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Cedricthepug needs a 🧠 scan

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Let's hope I don't have anything more crazy in my brain than I already do.

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(Update on costings) we are currently diagnosing more blood and heart issues before brain.

Total estimated costs so far are $3,300. This includes a blood transfusion if I need one. As it's like working on an old motorcycle the Drs diagnostic process is start small and work pur way through it.

I’m not here to pull on your heart strings.

Some of you may know about my recent battle with sickness.

But if you don’t it probably means you haven’t had the pleasure of following me @cedricthpug.

Just kidding…..(kind of but not really).

So, I'm a 12 year old Pug, born on the 14th October, can I get a 🙌 for all the Leo’s in the house! So that makes like 80 something in human years.

I like to think of myself as a cross between George Clooney and Johnny Deep. I get better looking with age but still remain a little dark and mischievous. Nice Pugs never win!

The truth is last year I had a pretty gnarly time with a disease called Vestibular. It happens to really really good looking older dogs, so I guess it’s fair right?

Last Saturday I was indulging in a Lone Star Red Neck rib...I knoooowww Dixie Chicken is 💣 but I felt like ribs.

Anyyyway, I ended up having a seizure 🧨

The type of seizure that makes you fall on your side, shaking like a washing machine on a spin cycle. 🌪

Not ideal when trying to eat ribs, it took forever to get that sticky mess of my check!

Now Ive had 2 more in close proximity.

These ones were scary and had me really shaken. Dad was beside himself 😫

I know I’m not a spring chicken and i’ve probably seen a few too many things I shouldn’t have #livingmybestpuglife.

The truth of it is I need an MRI for a brain scan 🤯 to make sure we know exactly what it is and can treat it. No more lack of oxygen to the brain...yayyyy.

Soooooo, I don’t know if any of you know the going price for a Pug brain scan. But the total costs are going to be alot!!

So for all those who have had some good laughs, cuddles, smooches, shared a pic, taken a pic or Businesses that we have done free promo with. 👇

Please reach into those old Red tab levis and throw some change my way. 💰

Lets make sure sure my brain continues to let me continue walking the streets as the #princeofponsonby. 🤴

💘 your favorite Pug

Use of funds

To pay for specialist, ECG scan, Blood transfusion if needed and any funds that are leftover will be used towards surgery if needed. Happy to return money if not used.

Latest update

F%@# that was scary!  6 August 2020

Posted by: Bradley Parsonson

Firstly I want to thank everyone who reached out and into their pockets last week in my week of uncertainty.

It has been super helpful and really warm on my slighly broken heart.

Dad was an absolute wreck and even voice recorded his final words to me one night while we cuddled in bed. :(

The results cam in from the testing last week and I have a couple of faulty nodes in my heart. Not too faulty that need a pacemaker thankfully!

The ECG and Heart testing showed that I was fainting because of these faulty nodes and my reduced red blood cells.

My Red cells are coming back up which is great and means I don't need a blood transfusion - Whoop!

All in all I am back to work and walking the streets of Ponsonby.

At this stage I don't need any other tests, so I'll keep a close eye on my blood and heart and just gauge it with some medications I have been prescribed.

I'd love any of you to reach out and come for a hang or cuddle some time soon.

There will be some money left over so I'm working on a little thank you for everyone.

I can't thank you enough, the situation was really really really tough for me but mainly the old man.

He cannot keep going on about it wanted me to share how incredibly grateful he is.

Love Ced & Bradley

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Latest donations

Chickpea on 01 Aug 2020
You’re one of my idols Cedric. Love Chickpea🐶
Emm on 01 Aug 2020
Get better boy
Murphy on 31 Jul 2020
Get well Cedric from Murph
Keeta on 31 Jul 2020
Strength and healing sent your way cedric🥰
Anne on 31 Jul 2020
All the best Cedric. You make me smile every day

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