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Bart Cox - stroke rehabilitation

  • Bart saying thank you     29 July 2019
    Posted by: Isobel MacKinnon

    A short video of Bart & Izzy taken on 29 July 2019

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  • Thursday update     18 July 2019
    Posted by: Isobel MacKinnon
    Main image

    Bart had an MRI scan at Hutt Hospital on Thursday and this showed that the clot is diminishing in size, which is great news. Knowing the cause of the clot (see Wednesday's post about the hole in the heart) we can now focus on recovery.

    Bart will be discharged from Masterton Hospital on Sunday and will be returning with Izzy to the Karaka Road house in Eastbourne, and then attending the ABI clinic as a day patient for the next 30 to 40 days.

    Message from Izzy: "Visitors are awesome and important for Bart’s spirit but it’s really hard to deal with people dropping in. I’m planning our days carefully around rest and rehab and exercise and personal cares, so an unplanned visitor can really throw things out of whack and cause a lot of stress. However, planned visits are LOVELY. And the enjoyment of anticipating a visitor gives really nice structure, and Bart can think about what he would like to talk about, and even practice peoples names. Text is best: 027 3808 123 Then I can get back to people in my own time. Suggest a couple of options for dates and times that would work for you. If you are dropping off a meal you can combine that with a 45 minute visit, or stay and have dinner with us.”

    If you want to help out with meals or transporting Bart and Izzy to and from the ABI clinic please check out the Support Crew page via this link:

    As we’ve said previously we have been completely blown away by the level of generous support that everyone has shown, and the speed at which the initial target of $30K was reached. In addition to the ABI costs we’ve subsequently realised that there will be a whole pile of other costs facing Bart and Izzy (who was supposed to be going to the UK to work there for three months, and who is now is assisting Bart with his recovery full-time) such as transport, and day-to-day costs such as power, rates and the mortgage. We are requesting to Give-a-Little that they change the goal from $30K to “open”. We’re also requesting that the “Use of funds” statement be updated to: "Funds will be used to pay ABI for the 30 to 40 days of therapy that will be required and for the many other expenses that Bart will face during his recovery. In the event that there are surplus funds these will be given to Stroke Foundation NZ."

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  • Great news     17 July 2019
    Posted by: Isobel MacKinnon
    Main image

    Kia ora e te whanau

    Two great bits of news:

    1) Bart is being released from Masterton Hospital, and will be attending the ABI clinic as a day patient from Monday 22 July.

    2) The doctors have found the cause of Bart’s stroke, which is a hole in his heart, or a ‘Patent Fovamen Ovale’. This can be closed with a device closure, there’s just a few steps and appointments we’ll have to attend between Masterton and Wellington Hospital before this can happen over the next wee while.

    While Bart is at ABI Izzy is going to be taking care of Bart at the Eastbourne house. It’ll be more restful for him to spend his evenings recuperating in the bush there. Any help with food and meals will be much appreciated during this time. To help coordinate this we’ve set up a “Support Crew” page. There is an invitation link below.

    Before you join a couple of points:

    • The link below takes you to a sign in page. There is no group email and password, simply create your own login and password and this will automatically take you to the support page.

    • The page is easier to understand on a desktop view so if you can, I recommend for the first time use it on a desktop (the support crew team said they’re working on a better phone feature for future).

    • On your phone, the default way to help is the “instant ways to help” area – these are paid options (i.e they allow you to order in take out for Izzy and Bart for example) – there should be another option called “offer support” – this allows you to offer something that you can do personally for Izzy and Bart like cook meals or clean the house (whatever you fancy) and is not a paid option.

    • The most important thing to look for are the “needs” / “needs calendar” – this is what Izzy has identified as a need – you can accept this and it will allocate your name to it – that way Izzy knows who is doing it and that it is covered.

    • You do not need to keep checking the page - you will receive an email as "support crew" about new needs etc.

    • Otherwise have a totu and read the info available on the page, but I thought the above would help a bit for the non-tech peeps.


    (Thanks Toni for setting this up).

    What is Support Crew?

    Support Crew is a website that allows those dealing with a life changing event to easily co-ordinate the meals and support they need from their friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and the community.

    Need more information about Support Crew? Check them out here:

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  • He mihi nui ki a koe     15 July 2019
    Posted by: Isobel MacKinnon
    Main image

    Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourou ka ora ai te iwi.

    With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive.

    He mihi nui ki a koe - thank you so much! We’ve reached our fund raising goal in three and a half days. That is just so amazing. Bart and I are just so appreciative of the aroha that you have all shown.

    It is likely that Bart will be going to the ABI Clinic later this this week. We will keep you all updated with progress.

    Aroha nui

    Izzy & Bart

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  • Video update from Bart     15 July 2019
    Posted by: Isobel MacKinnon

    A short message from Bart, in the gardens of the Masterton Hospital.

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  • Sunday update     14 July 2019
    Posted by: Isobel MacKinnon
    Main image

    Bart and Izzy had a plant focused day on Sunday - they walked in the bush by the hospital and collected rongoa and made a mind map of tree names.

    We continue to be absolutely blown away by the on-going level of generosity of people and all the lovely comments that are being sent through. We currently don’t have time to respond individually but please know that your aroha & love is very much felt. As at mid-day Sunday the fund was at $25K - absolutely amazing!

    On Friday Bart was moved into the Masterton Hospital Rehabilitation Ward, where he continues to receive excellent care from the doctors, nurses and carers there - a big shout out for their support. The other good news is that Bart has been accepted as a resident for the ABI programme in the Hutt Valley. However, at this time we don’t know when he will be moving over there.

    We appreciate that many of you would very much like to visit Bart and show your aroha. However, it is very exhausting for Bart to receive visitors, so we are limiting it to only a few people a day. Please contact Izzy first to “book in” a time.

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  • Blown away     12 July 2019
    Posted by: Isobel MacKinnon
    Main image

    We are completely blown away by the level of generosity shown in the first 24 hours of the Give-a-Little. Over $15,000 has been given so far in the first day - this is so much appreciated.

    Photo is of Bart in full explaining mode a couple of days ago - he has to write everything down.

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