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Sending love to Bianca Buckley- fiancé of Australian surfer tragically murdered in Raglan carjacking.

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    Susan asks

    Hi Lynne

    Thank you. I wanted to send Bianca a private message and hoping this can be done through You. I am a survivor of a violent crime that happened in USA 25 years ago. My American husband and I moved to Raglan on the other side of Mt Karoia almost 2 years ago as the offender in my case was released after serving 23 years. We both have been shocked but more importantly we want her to know that we want to support and help her family and her fiances family. I so wish we could take away her pain and give her a big hug. I also hope that "Victim Support' in this country is strong. I served as a victim Advocate in USA for 20 years. in addition to donating the only amount we can do at the moment I would welcome the opportunity to be here in this community as a support person. Thank you.

    on 20 Aug 2019

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