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Angela’s cancer fight - Ibrance last hope

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Fundraising for non funded drug Ibrance

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Hi my name is Elle and I am setting up this page on behalf of my mother whom has her last chance of kicking cancer in the butt with a non-funded drug called Ibrance.

She is a 51 year old whom has still so much life to live, but with her cancer progressing and being non responsive to recent oral chemotherapy she has been recommended by her oncologist that Ibrance may be her last hope. Unfortunately there is a large cost associated with this drug; approx. $7000 per month.

My mother is a fighter, since the age of 40 when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer she underwent 5 surgeries and chemotherapy within the two first years. Following the next 8 years she followed the advice of specialised team where she remained in remission. Not to soon after this success, she fell down some stairs and sustained severe pain to the ribs and was seen by the GP who referred her for an xray where further nodules were noted on her lower lung fields. Two years on and it has now progressed to her bones, cervix, bowel and liver. Over the last three months, she has been receiving oral chemotherapy with some initial effects, but when admitted to hospital last week for a condition called ascities where the abdomen cavity fills with fluid, it was discovered that the chemo was no longer effective and the next measure would be to trail Ibrance.

Therefore, I am writing on the give a little website in hope for help with the cost of Ibrance as this is her last hope to ensure that she is given the opportunity to continue to watch her two daughters and one year old granddaughter grow older as she has so much more love and wisdom to offer.

Please help my mum to continue to fight

Elle Woodcock's involvement (page creator)

Daughter of mother in need

Use of funds

Funds will go directly towards cost of medication. If more funds are raised then required or if circumstances change, it will do towards assisting husband and family during a time of need

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$12,779 of $60,000 goal

Given by 56 generous donors in around 3 months

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