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Aneliese’s Life List

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14 year old Aneliese is incurable and time is of an essence. Please help us with her life list.

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Aneliese is a young 14 year old girl who was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2015. She then went onto having treatment and has been cancer free for nearly 2 years. Aneliese had everything going for her a normal teenager would have.

On the 29th of December 2017 she spent a normal day with her family at an adventure park and ended up in hospital with paralysis and excruciating pain. An MRI scan showed an aggressive cancer in her spine and has since been in starship hospital ever since. Doctors have told her parents Erika and Nick, Aneliese cannot be cured. Erika and Nick are currently not working to support Aneliese at starship hospital and have 3 other children.

Aneliese has a life list of dreams but Erika and Nick need financial help to make them happen. They need to start this life list immediately as soon as she is well enough to come home.

- a pug dog

- a room makeover

- write an article for the herald and have it published

- stay in a really fancy motel

- travel to Cape Reianga and eat an ice cream at every dairy

- eat in a French restaurant

- drink Moët

- fly first class

- go to Harry Potter world in L.A

- see Japan

- skydive

- eat 50 nuggets

- a movie marathon with family

Use of funds:

To help Aneleise and her family complete her life list.

Page created by:

Tina Jackson


I am a close Aunty of the child involved

All funds raised benefit:

Erika Kay


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Erika Kay.
“Thinking of you Aneliese, all my love, Jacqui Fitzgerald”
“Thinking of you all.”
“From one stranger to heart, thoughts an love goes out to you all!! Live your dreams beautiful lady xx”
“Hope you tick off all your wishes Aneliese!”
“I was in Aneliese's class last year and I really think she's an inspiration and she's so kind. Love you queen, wish I could donate more.”
“I hope you get all you have asked for. God bless you”
“Hi Erika, Nick, Aneliese,Alyssa Louise and Logan. Im beyond shocked at what has happened to you all, sending big hugs love and prayers your way. If there is anything I can do please don't hesitate to let me know. Lots of love , The Herbert's xxx”
“Good luck and wishing u speedy recovery”
“Life is so unpredictable at times. Let us hope that there is miracle. Hope is the only thing that makes human being wakes up afresh every day in spite of the fact that everything seems to be lost.”
“lots of love and sloppy kisses thinking of you always, i hope this little bit goes a long way and whatever you do with it makes you smile xxx”
  • $22,411.00 donated
  • 370 generous donors

$22,411 donated

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