Boston’s Scoliosis Journey

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We are reaching out to make Boston’s Scoliosis Journey easier and more comfortable for him.


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There a probably a lot of others just as deserving but I really want to make our boys life pain free and his healing time as quick as possible after his operation or operations. He has already been through a lot.

In 2019 for over 3 months he was misdiagnosed when we were in Taranaki with growing pains even though the pain was only affecting one leg. He was waking nightly crying in pain and couldn’t walk properly. Turned out he had an Osteiod Ostema in his leg (lucky a benign tumour) but after diagnosed another 6 months of intense pain until his treatment at Middlemore.

Then on the 28th January 2020 was diagnosed with Scoliosis. Fast forward a year we have been told surgery in the next 2 months. His is progressing to fast and has gone from a 55 degree angle to an 82 degree in a little over 2 months. His surgery is being done through the public health system so yes is free. But I want to make life easier for him.

Funds raised will go towards ...

A good orthopaedic mobility bed so when he comes home he has a permanent good fixture helping him heal while he sleeps. Good ones are around $5,500. A good chair is around $2,000. These sound extreme prices and I think they are but he’s one of our 7 babies and I want the best for all of them. We also are 60 km from the hospital and want to stay the week their for his operation.

From my understanding their is some funding in some circumstances but only up to $100.00 per night and I want the whole family near him to support and be able to see him. Petrol for to and from the many appointments. Decent shoes from shoe clinic fitted for him to help would be amazing. Babysitting for times the other children can’t visit. Swimming passes as I can’t just take one child I take them all.

This is a major operation with risks but the way his spine has shifted their is more of a risk in doing nothing.

Within 2 months Boston will undergo Scoliosis Surgery possibly in 2 parts from the front but technically the side (Anterior Fusion) and where they remove a rib, deflate his lung on one side and remove afew vertebrae and possible posterior fusion.

We are extremely worried and just want Boston to be ok and have some sense of normality back in his life.

Thanks if you have read this far :) please share.

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Boston’s Mum and Dad.

Use of funds

All funds will be used to make the following months easier and help Boston along his a journey. Orthopaedic chair and bed to make life more comfortable. Accomodation. Petrol. Babysitter for his 5 siblings.

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Surgery date  15 February 2021

We have a surgery date now for the end of March. Photo added to gallery show the change in just a month. Thank-you so much for all of your support we appreciate each and every dollar.

Nervous, apprehensive and worried but extremely hopeful and happy at the same time. Wish it was sooner but it is was it is and everything has been done to move things along. We will keep updating 🙂

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Olivia on 08 Feb 2021
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Guest Donor on 08 Feb 2021
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Scott on 07 Feb 2021
Well wishes and blessings being sent your way
Michelle on 07 Feb 2021
My almost 14yo daughter had three curves and had fusion surgery in December 2020. She is doing fantastically well and it was the best decision for her. Thinking of you all and sending love

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