CAR VS TRUCK 19 yr old injured

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Leah's life changed on January 7th when she pulled out of Waiterere turn off and was hit on the drivers side of her car. She is alive!

Manawatu / Whanganui

CAR VS TRUCK 7 January 2021

Leah Blair 19 years old. 2nd year Uni to become a teacher.

We all know 2020 was a hard year. But super hard for Leah. Whilst studying at home due to Covid, Leah's Dad passed away. The funeral had to be held months later, making the grief worse! Even with all this Leah passed with high grades. She promised her Dad she would do her best.

Knowing she was going to be living in the Uni hostel and working Leah brought a little run around car and drove almost every day to prepare for sitting hr Restricted Licence. She was extactic when she passed first time! This meant traveling to work and back to Levin to see her Mother.

On 7 January Leah's life changed!!! After following a friend to Waiterere Beach she was then returning to Levin. We don't know why but Leah pulled out of the Waiterere turn off towards Levin and we think, miss judged the speed of theTruck. The truck hit her car on the drivers side and the car was extensively damaged. Lucky for Leah the Lady following her and a man driving into Levin we both trained paramedics. They took care of Leah until emergency services arrived.

After being cut from her car by the fire service and attend to by our ambulance service, Leah was air lifted to Palmerston North Hospital to have her injuries assessed. At the time it was touch and go as to how serious her injuries were.

Thanks to the Truck Driver Jason'so defensive driving skills and reacting quickly when he saw the car was going to pull out, Leah is alive and will slowly recover from her injuries.

The added stress for Leah (as well as pain and healing) is that even though she had 3rd party insurance, it only covers the cost of the other vehicle. It leaves Leah with an excess of $1,200. There are also Costs to have the car removed from the crash scene, storage of her car etc. Then on top of that Leah is now unable to work for some time and has no vehicle to get to UNI or to visit her Mum etc. She therefore has no way to earn any money to pay these and ongoing costs. Unfortunately hr Mother, not a Widow is not in a position to help pay for this either.

If you could find it in your heart to donate even a little to help Leah it would mean so much!!! E ery dollar counts!!! The family thanks everyone for reading this and sincerely appeciated e ery dollar donated.Leah'so life changed the day

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Use of funds

Any funds raised will go firstly towards insurance excess, then towards towing costs. And if any more it will be used to pay storage of the car and other costs from the accident. And her on going treatment charges.

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 19 Jan 2021
Looking forward to seeing you walking around town again!
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 19 Jan 2021
All the best Leah. 🖤
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 19 Jan 2021
Sue on 18 Jan 2021
Ngaire on 18 Jan 2021
Leah, try to concentrate on getting well and becoming the best teacher you can be. Don't worry about debt - things always have a way of working themselves out when you are an honest person.

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