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Please... help us HELP THOSE who are in Lockdown 24/7. Because of their health the 'Lockdown' doesn't end for them.

Bay of Plenty

It's going to be even harder after Covid-19 for our members to access the support they need. Many are too unwell to battle MSD for support; many are even too unwell to walk out their front door. The fear is more people will be locked down with chronic illness post Covid-19, so we need to help them now. This is the time to support those who live in #24/7lockdown.

Imagine being stuck in your home 24/7 and not able to go anyplace but the supermarket, pharmacy, or doctors. BUT what if lockdown was your normal? What if you lived with a chronic illness that made every day a lockdown day? That’s right. Lockdown level 4 all the time. Not because Jacinda says so, but because your body says so.

People with ME/CFS & FM often live in 24/7 lockdown when they first get sick. A lot get sick because of a virus, so there may be many new people with ME/CFS after Covid-19.

Imagine being in 24/7 lockdown level 4 with no change in sight?

And imagine that you are really fatigued, not your garden variety tired, I know “we all get tired”, but so fatigued that at times you cannot lift your hand to your mouth to drink water?

And add in pain, the majority of people who live with ME/CFS have pain as well, no not pain that a Panadol can fix, but nerve pain, headaches that make you think your head will explode and body break. All this while being stuck in permanent level 4 lockdown.

What can we do? How can we help these people in 24/7 lockdown long after we have returned to level 1?

We can support Complex Chronic Illness Support, a charity which is trying to help provide resources for our members who are doing it really tough.

We have set up this givealittle page for funding for our members health care needs which are not covered by the government. We will be able to provide extra support for our members who need to see a GP but can’t afford it, need to see the national specialist but can’t afford the unsubsidised fees, need a special diet to help feel better but can’t afford it, need to see any other kind of healthcare professional but can’t afford it.

About us

Complex Chronic Illness Support Inc is a charity based in the Bay of Plenty region. We support, connect, advocate and educate people throughout New Zealand, diagnosed with Complex Chronic Illnesses to improve the quality of their lives. CCI Support meets a community need where there is an absence or little support from the health sector for those experiencing chronic complex illness. CCI Support provides an essential service, supporting, connecting, educating, and providing advocacy to clients who experience complex chronic illness, their whānau, and their communities.

The nature of complex chronic illness means many who were once active members of their community have, due to their illness, resigned themselves to a life where isolation, confusion, pain, and depression are part of their world, with few resources or support to see a way forward.

CCI Support gives hope and a new direction to our clients, and the skills to once again lead a life which is fulfilling and meaningful.

In NZ there are an estimated 20,000 to 40,000 people with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). It can affect people of all ages, ethnicity and socio-economic groups. The economic cost to each family with a sufferer has been estimated to be in the region of $35-$45,000 per year. (Taken from the Associated New Zealand ME Society).

CCI Support delivers an essential service where support and resources from the health and medical sector for those who experience chronic complex illness is limited.

Use of funds

The funds will be used for CCIS members health care needs which are not covered by the government. Medical and Specialist costs, unsubsidised fees and treatment that will help them and their families. It will go directly to those most in need.

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Such important work, respect!!
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Rachel and Ross on 13 May 2020

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