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Listen to your body when it tells you it's not well.

  • My sister has passed but we're excepting the new norm

      27 December 2023
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    Thankyou so much for those that donated. Although we may not have seen my niece and nephew we're sure that had an OK Christmas without their beautiful mum. We may not have her in person but we will forever have the memories from the last 23yrs.

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  • Change of Payee

      21 December 2023
    Posted by: Givealittle

    As per the request of original payee Trudy McDonald, funds will now be paid to her daughter Shanna-Marie Seumanutafa-McDonald

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  • Still desperat for help.

      30 November 2023

    With Christmas just days away we've managed to have some donations which is so very muchly appreciated. Please spread our message near and far whanau.

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