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Brain Surgery for Princess from Timaru

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We are a small veterinary clinic team that help many pets every day and now we are asking for financial help for one of our pets.


Princess is a small domestic shorthair cat that was found at Jack's Point, Timaru in June 2020 and was brought to us at Timaru's Family Vet where she was determined to be approximately 6 months old, 645gm bodyweight and starving. It became apparent that Princess was visually impaired, struggling to judge distances and unable to jump up any great height. Princess became very attached to another stray kitten we had at the clinic who we named Pearl.

It became clear that Princess and Pearl were best friends and needed to stay together. Because of this love for each other and our love for them, we decided to keep them as our clinic kittens - often referred to as "the girls".

Princess started having seizures late in November 2020. These whole body seizures were very violent and dramatic. During these seizures Pearl would often run to Princess and be very close for the duration of the seizure then comforted her as she regained consciousness.

The seizures became more frequent and she had four seizures in one week in mid December. Due to our knowledge that seizures in cats are rare and usually trauma related we decided to have a MRI scan done on Princess's brain. This showed that Princess has a large cyst in the left side of her brain. This is likely to be something that she has been born with and is becoming larger with time, putting more and more pressure on her brain.

We have done research and found that there is a specialist surgeon in Auckland that can help Princess. This comes with a hefty cost of $10,000 - $15,000, plus the cost of getting her to Auckland.

Use of funds

Donations will be used to help with the costs associated with Princess's trip to Auckland and her brain surgery. Should there be any surplus funds, we will donate these to other animals from Timaru needing financial assistance.

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Latest update

Princess update  4 July 2021

It has been 6 months since Princess travelled from Timaru up to Auckland to see Dr Richard Jerram and his awesome team at VSA. Princess underwent a surgical procedure to create a permanent bony window into her brain to allow excessive fluid to drain out and prevent pressure on her brain.

Princess sailed through all her pre-op scans, surgery and recovery so well that she was on her way home within a week!

Princess has been great since, unfortunately she has still had the occasional seizure so we have kept her on anti-seizure medication (which she does NOT like to take!) and we hope to get her to the new VSA clinic in Christchurch when it opens so she can have a followup CT scan on her wee head.

The whole team at Timaru's Family Vets is super grateful to all our supporters to allow Princess to go on her big adventure and have the opportunity to have surgery to relieve the pressure in her brain.

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 13 Mar 2021
Wonderful you’re doing this. Go princess!
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 21 Feb 2021
Cran on 02 Feb 2021
Hope Princess is continuing to make good progress in recovery ...
Beth on 31 Jan 2021
Cran on 20 Jan 2021
Hope 'Princess' is making a good recovery. It is very kind of you to give a lovely looking cat a chance at life ...

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