Kiwis helping to clean up the oil in the gulf.

$115 donated
Given by 6 generous donors in around 5 months

This is what has been described the worst and largest environmental disaster in the history of humanity. There are not other words to say.


It is our world. Please do what you can.

All the revenue coming from this fund raising will go to the Alabama Coastal Foundation.

Please do what you can.

Much love as always.

gianpaolo and all the team giapo.

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Latest donations

Earth2ocean on 23 Jun 2010
Thank YOU, @Giapo from everyone at Earth2ocean
MaoriFulla on 16 Jun 2010
Tamara Pesnjardo
Tamara Pesnjardo on 16 Jun 2010
I am very happy to donate at least something for this great cause. I hope that you gather a lot more than the current amount. Im proud of you for taking this innitiative. I hope this tiny amount will really get into the right hands and help somebody. PS: Im so sad about this situation. Its always the innocent parties who pay, think of all the animals affected by this, and the ecosystems!--- well i hope BP will go bankrupt and give away everything its got!!
Pebblesy on 16 Jun 2010
Wish I could try the ice-cream, but least I can do from Welly
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 16 Jun 2010

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This campaign started on 10 Jun 2010 and ended on 20 Nov 2010.