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Ashleigh Needs a New Jaw

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I am medically requiring a bilateral jaw joint replacement. This is to ease pain and improve overall function to get my life back.

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Hello there,

My name is Ashleigh, I'm 21 years old and require a double jaw joint replacement. I have constant pain and an inability to eat a proper diet due to pain and restrictions in my jaw opening and movement. This has been going on since I was 16. I have had many procedures and surgeries in the attempt to fix my jaw problems for good. However, the success these surgeries brought were only temporary, lasting a few months at most. This has interfered with my full-time job, and my Nursing degree that I am struggling to fight through the pain to complete. And now am completely tube fed due to pain and restriction. And this comes with its own set of problems. Due to this, i am in and out of hospital regularly due to trouble controlling pain, malnutrition and having seizures.

My weight keeps dropping whilst we are trying to find the money to pay for this surgery, as it is classed as a dental procedure and a specialty maxillofacial procedure. With having had a naso-gatric tube, a naso-jejunal tube, and now a surgically placed jejunostomy tube.

My last X-ray had shown some degeneration in one of my condyles, adding to my discomfort and restriction. Showing that the joints have started to flatten and change shape, with bits of calcification. I have a 10mm opening in my mouth. And it has remained like this for over a year.

This is the last step in the hope of batting my condition and pain. Unfortunately the DHBs for my area only fund two of these surgeries per year, which has left us with no other choice than to find the money for the surgery ourselves. We are going back down to Wellington at the end of the month to discuss surgery plans and dates with my specialist.

Please don't feel obligated to donate, we understand that like us, money is tight for many people. And we don't by any means really want to take other people's money for the surgery. But we would appreciate you taking the minute in reading over the content on Ashleigh's TMJD Journey and Chronically_Ashleigh on facebook or chronically_ashleigh on instagram to help get an understanding of what's going on in my day to day life. I try my best to keep these pages updated, but can be difficult as it depends on my health each and every day. Thank you heaps ❤

I just want my life back. I dont even remember what its like to enjoy every day that passes, and to be pain free. And i want to become a Registered Nurse more than anything in the world. But my current health limits that! This also includes full time work. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

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Funds will be used to pay for my bilateral jaw joint replacement.

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Wellington Specialist  4 October 2020

Posted by: Ashleigh Fenn

Hey guys. Just a quick update.

Ive been to wellington and seen my specialist. He said that i need my jaw joints replaced. He stated that the surgeries ive had previously on my jaw, have sped up the degeneration process. And makes the jaw joint replacements inevitable. Once you start having surgeries, you'll need a joint replacement at some point.

As the DHB is unable to fund my surgery. We are having to try and find $59000 asap so i can have the surgery as soon as possible.

As I'll be having to stay down in Wellington with my husband for around a week after the surgery, we are having to try and raise a bit extra for accommodation and basic living needs and requirements, as my husband has no annual leave left due to attending my appointments and having time off work to look after me, etc. Because the joints take 3 months to be made, we are aiming to try and fundraise the $30000 deposit needed to start the building process of the joints, as i need this surgery ASAP. Otherwise it is jeopardising my whole health and wellbeing. I also found out this week that i now have epilepsy. They assume it is due to malnutrition. Which hopefully means that it will go away when i do eventually get better. I ended up in hospital just over a week ago. I had a really bad seizure and i stopped breathing. My family thought they were going to lose me. I have now started some anti-epileptic medication, and am awaiting an Echo of my heart.

Please share my give a little around. Every little bit help. Thank you so much 💕

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Maureen 2 days ago
Thinking of you, Ashleigh. Best of luck. Maureen from Taranaki
Jean 3 days ago
All the best from Jean . an old RN
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Guest Donor 4 days ago
Diane 5 days ago
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Guest Donor 5 days ago

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