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A 34 year old māmā needs 17 cycles of chemo

  • 34 year old māmā diagnosed with terminal cancer

      28 October 2021
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    A māmā, a daughter and our dear friend Sheree at only 34 has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She has lumps in her breast, lymph nodes and chest.

    At her most recent scan she found that the cancer has spread to her bones, this means that essentially the cancer is now incurable. Initially we started this give a little page to pay for treatment that was unfunded, but because the severity of her situation has escalated and is now considered to be terminal the treatment will be funded. As unshakable as she is, we want to support her in a way that will make the biggest difference and allows her to focus on fighting this battle. She will still need 17 cycles of chemotherapy, though the purpose of the money raised will not be going towards treatment, we still need to get her home, support her as best as we can throughout these trialing times and give her the best quality of life we possibly can so that she may be able to create some long lasting memories with her daughter and the rest of her loved ones. So we will keep the give a little page up as a way to relieve some financial stress on this journey she is on so that she may continue to face adversity that will surely arise as fiercely as she does. Because of the nature of this page, we would like to remain transparent, honest and grateful, if you feel that because your donation was given with the intention of going towards funding her treatment and feel that the change of situation and intentions behind the page is something you no longer wish to support we will be able to refund you. With that said, we want to thank everyone profusely for the support shown in the way of likes, shares, every single message and every single donation, the aroha that has poured in over such a short amount of time has been overwhelming. We see it all and we are so unbelievably thankful.

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