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2 WEEKS to raise $50,000 for Mon

  • Quick update     20 June 2019
    Posted by: Jessica Dawson

    Hello all of you absolutely amazing wonderful people!!!!

    Just a quick update! (I have added a link to my Facebook update video if you fancy and watch ☺️ -

    Most of you already know our news but some of you on here who donated don’t have myself Monique or Beau on Facebook.. so here we are to tell you about the outcome from the pathology.

    The tumour was completely benign! We are over the moon. Words can’t explain how we feel. After a long 3.5 months of believing I had lung cancer and planning the next steps after surgery, we just can’t believe the result and neither can the surgeon and the specialists. They all said they had never seen anything like my result before due to the tumour was showing to be a cancer. The surgeon even said when he took the piece of lung out ‘it felt like a cancer and had already started to grow outside of the lung wall’.

    So guys. All I can put this down to is I have a guardian angel (my brother Jonny) watching over me.

    Honestly just so blessed to have had all of your guys LOVE, COMPASSION & support!

    We have some left over from the donations/fundraisers and have chosen to put back into the local community back home in the uk and the local community here in New Zealand. With great thought we have added the list of chosen places below:

    St Margaret’s hospice

    Kaitaia women’s refuge

    Hope church

    Sandhoppers daycare

    Te rarawa rugby club

    Hard knox boxing club

    Monarchs gymnastics club

    Ahipara boardrides surf club

    Thank you again guys! We are forever grateful ♥️

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