Celebrating the gift of Danni

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Lets help get Danni home and give her the departure our Angel deserves!


My story begins just like many others – touchdown in a beautiful country to begin what we thought would be a once in a lifetime whirlwind adventure. We were excited to meet new and inspiring people and begin our adventures with a new connection together.

Danni took on a new lease of life in this country and her Spirit was in such a beautiful place here. She was glowing with life and excitement and was ready to take on the world. Danni’s heart grew with love for herself and me, as mine did for her. Life couldn’t get much better.

In a blink of an eye this world we knew changed. Danni’s gentle and loving heart stopped beating after a freak accident I would do anything to take back! Danni’s Spirit now flies high above watching down on all of us. We don’t understand what this life may entail for us but we can take solace in believing and whole heartedly knowing that this was Danni’s time to be with the Angels.

It doesn’t seem fair but being such an Angel on Earth herself, it’s no wonder she was needed elsewhere.

Danni was the love of my life and always will be. She will forever hold the biggest part of my heart and I feel unbelievably lucky to have shared my life and my heart with Danni – my own Sweet Angel Girl – and to experience heaven on earth together for her last few days in this world.

Danni’s life was one to be proud of. Her loving family, parents Vicky and Brian and sisters Olivia and Tia cherished Danni and gave her everything we saw in Danni and she loved each of them deeply- what me and Danni called more than love!

Danni’s family and friends have been devastated by this loss and we are all left feeling lost and bereft in her absence.

A parent’s greatest joy is their child. The loss of a child is their greatest fear. Vicky and Brian are meeting and living every parents’ nightmare and my heart aches for them.

We are currently going through the many formalities to return this beautiful vessel to her homeland and her family. It is a long and painful process. We need to band together to overcome for family for friends and ourselves.

Since Danni’s passing the glue she provided in so many relationships is strong, bringing us together and solidifying our love for one another.

This foundation is a way for family and friends to support the Hogan family as they move forward with the unexpected task of laying Danni to rest at home. Danni’s kind, compassionate Spirit will live on in the hearts and minds of those whose hearts she touched in her brief 23 years on Planet Earth.

Till we meet again, rest easy Baby Girl, more than love you my Oogie.

Thank you everyone, for your compassionate gesture, your loving kindness will help bouy us all during this time.

Louis Aiello's involvement (page creator)

I had the great honour and privilege of being Danni's partner for the last two years. she really was an angel on earth in which we owe to the Hogan family.

Use of funds

These kind donations will offer support to the Hogan family in their time of need. relieving some of the stress involved in laying their Angel to rest.

Any excess in funds will go towards a Charity of the Hogans choosing.

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Latest donations

Luxe Brows
Luxe Brows on 28 Aug 2018
On behalf of Luxe Brows and it’s clients, our deepest heartfelt condolences to all family and friends of Danni xx
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 27 Aug 2018
Trish Brouwers
Trish Brouwers on 27 Aug 2018
So saddened by your loss and pain , hoping the rich and wonderful memories will ease the lonely days and return your smiles .
Thomson Family
Thomson Family on 26 Aug 2018
Jean-Marc, Matteo, Leanne & Sienna
Jean-Marc, Matteo, Leanne & Sienna on 22 Aug 2018
Our thoughts and prayers are with you xo

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