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Help Amy meet her birth family before it is too late

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My cancer is now terminal and my final wish is to meet my birth family, connect my daughter with her roots and help secure her future.

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[Update: Amy is not well enough to travel and so the plan is now to bring her half-brother Simon to NZ so he can meet Amy and Aroha for the first time.]

I never thought I would ask complete strangers for help. Family and friends that know me well, know that I hate asking for anything.

Unfortunately, I have found myself in a position now that I need to ask for help.

My name is Amy Slevin and in March 2016 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I gave it my all to fight it, not just because I am a single parent to a wonderful 15 year old, but for my family and friends.

On the 19th April this year, three days before my 43rd birthday, I found out my cancer has spread to my spine and it's terminal.

I am going to do my all to beat this, but if I don't, my final wish is to meet my birth father and birth brother in the UK for the first time as I am adopted. I have been so fortunate in my life time to be surrounded by amazing family and friends.

I want this last trip to the UK to say goodbye to my roots and family and friends and to connect my daughter to her own roots so she can know herself and where she has come from.

If I become too sick to travel, we will use these funds to bring my birth family to me here in New Zealand. Any donation would be so appreciated.

[Dan here, Amy’s big brother. She has always been a very private person and has never had an online profile, Facebook page or any other kind of social media. And she doesn’t want to start now, even though Givealittle recommend it to raise the profile of a campaign. And I don’t expect she will ever make a video to promote this campaign either!

So, you’ll have to take our word that taking this step is a massive leap for someone who hates asking for help of any kind, always asks everyone “How are you?” And genuinely wants to know the answer. And who has never wanted the spotlight or to talk about herself.

Last year was really tough for her, and the family, but by February this year we thought she had won the first battle. We had an all-clear and Amy was planning to get back to work - early childhood education. But only two months later, she was back in hospital getting the news that no one ever wants to hear and she has to make a different set of plans.

Aroha, her daughter, is only 15 and she wants to be able to provide as much security for her as possible - so she can study what she wants, travel where she wants, live the way she wants to. Supporting this campaign will ensure that Amy’s savings will stay in trust for her and that any extra funds raised will go in to the same trust.

But there is one loose end left to tie up. Last year, Amy was able to make contact with her birth father in the UK for the first time and discovered she has a half-brother there too. She would like to meet them, learn more about her roots and pass that knowledge on to her own daughter. It will give her peace-of-mind.]

Funds will be used to contribute to the cost of travel to the UK in May/June, so that my savings/Kiwisaver can be kept intact and put in trust for my daughter's future.

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Amy Slevin


Before today I was a very private person.

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Amy Slevin.

  • $13,905.00 donated
  • 134 generous donors

$13,905 donated

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