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I am no longer able to work due to my doggo having anxiety without me, so would like to save for a van where he can come to work with me


Hey there. Heres a bit about me and my journey, and the situation that's unfolded.

I'm originally from I ended up homeless at the age of 13 years old due to problems at home, so I went where I was hurt less. Fast track 22 years later, and 2 years ago I finally got somewhere to call home. I use to enjoy living on the streets cause of the freedom and family that you make while out there, but there is always that time when one can't do that life anymore.

Anyway, I spoke to a good friend of mine, who is also the daddo to my fur baby Busta. He agreed to watch Busta so I could work for a little while. I worked for 3 months and enjoyed every second of it. Cause before working, my doggo and I would be living off $50pw. We were able to buy more than a weeks worth of dog roll and noodles for me when working. But now my friend is going back home, and I'm at a stand still. You see, my doggo Busta doesn't like it when I'm away, he gets really bad anxiety. The only other 2 people he trusts is his daddo and my Mum, but Mum isnt well enough to look after him. I would put him in a doggy daycare, but like I said, he only trusts 3 people. I have left him with a friend for a few hours, but he played up, so that's out the window.

So here is my dream. At the moment I will be baking $10 cakes when I can afford it, to save towards a van. But clearly $10 per cake is a long shot, but it's a start. I'm wanting to buy a van and take my doggo and I on the road to find suitable work where he can come with me, like farm work, working in orchards, or fruit picking. My doggo is my world and has been a massive part of my life. If it wasnt for him, I really wouldn't have a clue where I would be today. But I'm sure it wouldnt be in a home. So, to do this, would mean a lot to him and I, so that we can go on a journey where work is endless and Busta can run around while I work.

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My progress so far  6 March 2021

Posted by: Chytana Phillips

So I ended up making pies. Sold a few so that was awesome. So I'll start putting more ads up for selling pies, but make to order. Easier that way.

I also put ads up as a dog walker for people, for $10p.h per doggo. Have had a few messages, but nothing as of yet 😔 but I will be putting more signs up today as it was raining last night 🥰

I have been looking on fb marketplace at beautiful looking self contained Van's that would be just perfect for my doggo and I so I can work.

I am getting really worried that we will he living off $50pw again due to no work. But this time itll be less as I have another bill.

Times are so hard for people that are stuck like me. And vet bills are crazy expensive too, hence its better to work.

And to be honest, I really do need help towards this car so that my doggo and I can survive this world. So if people could please help us in achieving my dream, we will be truly thankful.

I have received loads of support through tik tok, if you have the app, search up @doangel80. You'll see what I'm doing and see my story. I have also been told on there that there are orchards in te Puke and hastings that allow doggos to come to work with their owners, so I have researched extensively.

I do thank everyone for all the love and support that yous have already shown me. It means the world to me to know there are people out there that will help someone achieve their dream.

Much love from my doggo and I


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Izzy on 12 Apr 2021
Thank you for sharing your story, I can imagine things have been tough but I’m glad you’re persisting with your dream I hope this helps you ❤️
Danae on 07 Apr 2021
Saw you on tiktok ❤️ hope you reach your goal quick!
Leanne on 27 Mar 2021
I admire what you're doing, such courage to step out of your comfort zone. Dogs are the best! Mine saved me too, in a different way. Kia kaha.
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 26 Mar 2021
God bless my bro
Hayli on 25 Mar 2021
Sorry it's not much, but I hope it helps x

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