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Pipiwharauroa now needs a bone marrow transplant

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Our beautiful Pipiwharauroa has been diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called HLH. She now needs a bone marrow transplant. See the update

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Please see the update page for the latest news on Pipiwharauroa.

Pīpīwharauroa was born on December 24, 2017, the perfect Christmas blessing for her mum and dad-Ashley and Joey and her proud big sister Amohia. She had a healthy, happy start to life but at three weeks of age she was taken to Waikato hospital with elevated Bilirubin levels and then transferred to Starship where she was diagnosed with acute liver disease. She was placed at the top of the Australasian transplant list on January 14. Over the following days, she showed us what a little battler she is, surprising even the doctors with a positive turnaround in her results. Consequently, she was moved from ICU into a ward and taken off the transplant list.

Unfortunately over the past couple of days her condition has worsened again and we have been told that a liver transplant is now her best option. Her aunty Mina, who flew over from Sydney last week, was approved as a compatible donor and today(23/01/2018), Mina and Pīpīwharauroa are undergoing a liver transplant procedure. Pīpīwharauroa is apparently the smallest person to undergo this surgery in NZ. We all hold tight to the knowledge that both Mina and Pīpīwharauroa are strong and tenacious, they are surrounded by an amazing, dedicated medical team and they are encircled in love from their whānau and friends both here and in Australia.

Any funds raised will go towards supporting Ashley, Joey and Amohia as they try and negotiate life’s everyday practicalities such as accommodation for support people, Joey’s work commitments and travel from their home in Tokoroa to Starship over the next few months. The support needed for both Mina and Pīpīwharauroa’s recovery and ongoing treatment for Pīpīwharauroa over the next few months will be huge and the financial implications difficult to quantify. Needless to say, any donations which will help to ease the burden on Ashley and Joey so that they can focus on caring for their precious baby will be a huge help and gratefully received.

Pīpīwharauroa, nāhau i tō mai te aroha, mā mātou hai tō mai te whakaaro nui.

Use of Funds:

The funds will be used to support Pipiwharauroa and her family as they face a challenging time ahead, both financially and emotionally.

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Mina Prip


Pipiwharauroa is my niece Ashley's baby girl. Ashley and Joey are good, kind people and amazing parents. We are simply supporting them as we know they would support others in their time of need. We hope to ease their burden, to allow them to focus on their baby, Pipiwharauroa, who has a massive road to recovery ahead of her.

All funds raised benefit:

Ashley Steedman


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Ashley Steedman.

  • $6,368.00 donated
  • 113 generous donors

$6,368 donated

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