Bride and Grooms' joy turned to tragedy

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We would like to get some money together to assist with wedding 2.0 - less the Heli ride.


We would like to raise money to the young couple that had, what was meant to be the best day of their life's flipped up side down into, the most horrific day. Mahdi and Fay have been working hard and planning for this wedding in Canterbury to celebrate with there family and friends. The helicopter crash on 12/06 involved this young couple.

We would like to get some money together to assist with organizing another wedding for them as soon as they are physically able to. All the funds will be going directly to the groom and bride to aid with there need of financial assistance before during there lengthy recovery before being able to go back to work, help with loss of income and rehabilitation which is only partly covered by ACC.

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Wedding 2.0 for Mahdi and Fay

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Update from Mahdi  24 June 2021

Mahdi had Spinal stabilization and decompression of vertebrae surgery in the lumber spine L3, light sciatica nerve damage, both knees injury's from the impact, lung and chest bruises.

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Natalie on 04 Sep 2021
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 03 Sep 2021
Arohanui, blessings to you both. So pleased to see your gradual recovery.
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 30 Aug 2021
Grant on 16 Jul 2021
As-salamu alaykum
Helen Hanify
Helen Hanify on 13 Jul 2021
Go well! ❤

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