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Alan suffers brain hemorrhage trying to stop service station robbery

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Hi,our family really need your help.Circumstances have left a great Dad,step Dad and husband in hospital with a brain hemorrhage.

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Hi,our family really needs your help.Recently my husband Alan suffered a brain hemorrhage.A rarer form of stroke,a hemorrhagic stroke. Blood spills into or around the brain and creates swelling and pressure, damaging cells and tissue in the brain.It occurred when he was trying to apprehend 2 males who were robbing a service station in our small rural town.He often patrols the streets alone and unarmed,but this time it's ended in tragedy for our family. The crime rate in our town has escalated in the past year.Police informed me there is now a large black market for cigarettes as taxes have increased.Alan is angry with himself that he wasn't fitter and caught them while still in shop,but thank God he didn't as they were armed with a large axe and crow bar, which they'd used to gain entry.

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Unfortunately the brain hemorrhage may not of occurred if GP hadn't dismissed nurses concerns and Alan would still be happily trying to fight crime.3 weeks earlier Alan had a health check at work. The occupational health nurse,who is also an experienced emergency room nurse,was so alarmed and concerned at Alan's extremely high blood pressure (210/140), she sent him to the GP straight away.The Doctor ridiculed her assessment saying "She must of gone on strike already"

He claimed their blood pressure equipment was better,yet I've been assured the health nurses equipment was new this year,and correctly calibrated.It was also pointed out the workplace was doing 30+ health checks a day,and if equipment was not up to standard everyone would of been sent to GP,yet of course they were not.If Doctor had only put Alan on high blood pressure medication,or at least monitored him the brain hemorrhage would most likely never of happened.He was a ticking time bomb,and his heroic actions just proved too much.

Alan's a great Dad and step Dad,and sadly we now need help to keep our family afloat.We are half way through a small family business project and now need help to finish,as Alan is still in hospital and off work.While he's very lucky to be alive,it's sad to see him at times, put a fork into the side of his face,rather than his mouth. Or a peppermint in his eye.

He's had some increased swelling of his brain,and fluid build up in the latest CT scan,but he's walking a lot better,and speech is good.I'm hopeful he will be fine eventually,and will return to work.He was a concrete truck driver,and I was going to operate the small business when I eventually left my part time job.Our challenged son Jake was so looking forward to helping in the family food caravan business,and now I'm not even sure if we can manage our mortgage on the family home.We were having a community focused food caravan business on the front of our family home,in a nice outdoor setting.I've nearly finished the outdoor setting paid on a credit card,and I had a loan arranged for the caravan,but after whats happened I can't take that in good conscious,nor afford it.

What was meant to be a happy time is now all in disarray.

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I need to finish funding the food caravan. I've already incurred thousands of dollars worth of debt building the outdoor setting the food caravan was going in,and if I don't finish and start to make an income our family will be even worse off.

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Hi I'm Alan's wife.Normally I just get things done, as is the Kiwi way,but I don't think I can this time.

I realize I need the help of others to pull my family through this difficult time.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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  • $1,871.00 donated
  • 28 generous donors

$1,871 donated



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