Baby born at 23 weeks fights to live and her parents fight to stay by her side.

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Please help Reg and Mau stay with their daughter Angelina in Adelaide Australia Women and Childrens Hospital NICU.


Precious baby, Angelina, was born at 23 weeks and is now fighting to survive and to ultimately overcome the challenges of being born so early.

Her condition is currently still critical, however, her progress has been nothing short of a miracle. Doctors have said her heart is strong, and every day is a step forward.

Angelina's parents Reg (Reginald) and Mau (Lotomau), who are university students from Tokoroa, were in Adelaide to farewell a significant couple with whom they had served a Church mission with in the area.

Mau went into early labour, on the morning of April 20, 2018 and Angelina was born at the Womens and Children's Hospital of Adelaide and weighed 510 grams, equivalent to about a pound of butter. She measured less than the length of a school ruler at 29.5cm.

Angelina needs support to breathe, has nutrients provided through tubes in her nose including Mau's milk, and an IV for blood transfusions, extractions and for medicines. Angelina has a bleed on the right side of her brain that is serious. Her strong heart is unfortunately pumping blood into her lungs, which is posing a very serious concern.

Reg and Mau have spent every minute by the side of their precious daughter, and their hope grows every hour, every day that Angelina continues to fight for survival. Doctors have not made any promises to the young couple, but have said, should Angelina continue to fight, they will need to stay in Adelaide for at least four months.

Of course Reg and Mau would not be any where else. However, as struggling university students, whose student allowance is likely to be cut, the young couple are faced not only with the stress and worry of their beautiful daughter's condition, they are also facing financial difficulties associated with living in a country outside of their home. While the people of Adelaide have already extended the hand of generosity, the couple have no family in Adelaide.

Reg and Mau are humble, kind and loving people and were reluctant for family to start a page for them. However, after much persuasion have gratefully accepted this page being started.

We now invite you to join baby Angelina in her fight for life as well as helping to keep her parents by her side, by donating to this very worthy cause.

Thank you for not only your donations, but also your prayers and aroha that have been given on behalf of this family.

Angelina Matekohi's involvement (page creator)

I am Reginald's mum and I know that Reg and Mau cannot afford to stay in Adelaide with their baby. Angelina cannot travel for at least 4 months (as advised by the doctor).

Use of funds

Best case scenario and for 4 months or more:



Travel and Parking

Phone top ups

Worst case scenario:

Funeral expenses

Travel back to New Zealand

Long term:

Rehabilitation for Angelina

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Update - Angelina  27 February 2019


Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you for your contribution towards helping my Son and Daughter through a time that no baby or parents should ever go through. Every cent raised from this Give a Little page went to great use and helped Angelina, Mau and Reg get through every day. A major part of your donation helped Mau and Reg secure accommodation only 400 meters from the hospital and this made it so much easier for them to be with Angelina every day.

Angelina passed away on October 5th after almost 6 months of trying to remain with her Mum and Dad. They were surrounded by many of Mau and Reg's family. It was a heart-breaking time for everyone especially Mau and Reg because they hoped and prayed everyday that Angelina would leave Adelaide hospital in their arms.

Angelina never recovered from the bleed on her brain and because of this complication, her brain was not able to tell her lungs to breathe. So when there was no more that the doctors and nurses could do to help Angelina, the decision had to be made to turn the life supporting machines that Angelina needed to survive, off. It was a devastating decision for Mau and Reg. Angelina was surrounded by family that loved her very much before she went on her next journey to be with Jesus and all of her other family waiting for her in heaven. Angelina was cremated in Adelaide with huge support from the Adelaide Women's and Children's hospital, words cannot express how much support and advice that the staff at the hospital gave to Mau and Reg at that time.

Mau and Reg's decision to cremate Angelina was not easy, they both had mixed feelings and some family shared their thoughts as well. Mau's family live in Australia and Reg's family live in New Zealand, the alternative was another hard decision. So, they decided as a couple and with the blessing and understanding from all families, they cremated Angelina and now Angelina goes EVERYWHERE with her Mum and Dad. Reg is even going to have a custom made belt that will strap Angelina's urn to his chest whenever he goes somewhere (he is actually going to participate in a marathon and wants Angelina with him while he runs).

Mau and Reg returned to New Zealand in January and ignited their educational dreams of becoming teachers. They are in the 2nd week of their studies and are looking forward to the challenges and learning they lay ahead. They keep Angelina close to them at all times.

Mau and Reg have started a You Tube Vlog that documents their journey with Angelina - Before and After. There are some very touching videos and some funny ones as well. They have named their Vlog - Hearts in the Ashes .. because literally, their hearts are in the ashes. Mau and Reg would love you to become a part of the "Ashes Family".

If you would like to join, follow these simple steps:

1. Open You Tube

2. Search for Hearts in the Ashes

3. Click on the link that says Hearts in the Ashes

4. Click on the Like button

5. Click on the Subscribe button

6. Lastly click on the Bell picture to get notified of new vlogs

Can I recommend that you watch the vlog titled .. Why we started vlogging, the reason behind our name. The title says it all.

Furthermore, what is up and coming is Mau and Reg are exploring the possibility of starting a Not for Profit Trust to help parents of premature babies. They know first hand what the worries are and while there is support and advice available to parents of premature babies, there are no immediate remedies available ... this is where they want to help the most.

Once again, thank you so much for your support and hope to be seeing you on our vlogs.

Much love

Mau and Reg

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Latest donations

Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan on 24 Jun 2018
Tokoroa City Lions member
Angelina Matekohi

Thank you very much Dexter. Your donation is so much appreciated. Love and blessings from Angelina, Mau and Reginald xxoo

Angelina Matekohi
Lei on 21 Jun 2018
Love you my loves 😘😘😘❤❤❤
Angelina Matekohi

Thank you very much Lei. Your donation is so much appreciated. Love and blessings from Angelina, Mau and Reginald xxoo

Angelina Matekohi
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 18 Jun 2018    Half Marathon for Angelina
Bruv, given your circumstances with your knee and what the doctor told you, I'm actually super proud of what you accomplished yesterday and am proud of your 'why'. Cheers for being an inspiration. <3
Angelina Matekohi

Thank you very much Shalamah. Your donation is so much appreciated. Love and blessings from Angelina, Mau and Reginald xxoo

Angelina Matekohi
Taylor on 18 Jun 2018    Half Marathon for Angelina
Angelina Matekohi

Thank you very much Taylor. Your donation is so much appreciated. Love and blessings from Angelina, Mau and Reginald xxoo

Angelina Matekohi
Love from Elder & Sister Howell, Adelaide ARP
Love from Elder & Sister Howell, Adelaide ARP on 14 Jun 2018
Angelina Matekohi

Thank you very much Elder & Sister Howell. Your donation is so much appreciated. Love and blessings from Angelina, Mau and Reginald xxoo

Angelina Matekohi

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