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Cancer drug fundraising for Shirley

  • Thank you

      21 March 2024

    So grateful for your help. Treatment is underway and waiting to see results.

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  • Thanks for everyone who has helped me.

      19 March 2024

    I am closing the page as I am currently beginning treatment for terminal ovarian cancer and have enough funds to begin. Thank you.

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      19 January 2024

    Hello and I hope your Christmas/New Year celebration has been a blessed one.

    A quick update. I will be posting a video in the coming weeks about my health and things happening in the future. There is a lot to talk about.

    Thank you for your amazing support. Shirlz x

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      19 December 2023

    A video update

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      14 December 2023
    Main image

    A big thank you to those who have helped me reach just over $11,000. It is great to know I have so many friends and caring people helping at this really difficult time.

    A kind donor has given plants to be sold toward the cause and you can find these underneath this update. Look out for new ways to donate in the new year and more on that then.

    A link to my cause via an article and video can be found here in the NZ Herald and the Bay Of Plenty Times which featured on the front page of the Bay of Plenty Times printed edition this Monday as well.

    If I don't update again before Christmas Have a great time and thank you all once more.

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      8 December 2023
    Main image

    A very kind person has donated some young plants and seedlings to be sold, with the proceeds going towards Shirley Ryder's fundraising. If anybody in the Tauranga area wants to buy a bay tree, Totara, lemon verbena, guavas (either singly or as a bulk buy for a hedge), raspberry plants, chives, a bower vine, or a paper plant, please private drop a comment here and a time and place to meet up will be sorted. Unfortunately the photos could not all be loaded (just lemon verbena pictured) but plants and prices are:

    Lemon Verbena $20 ea

    Guava trees $15 ea or bulk $7 ea

    Raspberry plants $15 ea

    bunches of chives $7 ea

    Bay Laurel tree $15

    Paper plant $20

    Totara Tree seedlings $20 ea


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      4 December 2023
    Main image

    Thanks so much to everyone for raising $6000 toward Avastin

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  • Milestone

      30 November 2023

    Thank you to everyone for helping me to achieve the first milestone - $5000.

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  • Thank you everyone who has donated

      22 November 2023

    Your generosity is overwhelming and your comments touch my heart. Because you care I'm hopeful together we can kick this cancer to the road for longer. God Bless you all.

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