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My name is Veda Austin and I’m a water researcher from New Zealand specialising in crystallography. I have dedicated 8 years of my life to the study of water from multiple perspectives, intertwining science, art and the connection between bodies of water and consciousness. My latest book, 'The Secret Intelligence of Water' is about to be published and you can read more about my work with water on my website -

Over the last century there have been huge advances in the field of water science, including the discovery of a fourth phase of water, but we haven't seen as many advances in the educational arena reflecting this.

One day a month I donate time teaching water science and water related topics to school children aged between 8 and 12. I incorporate crystallography with the students, and the subsequent photos we take of ice become collaborative art pieces, often used to help raise money for the school.

After doing this for nearly 8 years, I noticed a large gap in this area of study, in fact 99% of the teachers shared that they had never thought about, let alone taught about water in such depth. The other consistent feedback I got from teachers was that the children were organically integrating what they learnt or explored during my lesson into many other subjects of study, giving them a broader world view.

Consequently, I was inspired to create a fun, informative and interactive educational series about water for parents, teachers and children alike.

There will be a variety of modules that can be integrated into the school curriculum. Some of the thought provoking questions that we will cover include -

What is water?

What are the origins of water?

Is there water on the sun?

What is the fourth phase of water?

Can water store information?

Why is water so important for memory?

What is holy about holy water and what is the story behind it?

Why do some indigenous and ancient cultures consider water to be a living being?

Is there a connection between water and consciousness?

How does water respond to music, sound and vibration?

What patterns does water make as it freezes and what can they tell us?

What can water teach us about ourselves?

For the very first time I’ll be teaching my own simple and unique technique of macroscopic water crystallisation. This will help children tangibly see how water creates repeated crystalline patterns and together we will decipher their meanings. This technique will be used throughout the modules and simple kits will be available for purchase.

My two children, Rama (13) and Shanti (10) will, for the most part, be the hosts of this series. They are wonderful story tellers, artists, environmentalists and naturally inquiring anthroposophical scientists. I think it will be fun for children to watch and learn from other children, and it makes this series a unique experience for everyone. I have often said if I can take a very complex topic and simplify it to such a level that a child can understand it, then I have achieved my goal.

Personally, I think that water is one of the THE MOST important things to learn about given that we live on a blue planet and that by molecular count we are 99% water. Water is the unifying force of life, and our children will become the caretakers of it in the future. I also believe that an emotional connection to water is key to creating change in the way we treat our natural world. My intentional is not to tell children what to think, but rather share my enthusiasm for water in the hope that they will discover for themselves what water means to them.

Your donation will go towards the professional filming, editing, production and marketing of all the modules within the series.

It is with the deepest gratitude that I put this project out into the world. Please know that your donation makes a huge difference and that no matter how large or small, the measure is not the amount, it is the intention  :-)

'Every drop creates an ocean'

Use of funds

Your donation will go towards the professional filming, editing, production and marketing of all the modules within the series. Each module will cost approximately $3000 and I'd like to create between 5 and 10 modules.

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Gratitude video  19 November 2020

A HUGE thank you to everyone that has donated so far, we are already halfway to funding our first episode and it's only day 3 of fundraising.

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Thank you for all you do! : )
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What incredible work!!
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With love from the UK
Lark on 18 Jan 2021
Thank you for your wonderful work. My mentor, Emilie Conrad of Continuum Movement would have loved your gift.

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