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Support the Hill - Te Ahu Pātiki Maunga

  • Support the park set-up

      29 July 2021
    Posted by: Rod Donald Banks Peninsula Trust
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    Thank you to everyone who has given so generously to help us purchase Te Ahu Pātiki park. The land is now owned by the Rod Donald Trust and we are working to set up the park, along with our partners Orton Bradley Park and Te Hāpu o Ngāti Wheke.

    We are working to register a QEII covenant on the title to protect the native biodiversity and determine what can and can't be done on the land in future. This requires us to upgrade our boundary fences to be stock proof for the next 50-80 years.

    We are also putting walking easements on the tracks and upgrading them to a better standard.

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  • We bought the hill with your help!

      1 July 2021
    Posted by: Rod Donald Banks Peninsula Trust

    Thank you to all our generous donors and The Press and Stuff for the Buy the Hill campaign. Today - 1 July 2021 - the Te Ahu Patiki park land transferred to the Rod Donald Trust ownership. Your additional donations since we reached our initial target mean the new park will get off to a flying start.

    We welcome further donations - all of which will go to the parkand help with the setup and ongoing costs.

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    • 02/07/2021 by caroline

      Such a wonderful resource for future generations.. well done!

  • Buy the Hill - establish Te Ahu Pātiki conservation park

      26 May 2021
    Posted by: Rod Donald Banks Peninsula Trust

    The land purchase is now secure! Support has been so strong that we have changed our target to $320,000, and all further donations will help us set up the park so we can better realise our vision for the native forest to regenerate. All donations will continue to count as Foundation Sponsorship for the new Te Ahu Pātiki conservation park.

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