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Alternative treatment for Ella McKenzie's battle with leukemia

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    pauline asks

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if you would mind if we shared your give a little page onto our Park Rd kitchen FB page?

    Wishing you all the very best

    Warmest regards, Pien Wise

    on 29 Oct 2018

    • Paul  O'Keefe


      Hello Pien,

      Park Rd has been a special place to us. Most Sundays we would walk up the road with the girls and enjoy a delicious brunch at your lovely cafe.

      Your staff have been incredibly supportive and I was deeply moved when you provided us with a mother's day brunch in our own home as you knew we were in isolation with Ella.

      Every time we drive past, Ella still insists "Make sure you stop for a coffee".

      Titirangi village is a gem and we thank you all for your warm gestures during these incredibly tough times ~ yes we are happy for you to share our page.

      Debs, Bay, Nina and your number one customer, dear Ella 💛🌼💛 xx

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    Adam asks


    I’m so sorry to hear about little Ella and elighted at the same time of her current success using CBD.

    I would have like to get I contact in a more private way but couldn’t find anywhere to do this sorry.

    My girl Ellie who is three was diagnosed with T cell ALL one month ago and is also resistant to treatment so far. I would really like to somehow get in contact to find out protocol using CBD etc for our girl so we may be able to start sooner rather then later. Also I have access to multiple sources of CBD for much cheaper then what you are currently getting.... like much much cheaper. One source has a hemp licence and imports it from a company in Europe that is pharmaceutical grade. He can get it bulk at cost price. I can get you guys in contact to see if something can be worked out. My email is please reply we are desperate :(

    Warmest regards

    Adam Wild

    on 26 Oct 2018

    • Paul  O'Keefe


      Thanks so much for reaching out to us Adam. It's been so heartwarming chatting with you and we only hope your little Ellie makes it through her sepsis and then continues to fight this battle. We are with you and your family all the way.

      Debs, Bay, Ella and Nina 💚 xx

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    manish asks

    Hi Paul, I went to TedX 2018 held in Auckland about a fortnight back. There was a Dr who spoke there and he was interesting as he was talking of treatments that can be done for cancer with repurpose medicine. this can be done at home and does not require huge spending on travel and accommodation. I was moved that a 3 yr old has to take marijuana (medicinal) hence making contact via this page.

    The Dr's details:

    Sorry but could not stop myself from making contact. I am not a medical student but thought the guy had a lot of merit

    on 26 Oct 2018

    • Paul  O'Keefe


      Hi Manish,

      Thanks so much for making contact with us. We are now in contact with this doctor.

      Thanks so much,

      Debs & Bay

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