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Hi, I’m Nash, and I’ve got a rare syndrome. I need your help.

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    Xiaobo asks

    Hi, I am Xiaobo. I heard your story on TV and I can only imagine the pain you have to go through watching your own child injured himself. I am not very healthy myself and had been working with s Chinese medicine doctor myself. I seen her doing amazing things, such as straighten a back that has been bent for over 40 years, and cancer patients coming in on a wheel chair and be able to walk again. I talked to her about your case and she says she has cured it before but it gets progressively harder as the baby ages. If you are interested, you can get in touch with me on or 0212226811. I am a data scientist working for Westpac. All the best.

    on 15 Dec 2018

    • Lucinda, Sonja & Therese Gulliver

      Lucinda, Sonja & Therese

      Hi Xiaobo, thank you so much for reaching out with that information. I have passed your details on to my sister and if she feels that she wants to explore this as an option then she will get in touch with you.

      We really appreciate your support for little Nashy.

      With much gratitude...Nash's Family xx

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