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Brave Hearts Nz - We make care packages for mums of Babies currently in the Neonatal intensive care unit in Wellington hospital.


Life for some babies whether born prematurely or full term sometimes starts in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. While the NICU team do an excellent job providing all the support the baby needs, it can actually be a pretty hard and stressful journey for the parents or carers involved. Brave Hearts was formed in Feb 2017 to create ‘care packages’ for these NICU families.

What can a care package do, you may ask?!

Our hope with these care packages is that the person receiving them will know they are not alone, and we hope our bag of goodies will inspire families with the hope of tomorrow and bring some cheer to their day.

Brave Hearts' involvement (page creator)

I am a Mum of NICU Champion, and I want to help other mums who are going through this journey. so I began this project to be a support to their families. Brave Hearts was formed in Feb 2017 to create ‘care packages’ for these families.

Use of funds

All our care packages will be going to families based in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Wellington Hospital.

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Page is Active Again!  11 July 2022

As requested by our supporters, we are working on reactivating the page, as its convenient to donate through Give a Little page than donating product due to COVID this year. We want to thank all the people for continuous support, as it really help the parents going through a tough time while their babies are in the NICU in wellington hospital. Fathers day is our next big project, we are starting to get donations already for this. Thank you again.

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Latest donations

Natasha and Lindsay
Natasha and Lindsay on 21 Jul 2021
Thank you for the care package when our baby was in NICU :-)
Reignier Catholic School on behalf of Amy
Reignier Catholic School on behalf of Amy on 11 Jun 2021
Farewell gift to Amy's charity - Keep up your amazing work!
Lee on 17 Mar 2021
Fee on 12 Oct 2020
Such a wonderful ministry! Bless you guys xx
Susan on 28 Dec 2019
Thank you so much for the lovely package and personal note I received on Christmas Day while my daughter was in hospital. You were right...being there on Christmas was a bit stink!! Here’s a little money so you can keep brightening the days of other families.

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This campaign started on 9 May 2017 and ended on 31 Jul 2023.