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20 year old Emily’s huge challenge

  • Update message from Emily:

      5 February 2019

    So as some of you may or may not know I had a check up in Palmerston North on Friday (01-02-19) to get the results from my first CT scan since having treatment. I went into this feeling confident and expecting good results. Sadly this was not the case, we found out that from the CT scan of my chest that there were multiple lesions on my lungs. Meaning the cancer had spread. Our next step is trying to find a treatment that will work for me. We have decided to pay to have some special genomic testing done to hopefully find the specific mutation within my genes so we can target treat it. Because we have found the lesions early the oncologist said we have some time to hopefully find the right treatment for me. This will most likely involve chemo, and he is unsure whether he will be able to cure the cancer but hopefully we will be able to keep it at bay and stop the lesions from growing or spreading to other parts of my body until we do find a cure. All things considered I’m doing pretty well, trying to keep positive! But I’ve done this once before and I’ll do it again....👊🏼❤️

    Like I said at the start “I am too positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful and too determined to be defeated”. I will fight this again and I will fight it 10X harder 👊🏼💗

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    • 05/02/2019 by Trina

      We know you will Ems. Kia kaha e hoa 💗

  • Update on Emily’s progress

      29 August 2018

    Hi everyone, Emily has been doing really well since her surgery in July, with the occassional appearance at her work to say hi and catch up with news. She even donned her uniform a couple of times, much to our children and their families delight (and ours!)

    Today she begins the next stage of her treatment - radiation therapy. She is aware of the trials and challenges this will bring, but remains positive as ever. We are so proud of her and her ability to get through this in such a positive way, and our love and support surrounds her as she embarks on stage two of beating this terrible disease.

    Given that it is Daffodil Day on Friday, and her love of Wacky hair day (I remember our first ever wacky hair day when Emily decided to put pink hair chalk in her hair - looked stunning - which was lucky as it didn’t wash out and she wore it for about two months!!), we are having a Wacky hair day on Friday, in support of Emily and our love and admiration for her.

    Kia kaha Emily, you got this! ❣

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  • Pyjama Day update!

      7 July 2018

    Wow our Pyjama day at Topkids Mangorei was a huge success! We had a perfect day to be in our pyjamas, with a fresh frost in the morning and turning out to be a beautiful day. Whaanau and friends raised a huge total of $310.10!!

    A massive thank you to everyone that participated and donated to Emily, as well as others that have donated direct to her Givealittle page - the response has been amazing, and it is so deserved for an amazing person like Emily. Arohanui 💕

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  • Update on Emily and PJ day

      3 July 2018

    Kia ora to everyone that has so generously donated to Emliy’s page. ❣

    To update you, Emily’s surgery went well last week and the surgeons were happy with the outcome. However Emily’s post op recovery has been tougher than she thought, and she will be staying in hospital for a bit longer until she feels well enough to travel. I know that Emily has been reading your posts and she is very grateful of the support and well wishes you are all sending her.

    In support of her still being in hospital we are having a pyjama day here at Topkids Mangorei for her tomorrow, Wednesday 4th July.

    We are asking for a gold coin donation to go towards her Givealittle page, and want to let you know that one of our other centres, Topkids Lemon here in New Plymouth also had a pyjama day for her today that raised over $100!

    Thank you so much to all of you, we so appreciate what everyone is doing for Emily, and we know that while it’s not easy for her at the moment, things will get easier as her body recovers and the anaesthetic and other drugs in her body lessen the adverse affects on her.

    Kia kaha Emily, from all of your whaanau and friends across the world 😊 💋

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