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Sean's Prosthesis Fund.

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Sean is a 14 yr old boy who has lost his leg due to bone cancer. He needs your help to defy the odds in his battle with two rare disorders

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Sean's brave battle against Bone cancer:

Sean is a wonderful 14 year old boy who lives with his mum and two sisters.He has recently undergone a rotational plasty his right leg amputated and his lower leg reattached with his foot facing backwards. As well as bone cancer Sean has Fanconii Anemia,a condition which exacerbates the toxicity of chemotherapy and limits Sean's survival odds.Over the past 4 years Sean undergone countless procedures,hours of rehabilitation and three major surgeries.Defiantly Sean has survived 9 months of gruelling high-dose chemotherapy.In 2010 not expecting Sean to survive the cancerous bones were removed and replaced with metal implants.This year the leg was amputated,in a van ness procedure.His foot is now facing backwards and is his new knee.Whilst dealing with this life threatening disease is awful ,the horrendous social circumstances have been worse. Due to a change in family dynamics Sean has only his mum and two sisters to support him through his ordeal.As a single parent family, with mum constantly by Sean's side ,and no other support ,the financial impact on this family has been devastating,not to mention the emotional toll.They have lost almost everything including their family home.

Believing that he can defy the odds they want to do everything possible , including non funded alternate medicines to get Sean back to a healthy fully functioning life.This involves many medical ,nutritional and travel costs. Sean also has a dream/bucket list he hopes to achieve.With your help we can defy the odds and make those dreams come true .

The reasons we need to fund raise are:

1.To Cover Treatment and travel costs so that Sean can get well and fully functioning and keep defying the odds .

2. To have sufficient funds to purchase special prosthesis or equipment to enable Sean to do the things he loves , cycling, skiing tramping and running again .

3. To help restore some quality life.Help Sean achieve his dreams.

4. Sean's family have suffered severe financial hardship since his diagnosis . They NEED your help to give Sean the best chance of beating his prognosis .

Jess Ward's involvement (page creator)

I am the Principal of PBS . Sean is a past pupil who we consider a real life hero . His and his family's courage and determination to overcome the odds is an inspiration to many .

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Latest update

Sean has been honored as one of 24 Attitude finalists  30 November 2015

Greeting all Sean prosthesis fund supporters

Sean has incredible progress on his new leg over the past few months . So much so that he has been selected as one of the 2015 Attitude award finalists, quite a feat and an honour!

We'd love you all to once again show your support for Sean by voting for him in the Attitudes people's choice award.

The person with the most votes from friends, family and supporters wins the people's choice 2015 accolade and an awesome prize.

It's very simple; follow the link, click on the vote button and share.

You can vote once a day for the next three days. Competition closes mid day Dec 3rd.

Sean is currently in the lead, but not by much. If you could all take a moment to vote and share the link at least once a day for the next three days, I am sure we can all push him into the winning place with a good margin.

Thank you for your support

Link to the competition

Link to our facebook page

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  • MBK

    MBK on 29 Jul 2015


    Hello Sean. You are an inspiration to so many of us that you deserve all the help you can get. Am glad that you have such a caring mother and sisters. The very best of wishes to you all.


    • Jess Ward

      Many Thanks MBK This was a delightful surprise and much needed at the moment . I hope you are richly blessed by your kindness in ways more wonderful than we ever could . All the best Sean mum and sisters

  • Peter Hogg

    Peter Hogg on 27 Jun 2015



  • MBK

    MBK on 25 Jun 2015


    Good luck Sean you deserve it. Happy biking


  • Claudia

    Claudia on 21 Apr 2015


    My heart felt best wishes to Sean and all his family. In 1983 my husband was diagnosed with bone cancer aged 21. ( we had just met back then) He had the same operation done in Austria which enabled him to pursue a successful career as a surgeon, become a enthusiastic cyclist and mountain biker and father of 3 children. He never had any trouble with it and enjoyed a full and active life. Back in 1983 the odds to survive this cancer were pretty small- but he made it and so can you Sean! You are welcome to contact me if you would like to talk about it. My husband had several artificial legs one for everyday life and a second water proof one for windsurfing. Best wishes Claudia


    • Jess Ward

      Wow it's so good to hear such a postive story . Thank you Claudia . Sean's next mission is to cycle again . We are currently investigatiing how to achieve that and what sort of adjustment is required for the bike . Absolute,y sure Sean would like to be in touch . Thank you for visiting Seans page .

  • Jay

    Jay on 11 Apr 2015


    Not an overpaid athlete or an accidental celeb - Sean, YOU are the the absolute definition of a HERO! May you and your family keep going strong and achieve all that you desire xo


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$32,701 donated

Given by 497 generous donors in one year

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