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Closed Cause page created in the Animals category by Jasmine Hubber for "To save 35 dairy cows from slaughter, and give them the life they deserve."

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On the 5th of May, I met 12 out of 35 souls who are due for slaughter in the coming weeks. I will do everything I can to save them.

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On the 5th of May, I met 12 out of 35 souls who are due for slaughter in the coming weeks. Their big brown eyes stare at you with confusion, with fear. They need us. They are dairy cows, no longer producing enough milk to be part of the herd.

These precious girls are not far from me, just down the road, at a place I used to work before my entire world changed, before I made the connection. I am so grateful to the man who contacted me, although I don’t agree with this industry, he has worked to save many of his girls in the past.

With the amazing joint efforts of many people, we liberated 21 dairy cows this time two years ago, who reside here at the sanctuary. It was truly amazing the response, and dedication to saving those girls. We now have the chance to do the same for these 35 girls. At this point we are focusing on rehoming into suitable, forever homes, and long term foster care as this is the key to help as many as we can.

I lay awake at night thinking of all the animals who don’t get a chance like this, that can only dream of freedom. I want to help these cows, we need forever homes, we need fosters. I cannot do this alone. PLEASE. If you have the land, and the ability to safely welcome some of these souls into your family, contact me.

Rescue is tiring, there are endless cases, there is always an animal in need. I am surrounded by dairy farms, this is not an isolated case, dairy cows across the country are sent to slaughter this time every single year. The only way to prevent these situations is making the change to plant based products.

I have to remember what ever I am feeling, does not even come remotely close to what these venerable animals are going through. They keep me going, a fight that I will continue until my last breath. These girls need us, so please, if you can help in any way please contact me. Their bail to safety is $550, we then have to transport them to their forever homes/fosters.

We currently do not have the space unless we can find more lease land, or long term fosters. If we can find land, we can save them but at this point, forever homes/fosters are needed and urgently.

Spread the word, share this post, and please donate if you can. I know these are difficult times in this world, but the animals do not understand that, they still need all the protection they can get. I know this is a daunting amount of money, but even if we don't reach the goal, we will have spared some of their lives, we will have tried, that is what counts. These girls deserve their freedom. I will not give up, I will do everything I can for these cows.

Let’s get as many of these girls safe as we can. Thank you.

Jasmine - Til the Cows Come Home - Farm Sanctuary

We have raised just over $80k on previous rescues -

Jasmine Hubber's involvement (page creator)

I run a nonprofit cow rescue in North Canterbury, we are home to over 150 rescued cows. I am working to save and rehome 35 dairy cows, who are destined for slaughter in the coming weeks.

Use of funds

All funds raised will go towards the rescue and rehoming of up to 35 dairy cows who are destined for slaughter. Excess funds will go towards the residents already rescued who reside here at the sanctuary.

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Thank you Jasmine.
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