Making An Autistic friendly New Zealand

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We are going to change history! A beacon of hope, for Anyone that experienced discrimination for the differences.

Orewa, Auckland

Xabilities is making New Zealand a better place! With aiming to have autism awareness displays across New Zealand, so far we have displays in Whangaparaoa and Orewa , slowly moving up North Island spreading the awareness!

We are also launching our new goal of making NZ autistic friendly starting with Rodney, with creating a mainstream public system to create a the world's first universal design suburb, starting with awareness in local library and autistic expression event, we are slowly moving closer to our goal with all but the strength of our hearts.

We are going to change history! A beacon of hope, for Anyone that experienced discrimination for the differences.

Autism can be a gift, if we let it be.

Everyone with autism is different, so if you can learn how to accept autism, you will know how to treat anyone who walks through your door, no matter what difference!

Why we need this?

Research shows that autistic people are 3-folds higher rates of suicide compared with people without autism, if we want to lower our suicide rates in Aotearoa, it starts with hearing how we can help the autistic people and taking physical actions.

This event contains both of those factors, by being an autistic lead event and containing only autistic voices we spread the awareness 10-fold, well giving autistic people hope in displaying their expression giving them a chance to embrace their differences and to fall in love with them self, helping our suicide rates hugely. As well as all money raised at this event will go towards the commitment of spreading the word across the country about autism and our needs that need to be meet as a right of accessibility, creating change for our autistic people. The hope we all need.

We are launching this project, at the autistic expression event in orewa, at the art estuary centre. An art exhibition, showing the expression of autistic people!

Use of funds

We will be spending the money on window sticker to show the different places are autistic friendly

Printing for promotion and awareness at this event and library on area

The autistic expression launch event

Venue cost

Marketing cost

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Appreciate your work in advocating for autistic people

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