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Alofa mo Samoa

  • Alofa mo Samoa update

      23 December 2019
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    Dear supporters and donors to the Alofa mo Samoa Givealittle page,

    Fa’afetai tele lava, and a huge thank you on behalf of the Alofa mo Samoa fundraising team, Sonny Bill, Ardie, Ofa, Patrick, Quade, Jerome and myself, including our volunteer team, for your alofa and love for the immediate families who suffered loss of a loved one as a result of the measles outbreak in Samoa.

    The total amount raised from the Alofa mo Samoa Givealittle page, after the service fee, was $ 100,325.93 NZD.

    Last week a small group of volunteers including myself, travelled to Apia(at no cost to the Alofa mo Samoa fund) to link with local volunteers, to organise and oversee the distribution of funds to each affected family

    The funds were distributed evenly per fatality, based on the numbers of recorded deaths, which currently stands at 77.

    We have successfully met and presented the mea’alofa(gift) to 51 families. The remaining families, who have been harder to contact due to lack of access to phones or mobile services, will be located and visited by our team or through Village representatives and will be able to access their mea’alofa(gift) through the same process as the others. We are confident they will receive their gift in time for Christmas.

    It has been a truly humbling experience to personally meet each of these families, and share in their grief, and to pass on the collective love that was given by so many.

    Each family expressed their immense gratitude for this timely gift, to financially assist them through this very difficult and sad time.

    Again, we thank you all for your amazing generosity and compassion for our beloved families in Samoa.

    I, and our outstanding team of volunteers, were privileged to represent each and every one of you, as we transferred your love to them.

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, and may you blessed as you have blessed so many.

    Alofa atu,

    Michael Jones on behalf of the Alofa mo Samoa fundraising team,

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