A tragic accident has left Zoe (Worthy Love, 22) widowed with 3 pre-schoolers

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Jeremy's death has left Zoe with 3 children (incl a prem baby). She has no financial means as most of their family still lives in Gloriavale


Jeremy has died in a tragic motorbike accident 6th Jan 2019 at 21 years of age, near the farm where he lived and worked. Zoe was with him at the end, comforting him.

Zoe (previously Worthy Love) and Jeremy grew up in Gloriavale (a religious community) marrying when he was 17 and she was 18. They left with their son in 2016, wanting to start a new life together on the outside in South Canterbury. Since then they have had 2 more much-loved children. Their new son was born very prematurely 17 weeks ago.

Jeremy was an out-going, active, fun-loving young man. He enjoyed hunting, rugby and hanging with his mates. He loved his children dearly and had just taught their 4 year old son how to ride his bike on 2 wheels. The family had many plans for the future and they are devastated at the loss.

The rules at Gloriavale state that you must cut-off anyone who leaves them, meaning they have been estranged from their parents, siblings and wider family for a few years. This will make the grieving process very difficult. Families in Gloriavale hold all their worldly possessions in common, so it’s possible there will be little financial assistance offered from that direction.

Jeremy did not have any life insurance, however we understand that there will be some financial support from ACC for Zoe and her family, as is usual in cases of accidental death.

Zoe and Jeremy’s family who live on the outside, along with friends and church members will be mourning his loss and we want to enable Zoe to have financial freedom to bring up her beautiful children.

Graham and Liz Gregory's involvement (page creator)

Graham and I are friends of Zoe and Jeremy, and are part of group of supporters who helped them transition into life in South Canterbury. We would love you to support Zoe and the future of her children. All funds are being collected on behalf of Zoe.

Use of funds

Zoe’s friends want to ask you to contribute to the immediate costs of a funeral and looking ahead to relieve any financial burden while Zoe brings up her children on her own. It would be amazing to help Zoe into her own house.

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Zoe speaks to Woman's Day  19 February 2019

Zoe wishes to express again her kindness to those who have donated and showed love and care to her in her grief. For those who are interested in knowing more about her story, she has spoken to Woman's Day magazine about her life in Gloriavale, her relationship with Jeremy, her loss and heartbreak, along with beautiful pictures of the family. You can read about it in the February 25th Issue.

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Guest Donor on 07 Jul 2019
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Good Luck
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I wish you well with your kids. I am very sorry for your loss
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I’m so sorry for your loss and wish you and your children the very best for your future.

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