle has helped my family in the past and I have friends who have also benefitted from it’s services."
David says "Simple to use and receipt posted speedily."
Suchi says "A great way to help the community."
Chris says "Its great! And i love the fact its NZ owned and made."
Duran says "Because I think it's a wonderful thing you are doing. Creating a place where people can help others"
Aline says "Because if every little bit helps and if lots can give a little it can make a big difference in someone's quality of life"
Deon says "Great way to be able to help people in less fortunate situations than yourself!"
Aimee-Lee says "Because its a great site, and sharing is caring. The more people who help, the better x"
Heidi says "its such a wonderful site, helps out those in need as well as making the funders feel good, every little bit really does count!!!!"
Steph says "One day i might need help or one of my family members, it gives people a new lease on life"
Jeff says "People are desperate and often need assistance and by using people power where everyone contributes a little the big tasks can be overcome."
Leanne says "It's great to be able to give a little knowing there are other people out there giving what they can too, and it all adds up. Great concept."
Cindy says "I think this is a brilliant way to help those in need"
John says "Because it's a good, easy to use service. Thank you!"
Jim says "Lots of small amounts go a long way to help someone who needs it."
Sue says "For those people in need this seems to be the best help they can get, it covers such a wide field of people who can help"
Diane says "I think your page reaches a lot of people who may help people out in their time of need also very helpful in setting up a givealittle page"
Roy says "Easy to use and with good options around how to pay."

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