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A 34 year old māmā needs 17 cycles of chemo

on 14 Nov 2021

Tennille asks

Hi Ebony, I've recently been watching a docu-series called 'Quest For The Cures' and I thought about Sheree. There are many people who have cured themselves naturally and this might be an option for Sheree as I understand her treatment has now been deemed incurable by the medical industry.

The document-series has 9 episodes and they are currently streaming episode 3 live for free. Each day the release a new one. At the end of the 9 days you will be able to purchase the series. I am not affiliated with this but just thought I would share it with you.

Here is the link: Today they are talking about "Affordable Treatments, The Anti-Cancer Diet, Healing Herbs & Defensive Eating".

If you can, please reply and let me know you have received this message otherwise I will try contact someone through facebook.

Much love,

Tennille xx

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