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Funds raised will go towards helping keep this families life easy, stress free, making up for Sarahs lost wages

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This wee family is one that has grown on me …. Roo (10) & Nath are bloody good buggers, spinning nothing but good vibes, yarns and the best of smiles but that Sarah she’s a whole different story ..

Shes got a lot of ‘Hats’, 2016 brain surgery survivor, 2017 Breast Cancer survivor,

fundraising co-ordinator, CanInspire committee member, being an amazing inspiring, extremely dedicated mum, librarian, and employee, daughter in law, sister, friend and wife . Sarah is forever making crappy jokes, jokes that make someone who doesn’t know her wicked ways absolutely cringe but she’s a genuine, caring, beautiful lady who loves her family so fiercely, she has got quite the yarn to tell… A tale of survival, stubbornness, sheer determination and a tale of how she will fight for her so very loved family right to the end but they need your help..

Sarah has been apprehensive about asking for your help… but I know how much you all want to reach out and do what you can to help this wee family who have already endured what no one should ever have to face … Nathans job and the industry he is in has been hit pretty hard with covid & now Sarah can’t work for the foreseeable future pair that back with no government assistance this in itself proves for a pretty stressful time then just chuck in an intense few weeks of treatment , Sarah is going to be undergoing 5 weeks of daily Radiation as there is now a second brain tumour site along with the regrowth of original tumour.. and you now get why they need your help … a little bit from a lot of people can make a HUGE difference ..

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Funds raised will go towards helping keep this families life easy, stress free, making up for Sarahs lost wages.

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Half way there   8 September 2020

Posted by: Sarah McCormick

A message from Sarah 💟

Half Way Home

Nathan, Ruby and I continue to be so humbled and grateful for your support, kindness and healing thoughts.

We have reached halfway, 3 weeks to go. Radiation therapy is cumulative so side effects unfortunately do not diminish after treatments, in fact they peak 2 to 3 weeks after daily treatment finishes so the next 6 weeks are going to test our grit that's for sure.

Last week we learnt that my hair loss will be permanent, in the grand scheme of it all it feels like a reasonable exchange, life has no price tag.

Covid-19 restrictions are a challenge while staying at Daffodil Lodge with 99% of people I see being medical so reading back through the wonderful messages of support is keeping spirits up.

Lots of love

Sarah, Nathan and Ruby

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noodlelegsmax on 07 Sep 2020
Sending lots of healing licky kisses to Pumbaa's Mum
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Cartney Family on 27 Aug 2020
Thinking of ur little Family All the Best

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