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Be a Viking

  • Increasing the target

      17 January 2022

    We are so grateful to the hundreds of kind and incredibly generous people in our community that have come together to support Viking , and many others have indicated they wish to contribute, so we are increasing our target to $40000.00. Thank you again for your support.

    Aaron, Martyn and John

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  • Change of goal

      12 January 2022

    We are blown away by everyone's generosity .,,,,as the donations breezed past $20000, we set a new target of $300000 which will still be way short of what Grant and Karen need to rebuild, but every bit helps. Thanks again for everyone's support....Aaron, Marty and John

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    • 16/01/2022 by John target is $30000, but we would love to smash that...Aaron, Marty and John