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Better off dead

Closed Cause page created in the Issues category by Jessica Morrow for Susan Rogers

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Help Peter and Sue get through and to make others aware of the risks involved in their story.

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I have created this fundraiser for Peter Rogers and his wife Sue Rogers.

On April 18th 2019 Peter Rogers was involved in a catastrophic car accident, due to failure in the modifications in the vehicles suspension, the shop new, four day old customized ISUZU Ute literally fell to pieces, flipping onto its side and ending up in a ditch on a narrow rural back road.

Peter Rogers who was driving the vehicle at the time was indeed fortunate to walk away unscathed from an accident situation which could have resulted in significant injury or loss of life. The NZ Police are completely clear that there was no fault on Peter’s part, it was simply the vehicle disintegrating that led to the accident.

Since the accident Peter has suffered from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), ongoing migraines and dizzy spells, Peters doctor at first only allowed Peter to work a minimum of three hours a day, this has only recently changed to currently not being allowed to work at all as the weight of the stress to continue to keep his business afloat, dealing with loss of clients, staff and machinery.

Peter and Sue have not had any formal apology from the company itself who supplied them with their brand new Ute only four days prior to the accident, nor have they had any support or offer of assistance to date.

It’s hard to watch Peter and Sue go through what they are having to endure at no fault of their own. Their business was just starting to take off when the accident happened. Now life for them has become stressful and consuming dealing with debt. Most companies have been very accommodating offering Peter and Sue payment plans/payment holidays, however not all companies have been as understanding. Peter and Sue stand to lose their family farm and pets.

Peter has worked very hard to get to where he was before the accident, to build his business from the ground up, the business included: Drainage, Tree felling, firewood and wood supply to its own commercial supply contract. As to date the drainage side of Peters business has now been suspended due the current vehicle does not provide the service support required.

Below is the link to the “Better off Dead“ article from NZ media, Stuff

We are not looking for money yet we are wanting to share our story to as many people as we can.

Any donations although would be greatly appreciated and will go to a trust account for Peter and Sue Rogers for the financial help getting their business back on track these things may include, employment of new staff and hirage of machinery, and also assist towards keeping their farm.

Jessica Morrow's involvement (page creator)

Daughter of Sue Rogers

Use of funds

Employment of new staff and hirage of machinery, Donations will also assist towards keeping their family farm. Financial assistance, aside from what ACC will be covering.

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2nd Vehicle Useless and Poor engineering   13 March 2020

Posted by: Jessica Morrow

Today our most reliable vehicle, the tipper, used mainly for carting firewood from the yard to customers has only been home 2 weeks after being in the workshop at Southern Autos Manukau, for faulty latches, repairs to the cage and replacement of steel screws used in an aluminum frame that is now wearing through, we all know that this is a no no and poor workmanship and engineering. This has happened again today after all the new replacements have been supposedly rectified 2 weeks ago!! The deck in this ute when brand new had grooves that when tipped right up the wood was unable to fall off and out as the grooves were laid in a way that was stopping the off flow so a perspex sheet was laid down which is now warping. Perished rubber latches have been replaced with new rubber latches. Refer to all the photos attached to this update.

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Colin on 25 Mar 2020
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 22 Mar 2020
Vincent on 22 Mar 2020
Good luck you guys
Grant on 21 Mar 2020
Although the world faces tough challenges right now, rest assure people still care. When I read your story in our newspaper the other day I was moved with compassion. I know this money will not solve all your challenges but may it bring a little relief in this time of struggle that is real to you. God Bless
Jeremy on 20 Mar 2020
Kia kaha Sue and Peter

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